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2013-11-13 3:51 PM
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Subject: RE: New IMAZ Registration Process
Originally posted by Fred DAnother interesting point that seems to be poignant is that for years now, people have been very upset (Facebook, ST, BT etc) at WTC, yet their races seem to be doing better and better. Yes there are some races that don't sell out, but considering the higher number of races, the overall WTC IM participation rate must be going up. As turtle girl said, doing an independent IM for many (me included) is not as appealing. I can only speak for myself, but I suspect I'm typical in my like of their races, that I simply like the buzz and energy of a larger WTC ironman race. It's just more appealing to me. I don't race much, but when I do I want to make it 'more' special. I can understand and accept why people prefer the smaller races that are more affordable, more family friendly, etc, etc, but ask yourself why are WTC races so popular? They've got the buzz that other races don't have in my opinion, and likey others judging by registration numbers. I guess what I'm saying is that despite negative online feelings by many about WTC, they are succeeding quite mightily....
This. I think the tide turned in 2008, at least for AZ. That's the year they had it twice, April and November. I signed up for April a few months in advance, but DNFd. The November race sold quickly, not minutes but I know It was not open 3 days later when I went CF. actually, both of my IMs were CF races (the extra fee is a tax write off). With a race as popular is IMAZ it's never going to be "fair" for someone. That is just the way of the world with a popular race. But there are tons of options (and having done IMAZ, with respect to Tempe) with WAY better venues IMO. I mean I get the attraction of IMAZ - cheaper lodging, warm ish and dry, flat, good for Sherpas/spectators, but it's a spectacularly uninteresting course. (IMO)

2013-11-13 8:40 PM
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Subject: RE: New IMAZ Registration Process

Originally posted by Fred D Another interesting point that seems to be poignant is that for years now, people have been very upset (Facebook, ST, BT etc) at WTC, yet their races seem to be doing better and better.

Just like any other product reviews, people mostly get vocal when they have a complaint, and the silent majority stays, well... silent.

I didn't post anything on this Arizona/Florida thread originally.  The cost to race a WTC IM isn't really an issue for me.  They provide a service and I know what I'm getting.  I'm *glad* they're staying profitable because it means I have a bunch of race destinations to choose from.  Contrast that with someone trying to get into long course triathlon in the late 80s or early 90s.

A lot of the same folks complaining about price will be hitting Starbucks a couple times per week and think nothing of it.  We all have our priorities


Edit: btw that last statement wasn't a dig at anyone on this thread -- more like people I work with.  Anyhow...

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2013-11-14 8:01 AM
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Subject: RE: New IMAZ Registration Process

Originally posted by Fred D
Originally posted by turtlegirl

Originally posted by Fred D
Originally posted by turtlegirl

Years ago, when IMLP sold out on site for 2008 (that great year, right?? if you did it, you know what I mean) and then it was decided they had to reserve a set number of registrations for online.

So now I can't afford to take the days off to register (and fly there!) or the $1400 foundation slot, they have effectively priced me out of IM.


. Aren't there other IMs that don't sell out on site? Both WTC and non WTC events? I agree that they probably have in essence priced Florida and Arizona out of range for some if you can't volunteer, but are all other IMs a no go? Edit imlp probably will also follow the same process but I think it takes a little longer to sell out?

Yes, I've done Louisville 2x, IMLP once, and Chesapeakeman this year.  I probably will not do another non branded IM. I like to have the experience of lots of folks around me (the camaraderie if you will).  Chessie was lacking. I draw my strength from my fellow athletes. If Rev 3 got up to maybe 1000 athletes, then we're talking, but at the 300 person point, you're basically solo.

Florida and Arizona were on my list of to-do races, but they no longer look feasible. Spring races are just too early, and September for a teacher just doesn't work for travel IM.   Leaves me with IMLP, IMCDA, IMLOO, IMMT, and IMCoz, the last of which may be where I'll go.  However, I have a feeling the races I just mentioned might now fill up earlier b/c I know there are other folks in the same camp as I am (only will do races when school isn't in session).

So thats where my head's at. Yes, there are still races for me to do, but I just don't think its fair that I shouldn't have any chance at certain races.  I would be happy if they left 500 spots or so just to general online entry.

. Turtle girl, let me first say that I know you've been on here a long time (BT), and that I always worry that online differences of opinion may come off the wrong way, and that I have always liked you and your posts!. With that being said, I agree you make a good point that those two races ARE likely off the radar for you. There is just a much bigger demand for those races. Probably relates to time of year, weather, location and flatness of the courses. None of those factors appeal to me at all, especially the time of year as in central PA it extends my season too long. Too many long rides in the cold fall weather etc. I also don't favor flat IM courses on the bike for a number of reasons. Again, though, I do actually understand the appeal of these two races to folks. What is clear to ME is the demand for those two races is much, much higher (maybe exception of Wisconsin and Placid) than other NA WTC races. With higher demand the normal corporate response is to raise the price. It may not seem fair, but as another poster above said, it's also not fair everyone can't have a BMW or an Audi. Those are both better cars in general than comparatively cheaper cars, but there is a demand for them at that price, so they charge that price. I don't think they can leave 500 spots for general online entry as the volunteer, and on site people alone probably take the vast majority of the slots anyway and I just don't think most people think it would be fair to say that on online person should get precident over a volunteer or someone who came on site. With your suggestion, those people would be shut out, or at least some of them would. I don't work for WTC and actually don't love their practices, but in my opinion they behave very similarly to almost ALL corporations that are for profit. It is what it is.


No problem Fred!  I just am thinking that if they want to continue with the motto "Nothing is Impossible" and "You will do this", then make it possible.  If you want an everyman can do this attitude, make it feasible.  I make many many sacrifices to enjoy this sport, and I'm down to 2-3 races a year at the most to make it possible.

Why Florida or Arizona?  Because it appeals to my strengths. I'm a flats kinda girl. And I'm pretty sure I'd get that elusive 12:XX time there.  But, guess I'll just have to take my chances that maybe I can get my friends that just want to do a challenging IM and tackle IMLOO with me.  I do love it there.  Although I should say don't do it years I sign up. It was 100 degrees both times.

2013-11-14 8:48 AM
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N Carolina
Subject: RE: New IMAZ Registration Process
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