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2014-02-23 3:29 PM

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Subject: Base Training Advice
So I'm completely new to triathlons and plan to compete in the Pinehurst International Triathlon (1500m swim / 30m bike / 10k run) in 32 weeks. I want to do 19-20 Weeks of base training, a week off, then 12 weeks of with interval training.

Anyways, I am want to get some opinions on how I should organize my base training. I would like to swim/bike/run 3x a week for base training. I have to do my long swim after church on Saturdays, my long run with my track coach Sundays, and would like one day of rest a week. Other than that, my training plan is pretty open. Here is my current plan:

Sunday: Long Run
Monday: Long Bike
Tuesday: Day Off
Wednesday: Medium Swim - Short Bike
Thursday: Medium Run - Short Swim
Friday: Medium Bike - Short Run
Saturday: Long Swim

Due to school and work, I have to do this training in the evenings. Is this trianing plan on the right track?

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2014-02-23 4:30 PM
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Stairway to Seven
Subject: RE: Base Training Advice
This will work fine. There is no magic you are missing if you are defining "base training" as being of a specific speed and you want to do each actiity 3x per week. YOu'll improve.

Track your training and do assessments and if/when you plateau with this plan, change it up.

Personally with that kidn of time, I'd do 1 month of your weekly plan to establish a routine, do testing, discover which sports need attention whether it's technique, flexibility, endurance, speed, etc.

if you are already running a 5k at 21 minutes for example, but your swimming is 2:10 / 100. Swim 4-5 times a week and run twice.

Don't lock into 5 months of training too soon, be flexible.

On the other hand, if you were able to just follow this as you'll finish your tri just fine.

FWIW, when you use the term base training it's going to have a different meanign for everyone depending on their background, experience, exposure to different training models etc. Base training for my athlets includes little dips into Zone 2, 3, 4 and even zone 5. Whether or not it is base build or race depends upon the specific mix of each adn the relative strengths/weaknesses of each sport.

Fun stuff.
2014-02-23 4:40 PM
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Greenville, SC
Subject: RE: Base Training Advice

agree with what is posted above.  also i find it is better to do the long bike the day before a long run since running is much harder to recover from.  this way i can get two solid workouts in instead of one good one and another which may suffer a little.

2014-02-23 6:17 PM
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Subject: RE: Base Training Advice
Thanks for the advice!
2014-02-23 9:44 PM
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Subject: RE: Base Training Advice
and why having your long run the day after the bike? isnt a long run a key workout? why not do it 2-3 days after your long ride?

great advices so far in this thread. Many people associate base training with low z2 workouts. i m of the same opinion as suzanne, it s important to mix the training stimulus and put some higher intensity in the mix. Our sport is 99% aerobic and everything we do contribute to building a stronger aerobic system.

at this time of the should be working on non specific element and specificity will increase as racing season approach.
2014-02-23 9:46 PM
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University Park, MD
Subject: RE: Base Training Advice
Following up on Suzanne's advice, I think it would be possible to give more useful feedback if you added some information on your current fitness/experience in the 3 events. What counts as "long" for you currently in S/B/R? Do you have good swim form, or is the thought of swimming 1500m daunting to you (... as it was to so many of us 6 months before our first Oly)?

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