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2014-02-07 12:48 PM

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Subject: swim suit sizes - gr!

I am so annoyed. I am looking for a technical suit because these actually have legs to them. I just want a neck-to-knee one, and there are some that are less than $150. BUT it seems that they only make them up to size 36. I am a 38 or 40. WTF? 38 isn't even plus size! Has anyone been able to find these in large or x-large sizes?

- Rebecca

2014-02-14 12:33 PM
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Subject: RE: swim suit sizes - gr!
Neck to knee, as in a modest swim suit?

Or are you looking for a fast/technical suit?

The modest swim suits aren't going to be as tight, or as nice to swim in....they are not made for what triathletes do....race & train!

The Technical suits are made for swimmers who are swimming at an elite level (nationals, Jr. Olympics, college, ect), so you aren't going to find them larger than 36.

I know it might be a bit unnerving to show off so much leg and back, but you will be much happier in a 'normal' training suit. Just order by your bra strap size and the suit will fit. (I'm a 38C/D and I wear the skinny strap suit just fine). I personally swim in Speedo, but Sporti makes good cheap suits (run long in the torso for this short gal!). You can also check out TYR.

Good luck!
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