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2014-05-14 10:51 AM

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Subject: First 70.3 Swim Fail!
So unfortunately my first 70.3 ended in a DNF. My training was going fairly well (not as great as I would of liked but what I thought was pretty good) until about a month and a half ago. After a long pool session I started having alot of pain in my shoulder. Unfortunately for me this shoulder is a problem shoulder from an old injury but tends to only flair up sometimes. I took it easy from swimming for about a week and a half and got back in the pool for a nice easy "test the shoulder day" I felt ok that day but had pain the next day and decided my best course of action was just to rest it. With only a month before my 70.3 I was unsure what to do.. defer to next year (probably best plan) or rest it til the race and give it my best shot. Well of course I opted for the second option. I continued with bike and run training and just hoped for the best for race day that I could get through that 1.3 miles. Well race day came and I felt pretty good. Then I put on my full wet suit and immediately thought I hope this doesnt actually make the stress on my shoulder worse.. well I made it through the first 1/3 of the swim and thats about all it took. Shoulder was in a good amount of pain. I tried breast stroke but it didnt help much. Swam over to a lifeguard and got taken in. At this point im feeling pretty bummed out and tried to decide wether to do the bike/run portion. I figured I've already paid and drove down for the event.. I might as well at least do them. So after a quick stop to let the GF know I was alive.. I continued on the journey. In retrospect I'm glad i did instead of moping around being bummed out. I'm still mad I didnt completely finish but I should of known going into it.. that the shoulder wouldn't hold up. Lots of great volunteers helped to make the day good after all!! And now i have an appointment to get the shoulder looked at and hoping my tri season/surf season isn't over so early in the year!!

2014-05-14 10:55 AM
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Morgan Hill, California
Subject: RE: First 70.3 Swim Fail!
Injuries happen, part of the challenge of triathlon, especially HIM and IM distances, is getting to the starting line healthy. Good luck healing up and coming back strong.
2014-05-14 11:35 AM
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Orange County, California
Subject: RE: First 70.3 Swim Fail!
It's hard to differentiate between pain v.s. injury. Sounds like you were hoping the shoulder pain would go away and you could power through it with all your adrenaline. I think it's always best to play it safe and see a doctor. An hour and a $25 copay can go a really long way from preventing a serious injury as well as give you some peace of mind.

Hope everything checks out and you can come back strong!
2014-05-14 1:17 PM
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Subject: RE: First 70.3 Swim Fail!
aside from resting what else do you do for your shoulder? I've found for mine when it flares up (old injury from crew) that pressure point by my chiropractor as well as an adjustment seems to help
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