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2016-07-03 11:52 AM

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Subject: 7.3.16 Sunday Funday!

Hey BT Peeps!  Slept in this morning after a long drive home after a long weekend of softball!  We ended up taking 3rd in the tournament, not too bad!

Today I'm heading out to elevation to do a long mountain bike ride.  I went out Thursday but the ride wasn't very satisfying.  I tried exploring a new area out there and ended up finding all sorts of dead end trails, a lot of stopping and turning around.  So, today I will go where I know and give 'er hell!

Our pool is finally open...yes!  I may just head there after the bike ride--sounds like a perfect way to finish up a hot, hilly ride.  Not as cool as Jamie's adventure yesterday though!

Rjcalhoun--that ride sounds amazing, please give us a report of how it goes!

Have a great day out there!


2016-07-03 8:27 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 7.3.16 Sunday Funday!
Congrats on the softball. Were you playing or does "we" refer to your daughter's team? More beautiful weather here, Two-hour trainer ride (was afraid the trail would be too crowded between the 4th of July weekend and extra people in town for Trials) and a 30-minute run. I put my trainer outside on the back deck and have a nice view of the yard and distant mountains, so it's a little more inspiring than grinding away in my study in Saigon at 5 AM!

My legs are pretty seriously tired here after a big training week and a 2-hour run yesterday. It was a beautiful day, I felt really good (until I didn't, fortunately with about five or six minutes to go after the last tempo pickup), and I think I pushed the pace a bit too hard! (Meaning, that loop, with 45 minutes of tempo running, took me the amount of time an easy jog of it would have in college. The sad reality of getting old in the same town one went to college--I know exactly how long most of my loops used to take when I was 17-21 and in prime shape.)

Thank goodness tomorrow is a day off--actually supposed to be a swim day but pool is closed for the 4th.

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