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2013-11-11 8:21 PM

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Subject: Completed my first 70.3!!!
I know I haven't posted here much lately but last Saturday I complete my first 70.3 at Lake Havasu City.
I started about a year ago and have done a couple sprints and an Oly and decided to finish this year with something longer.

My goal was 7 hours and I did 6:59:37. I found that a 70.3 is not to be taken lightly and will need to make some improvements before next year.

But for a newbie to tris, I'm just glad I finished this first one.
Thanks for all your help, tips, suggestions, etc.

Hopefully the link below gets to the race report. Not sure I did it right.

Again, I had one of the most awesome days ever and it was a great feeling of accomlishment.

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Subject: RE: Completed my first 70.3!!!
great job !
something to be proud of !!
2013-11-11 9:21 PM
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Subject: RE: Completed my first 70.3!!!
I'm not seeing your race report, but I did find the race log (just the splits)

Congratulations! I did my first sprint tri in June 2012 and that same tri again this year about a month after my first Olympic. I'd like to do that same Oly next year (hopefully a lot faster, too) and then MAYBE a HIM sometime in 2014. My point here is that my progression is way slower than yours! lol.

You haven't been recording your training logs on BT (boooo!) so I'm curious about what sort of plan you've been using to get to the HIM level from the Oly level.

Again, congratulations! Do you have plans to increase to the IM distance?
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