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Subject: Best BC Half Iron Race?
Looking to sign up for a half ironman distance race. Considering Oliver, Subaru Vancouver or Subaru Victoria... Have raced the Victoria and Vancouver courses in sprint and olympic distance. What is your favourite half iron to race in BC and why? Is the widely reported trouble at Outback events a knock against doing Oliver? Or is it the same experience regardless?

2014-01-24 9:58 PM
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Penticton, BC
Subject: RE: Best BC Half Iron Race?
I'm signed up for the Victoria Half and I'll likely do the Challenge Penticton Half as well but I haven't done a half in BC yet. (I did the Lake Stevens last year and it was quite good - just not BC).

I hear a lot of good about Victoria and I often do the Oliver course in training for other races. So far, the Oliver Half should go ahead as usual. I'm planning to finish my 2014 season with the Cultus Lake Olympic (also Outback) it was great last year.

For me, I look at when I want to race so if Victoria and Oliver are too early for you then Osoyoos in July or Challenge in August may be better timing (I'm not sure when Vancouver is held). Other than that I think they are all worth doing.
2014-01-30 1:09 PM
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Subject: RE: Best BC Half Iron Race?

I've done the Victoria half, but that was in 2005, so I'm not sure if it was still the same course. I liked it. I thought the course and everything about the race was great. I'm a bit clumsy though and I tripped on the trail run around Elk Lake.

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