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2013-10-25 3:45 PM
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Subject: RE: triathlon and paleo
Really? Wow, learn something new every day. I could have sworn that I'd read his book in the early 90's and by then, it was a little dated. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else.

Of course, the smart thing to do was look up his website. Duh.

Thanks for the correction!

2013-10-25 6:10 PM
in reply to: bkelly83

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, New York
Subject: RE: triathlon and paleo
FWIW, I went Paleo in January as my new years resolution and have had my most successful season since then. Not saying it's 100% due to Paleo but I'm sure cleaner eating didn't hurt me. I'm strict paleo 99% of the time with the only exceptions being during racing. Paleo is not necessarily low carb. I get carbs through sweet potatoes, turnips, other starchy veggies and fruits. My one cheat that I do use gels during racing, although I alternate these with larabars, which most are paleo (except the peanut ones!) I've noticed that my energy levels are much more stable through the race, I trimmed down a bit without even trying and I have the added benefit that when you get to the point in an IM when you go for coke...I hadn't had coke in so long that the sugar rush felt like rocket fuel!

Check out if you haven't yet, she's big in paleo and has a 10:17 Kona PR to boot!
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