The BT Triathlon Coaching System V1.0 for Coaches

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Details on how to use the 'Coaching System' to coach your athletes.

                    Using the BT Coaching System- Detailed FAQ 

Coach Your Athlete 
With the BT Coaching System, we have wrapped up several of BT's heavily used features to allow coaches that use BT to have full control over their athlete's training.

What features do coaches receive?
In addition to all of the training log features, coaches will be able to:

  • Upload training plans into your plan database
  • Create and clone training plans
  • Edit your athlete's planned training calendar
  • Send training plans to your athletes
  • Access ALL of your athlete's reports and graphs
  • Use the 'Inspire Me' links to leave notes in your athletes training log
  • Have your own private forum with moderator access and permissions
  • Have your own private calendar with moderator access and permissions
  • Access 'BeginnerCHAT'--->'Coach Connect' anytime for live chatting with your athletes
  • You will be part of a listing that all 60,000+ BT users can access via the 'Coach' link in their training log control panel with links to your profile, email and webpage for contact and questions.
  • If you use the forums currently, you will have a new 'coach' icon under your avatar so members know who you are and that your services can be used here.

How does it work?
Upon signing-up for a coaching membership, you will have automatic access to all of the training log and training plan creation features.  If you would like a private forum and calendar, just notify us via the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the site.

1. Create your coaching packages to offer assumes you will create your own 'BT coaching packages' to offer on your site to your athletes.  You will setup your packages however you want to administer them-full custom training plan creation or offer general plans with semi-customization or even just generic plans.  Your athletes will pay you for the packages you create to use on BT.

2. Create or upload your training plans 
With the BT Plan Creator or Plan Importer, you will be able to build a library of training plans to use for your athletes.  Or or you can go directly into your athlete's planned training and enter the plan day-by-day or week-by-week.

3. Triathlete-Sync.  Connect with your athletes
Once athletes have already made payment via your website to your BT coaching package, you will be able to 'request activation' for accessing their training log.  Just go to the 'Coach' tab of the training log control panel to initiate a coaching arrangement with an athlete.  Just enter their username and a message will be sent to the user to validate.  Once your athlete has validated the request, you now can access their training log and send them plans.

Additionally, add your athletes to your 'Friends' list in your log control panel for easy access to view and edit their training logs.

Viewing Workouts and Printing Training Plans

If you have a private forum or calendar for which their coaching package applies, you can add them to the restricted access list for use.

4. Train your athletes
Per your coaching setup, you will be able to:

  • Send your athletes training plans to their planned training log. 
  • Further customize them if needed via the Copy/Move/Delete tool.
  • Have various 'Plan Import' options for start/end date and plan blending options.
  • Create a fully customized plan directly into their planned training log.
    All options available in your training plan file within your training log.

Your athletes will have a range of options on viewing and printing training plans - even getting emailed workouts.

5.  Monitor your athletes progress
Assuming your athlete logs their real training you will have access to several reports and over 150 graphs, you can monitor any part of your athletes actual and planned training including:

See the detailed FAQ on getting setup and using all of the features, screenshots too!

   Using the BT Coaching System- Detailed FAQ

Service and Support

All training log and plan usage articles can be found in the 'Training Log' category.
Any questions on the training logs or coaching system can posted to the 'Training Log Forum' or via the 'Contact Us' link below.

The cost for a coaching membership is free.  We just require you to provide us with current USAT certification (minimum Level I) or analogous certifications (running, cycling)

Your athletes will be required to purchase the minimum Bronze membership, $30 for 6 months or $60 for 14 months to access the planned training log where their training plan will be.

*The coach will be responsible for accessing an athlete's training log and setting up their athlete with the training plan and/or customization per the coaching packages and contracts they have made with the athlete. is only responsible for the tools allowing the above functions.
In an effort to keep a positive user experience, we will not renew coaches that we get a history of user complaints with. 
What does 'V1.0' mean?
That just means that this is the first version of the coaching system, we are by far not done with this and probably never will be.  We have lot of features planned for a coach's athlete management.  All coaches that currently use this system can send us their wish lists and make recommendations for future versions.

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