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2019-05-11 5:21 AM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: 05.11.2019 Super Saturday Training
Killing time before I head out for 35 or so on the bike. Riding the tri-bike today...

Leaving the house at 7:23, should be 57* with minimal wind and minimal sunshine.

Updates Later.


2019-05-11 7:30 AM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: 05.11.2019 Super Saturday Training

It was a misty rain when I left at 6:00 AM today so instead of riding outside I did 45 minutes on the bike train as a 10' WU, 3 x 8' @ FTP, 1' CD.  I then did a 1-1/2 mile brick run at sprint race pace.  It had stopped raining by the time I started my run.  

2019-05-11 5:31 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 05.11.2019 Super Saturday Training
So jealous of all the people riding outside today. There was a charity ride for ALS starting/ending at a park about 200 yards from my house, so got to see bikers all morning! Weather was beautiful here today but I am stuck inside for biking until/unless I can safely handle a road bike (or any kind of bike) and it isn't causing a lot of discomfort. Not even close with the trainer yet as far as normal road position and weight distribution, so I'm guessing it will be late summer at best. Ugh. At least I can run outside. (Outdoor swimming is problematic--no usable outdoor pools nearby and the local lakes are way too cold for me to handle right now, even with a wetsuit. Mid 50's at best.)

40 minutes of running (52 minutes total, with 10 X 4minutes jog/1 minute walk). Finally feel like I'm getting somewhere and not just waddling along. (It's not a weight thing--I haven't gained THAT much--but every time I have to take a prolonged break from running. I just feel like I am waddling for the first several times back at it.)

One hour on the gym stationary with 28 minutes of big-gear repeats. Sad to look outside at beautiful May weather and be stuck in there but that's how it is. Had to laugh that the only other takers for the cardio section when I was there were pretty much in the same boat as me--lots of boots, slings, bandages and the like. Basically any able-bodied person in their right mind would be biking/ running/ walking outside on a day like this.

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2019-05-11 8:25 PM
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, New Hampshire
Subject: RE: 05.11.2019 Super Saturday Training
Sunny days are rare lately, but it's a beautiful Saturday so I got out with a friend of mine and did a nice and easy zone 2 ride for 55 mins, then a 20 minute run off the bike, zone 2. I think I'm getting the hang of it, although we did choose to ride and run someplace flat (which is tough to find in Vermont/New Hampshire), and that really helped me stay in my zone.

I feel so good right now, like recovery will be easy, and I'll be ready for my workout tomorrow. I was never out of breath on the run, it felt easy and the pace was a little faster...a BLAZING 12:20 min/mi! Somehow my friend and I had pretty much the same pace for our given heart rate targets. I didn't think I'd find a training buddy with the same pace, so I'm quite pleased!
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