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2016-01-01 3:26 PM

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Subject: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open
How was your year, brags welcome.The goodAfter getting hurt two years in a row I had a somewhat injury free year. I have been hurting myself trying to get to the start of a HIM but finally made it this year. I did have another fluke but minor injury a month prior to that which took me from a goal time to just finishing. That worked well because for the first time in 6 or so years I took it easy and enjoyed the entire race with no pressure. Finally got on the podium and at a large race. Finished second but got bumped to first for awards. Never thought that day would happen. I am habitually 4th. Finished in the top 25 OA at a few races. Spent a lot of time working on run and had a bunch of PRs there. The BadDidn't do any of the OWS races I usually do. Just had zero desire to swim this year. Blew off a year end raceHaven't swam in over 3 months. My bags been packed though.

2016-01-01 6:48 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open
It turned out to be a decent year despite very little actual racing due to other commitments. I think I only raced four times all year. No races at all in spring until IM Vietnam 70.3 in May, which was not glorious as I got the flu three days before the race. I did manage to improve my bike split by almost 30 minutes over my first HIM (2:58 from 3:27) but was so ill from a combo of flu and heat on the run that I was 30 minutes over my best run split! Lesson learned--doing a HIM with the flu in 105 degree heat REALLY sucks. Training had gone well and I knew I had a better race in me, so entered a small HIM in Washington State (Toughman) in mid-July and did a 5:32. Also managed a 7-minute PB for the Olympic distance two weeks after that with a 2:34. That was gratifying after two years of having solid training but things just not coming together on race day (illness, freak injuries, heat exhaustion). I got in a very solid year of training despite limited racing due to academic and work commitments this year and recently started working with a coach; hoping for more consistent races in 2016.
2016-01-01 8:14 PM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open

I started out the year well with a 8th in my AG (M60-64) at St. Anthony's, which included being 2nd out of the water (thanks to some online coaching help from Suzanne Atkinson, aka Adventure Bear).  Only did two more tri's during the year, with the best result being a 5th in my AG at Englewood.  For various reasons I got behind in my bike training early in the year and was never able to get back to where I was a couple of years ago.

In late June four-time Olympian and gold medalist Sheila Taormina started coaching my masters swim team.  Taking advantage of being able to work with Sheila,  I spent the last half of the year pretty much focusing exclusively on my swimming and competed in a couple of masters swim meets. Was able to get a couple of 3rd place ribbons in the 50 free and a 3rd & 5th swimming the 100 free.

Looking to 2016, I'm thinking about 3-4 tri's, dropping some running races (particularly the HM I was going to do at the end of Feb), but adding a couple more swim meets during the year.


2016-01-04 6:00 PM
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Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open
Good luck with the coach hot runner.Mark, I've been toying with taking a year off and just focusing on swimming. If I hadn't aged up this year I may have done it in 2016.No one elseETA - anyone know how to post from an iPhone and not get one long paragraph?

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Just South of Boston
Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open
2015 was a washout. Illness, injury, surgery resulted in 3 DNS, no races, minimal training, weight gain, and generally feeling lousy.

Good thing is that is all behind me and I'm now signed up for a few races this summer, and can't wait to rolling. Have started training again, slowly, and while I have a way to go, that post work out buzz/awesome feeling is still amazing!
2016-01-05 2:21 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Greenwood, South Carolina
Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open

I focused on short distance races in 2015 and set goal to win the race series for my age group. I was in first place all year but got bumped down to second on last race of season. Finished in top three (AG) of all the races except one race.
Looking at 2016 to just get back to racing for fun. I did eight races in 2015 so I just want to relax and sign up for a race for fun. May do some races with my daughter.

2016-01-05 2:34 PM
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Scottsdale, AZ
Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open
2015 was all about Ironman for me. It took over my life (as everyone said it would), but it was a year of highs and lows.

2 Spring OLY tris, one of which resulted in a podium for me, which was very cool and my first! The summer was consistent training and vacationed in spots where I could continue to train so I didn't miss much. Tried to deal with the heat, long bike rides and get up early enough to run. Everything was going great! Did a OLY in early October that I actually won overall female- WHAT?? It was a very small field but still! After that things started going bezerk, and 3 weeks before IM I was out on a routine run and hurt my hip. Coach and chiro said no running at all until IM so I just biked and swam.
IMAZ was truly amazing. The weather was supposed to be nice but instead it rained/hailed and was cold the whole darn day, but I still had a blast! Still had pain in my hip but dealt with it, couldn't run as much as I wanted to during the marathon, but did the best I could and still finished under 14 hours! What a high! Loved every minute of that race!

Fast forward a couple weeks to a Sports Dr. visit, MRI and confirmation that I have a hip labral tear that I will just have to deal with. That news crushed me and was such a LOW! No running for another month and now I need to hit the PT really hard to see if I could build back up to some running again. It's been so tough to deal with the "after Ironman" syndrome of feeling kinda lost, AND dealing with a major injury that won't ever heal. But, I'm making the best of it and will focus on the bike and swim, do the bike portion of a relay team at a couple tris this spring, and see what happens with PT.
Not the way I wanted to end the year, but trying to focus on the positives, on what an amazing day I had at IMAZ, and see what 2016 will bring!
2016-01-05 4:50 PM
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Overland Park, KS
Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open
It was a fun filled action-packed year for me. I had no "A" race especially since I don't follow training plans, just swim 2-3x, run 2-3x and ride 2-3x a week. Running was more like 2 times a week and the results showed it. But I joined a cycling team and did a lot more group rides than ever before and ended up with 1600 more miles on the bike than the year before

My first race of the year was a Duathlon. It was my first and I won my AG, was 6th OA. I didn't think I'd like riding after a 5K run but I took it easy on that first 5K which made it more enjoyable.

I ended up competing in 8 individual triathlons in 2015, one 70.3, a couple of olympic distances, a couple of almost olympic distances and 3 sprints. The 70.3 was kind of a disappointment. After a sub 30 minute swim and feeling good about my start, I flatted on the bike. Even worse was the CO2 cartridge in my bag was used, I loaned one to a guy on a group ride the week before and never replaced it, D'Oh! Anyhow I just rode easy the rest of the way, stopping at each aid station talking to the volunteers. It was hot and humid so it wasn't a pleasant race for most people. Even with the heat I was thinking I could still PR but after the flat I knew it wasn't going to happen.

I went to USAT nationals for the second year in a row and almost made top third in my AG. I didn't do as well time wise and the year before but I did achieve my highest USAT rating for that race, first time over 87.0).

In local sprint and oly races I podiumed in AG in all of them, got top 10 OA in 4 of them, best was 4th OA for which I was leading after the bike. It's really cool to be riding behind the lead motorcycle

The most fun race was the Des Moines Triathlon for a few reasons. Number one it was a GREAT race environment. This race replaced the Hy-Vee Triathlon but had the same RD and still had some pretty good sponsorship dollars. I met Rinny there as well as Greg and Laura Bennett. They had good price money for AG'ers, first in AG was $250 gift card which I WON! I was firsti in AG even after a 2 minute position penalty. That also qualified me for this years AG nationals in Omaha.

I ended the season of racing doing my first Cyclocross (CX) race. I did it on a mountain bike. It was fun but not as fun as triathlons so I don't see a lof of CX races in my future, at least not right now. I finished MOP/BOP in Cat 5 class but I wasn't last and I beat one Cat 4 guy

Oh and I also did a time trial, raced Cat 5 and won my AG there. It was in October and it was in the 30's so quite cold.

Looking forward to a crazy and somewhat Random 2016, maybe will try a 140.6 we'll see how that run goes.

Good luck to all of you in your 2016 endeavors.

2016-01-05 5:39 PM
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Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open
I had a fantastic year. I went to the national qualifier at the beginning of the season. I put together the race of my life and took six minutes off of my best previous sprint time to qualify for the world championships in Mexico this year. I also came first for the first time ever at an event later in the summer. At the end of the summer, I ran my first Oly and came second. I was nervous that I wouldn't have the extra endurance for the Oly distance but I crossed the finish line feeling strong and enjoyed the longer race thoroughly.
2016-01-05 9:37 PM
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Aurora, Illinois
Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open
Started off crappy. Couldn't find the legs or motivation to train.

Few sucky early season races, but by the last race of the season in October managed to take home a couple 1st place finishes so ended on a good note!
2016-01-06 1:00 AM
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Bellevue, WA
Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open

I'm going to flat out brag: I had a great 2015 full of fun.  2015 was the year I turned 50 years old and I decided early in the year I was going to do at least a race a month, each month.  I'm a runner and a triathlete, so that's what I did.

  • January 1st: raced a 5K resolution run on January 1st in 24:13.  PR is 22:23 on that course so not bad, but not great.
  • February: my youngest daughter is a student at CU Boulder, so when visiting I ran the Ralston Creek Half Marathon in Arvada, Colorado. Cold, windy, hilly 2:01
  • March: I ran the Mercer Island Half in 1:52.  My PR on this course is 1:42 so again not so bad, but not great.
  • April: my oldest daughter lives in Brooklyn NY so while visiting I ran the Brooklyn 15K in Prospect Park, where I've always wanted to run. It was great fun and had a sprint to the finish with another guy in my age group to take 2nd place by 3 seconds! 1:16:58
  • May: my middle daughter and I ran the Rum Run 10K in Tualatin, Oregon.  This turned into 13K due to a misdirection on the course. Lots of fun though, and my first race with my daughter in years.
  • June #1: Issaquah Triathlon, a sprint, my first in years, in 1:26. 
  • June #2: TRI The Boat Half Ironman in Steamboat Sprints, Colorado.  Great weather in the 80s, at 7500' altitude, and Steamboat Springs is just beautiful.  And of course my youngest daughter came over from Boulder.
  • July #1: Raced the Twilight 10K in the evening near Vancouver Lake in Vancouver, WA, with my middle daughter.  Good fun.
  • July #2: Seafair Triathlon, Olympic Distance.  Flat and fast.
  • August: Ironman Boulder, which had the finish at Boulder High School about a block from my youngest daughter's apartment. You can see the pattern here; lots of travel to visit my kids.  Finished in 13:41 which was within my goal of 13:15 to 13:45.  Really enjoyed the venue.
  • September: ran the Destination Woodinville Half Marathon which takes place mostly on one of my favorite training paths. Came in 3rd place in my age group!
  • October #1: visiting my youngest again in Boulder, ran the Boulder Rez 10K and came in 3rd place in my age group! 
  • October #2: ran the Mount Desert Island Marathon in Bar Harbor, Maine!  First we visited New York to see my oldest daughter, then my wife and I plus my daughter and my 87 year old aunt who also lives in NYC traveled to Portland, Maine, then up to Bar Harbor.  I hurt my foot during this race and blew my 4:20 goal into 5:04.  But I finished.
  • November: ran the Seattle Half Marathon in 2:08; a good time given the very little running I had done after MDI.
  • December 31st: went up to Bellingham and raced the Last Chance Half Marathon; my first trail running race.  Clear and cold at 22 degrees to start and I finished in 2:10 or so.

So that was my year. I had such a tremendous amount of fun doing all those races I'm going to keep up my race-every-month plan indefinitely.

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2016-01-06 5:30 AM
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Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open
Ran the 2015 Boston Marathon, where I requalified for 2016 by over 13 minutes.
2016-01-06 8:19 AM
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Katy, Texas
Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open
I started the year (very early January) with my first HIM and finished in 4:59. Although this met my goal of sub-5 hrs, I couldn't deny what my Garmin said; that the race was WAY short. In reality, if it was a full 70.3, based on my paces, I was closer to 5:10-5:15. So aside from wanting to finish my first full IM, my internal goal was to shake that monkey off my back and do a legit sub-5 HIM. I did B2B half in the fall, and finished in 4:55...and it was actually 70.3 miles (the swim measured a bit long acutally, but it was with the current, so I'll call it a wash). FInished 36 out of over 1,000 starters and most importantly, felt really strong throughout the race. I can say that it was probably the best race I've done as far as feeling I nailed it. Hopefully there are many more PRs to come.

Next stop is to get the full IM monkey off my back. I got my butt whooped in Texas last year and am hoping to redeam myself in Florida this fall.

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2016-01-07 11:42 AM
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Subject: RE: Your year in review 2015 , front door is open
I've kept my weight off.
I did a 70.3 (Muncie), my first, 6 hours and some change.
I saw that it's pretty straightforward. Go 5 miles one week, 6 the next. Rinse and repeat. Yah, I'm oversimplifying, but y'all hear what I'm screaming.
I'm maintaining enough that I can go drop 8 miles running pretty much whenever I want. I could probably do more, but I'm not doing enough the rest of the week to do that safely. But, I could inch it right back up.
Learned flip turns.
On the 70.3 swim, I blew my Olympic time out of the water.
And even better, I blew my .4 mile previous swim time out of the water on the 70.3 swim. That's what you get when you actually "work" on it.

Ruled out the notion of a full until most of my kids are in college.

Can't wait to see what the future brings.
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