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2019-07-22 4:52 PM


Subject: Trisuit for non-wetsuit sprint event
So my wife and I challenged each other to complete a triathlon at the end of August. Neither of us has done one, but she comes from a running background and is finally over some injuries that have plauged her and I have a swimming (high school) and cycling (cat 4 about 7 years ago) but have gotten out of shape and fat since having a house and kids. We figured it would be a good way to keep us involved in the training. I actually always wanted to do tri's and that's how I got into cycling.

Anyway I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a one piece trisuit that doesn't have any pockets. We are doing a sprint tri, and the water is warm enough where I'm not going to worry about a wetsuit to try and save some time. I could also go with a two piece and put the top on after the swim, but I'm somewhat tall at 6'2 and feel like that coupled with my belly is going to have me constantly pulling down on it through the bike and run. Any help would be awesome. Thanks

2019-07-22 7:04 PM
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Subject: RE: Trisuit for non-wetsuit sprint event
I bought a 35 dollar zimco tri suit 4 yrs ago to make sure I liked it before I bought a expensive one. 4 yrs an several tris including a 70.3 last year in still using it. Not saying it's as nice as a name brand suit but it works just fine. I'm a side note if I ever change it will be to a two piece. A suit sucks when needing a bathroom
2019-07-23 7:10 AM
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Subject: RE: Trisuit for non-wetsuit sprint event
Does it have pockets? I am picturing any suit with pockets acting like mini parachutes during the swim since I won't have a wetsuit on.
2019-07-23 8:09 AM
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Subject: RE: Trisuit for non-wetsuit sprint event
My experience has been that the pockets on trisuits are sleek enough (not baggy like bike jerseys can sometimes be) that they aren't causing much in the way of drag. I get that with a swimming background you're keen to be as aero as possible in the water, but in case you get the bug and decide to try a longer distance, you may find yourself wanting pockets and if you already have them you won't have to put up any more cash for a new suit.
As for the suit vs separates question...I have to put snaps on all my two pieces otherwise the top rides up. Doesn't matter how much weight I gain or lose, tops just want to turn into crop tops on me! My next purchase is going to be a one matter how much issue that gives me in the porta potty. :D
2019-07-23 8:47 AM
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Subject: RE: Trisuit for non-wetsuit sprint event
Ok, that's good to know. I've looked at a few and it seems that some have the pockets at an angle that might keep water from getting caught in them. It is probably not a big issue, but like you said, I'm coming from a swim background so that is my strongest event, and would like to put up a decent time in that part of the event and then hang on for deal life through the run
2019-07-23 9:03 AM
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Subject: RE: Trisuit for non-wetsuit sprint event
Sprint Tri. ex swimmer. Simple answer. Rock a Speedo for the entire event. Especially if you can find a cool one like superman or something like that. However, any tri specific suit will be fine. The key is to get it so it's tight fitting. It won't be the pockets that create drag. It will more likely be water getting in around the neck or arm holes. Good options at active for reasonable prices especially if you spend the $0.99 to sign up for 15% off (then cancel).

2019-07-23 2:18 PM
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Subject: RE: Trisuit for non-wetsuit sprint event
I use Zoot and LOVE the suits.
The have some GREAT clearance items for more affordable options.
You also get 20% off if you sign up with email.

I used tri suits early in 2000's and they sucked.
Ventured back last year and they are so much better.
Fit well.
Don't chafe.
Sun block.
Feels fast on the bike.
2019-07-23 6:41 PM
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Subject: RE: Trisuit for non-wetsuit sprint event
Another possible solution, if you have a swim background and like that sleek competition suit feel, and tend to stress about drag on things like pockets (or if you prefer a two-piece outfit or a suit that isn't super-tight for bike and run) is to wear a swim skin (also called a speed suit) over your tri suit (or shorts and top). It's like a tight-fitting swimsuit that goes over your tri suit and is legal for races that don't allow wetsuits. When I lived in SE Asia I generally did events with non-wetsuit swims (ocean races) and sometimes wore a swim skin. Definitely "feels" faster--no drag from pockets or loose areas and my times were somewhat faster with it. Maybe not worth the bother for a sprint event (I've only worn mine for half and full IM), but it does come off pretty quickly, much more so than a wetsuit. Otherwise, just find a snugly-fitting tri-suit. The pockets on most well-designed suits shouldn't create enough drag to be an issue.

I have not had much luck with Zoot suits but #1 I am female and #2 My issues have mostly been with fit. They seem to run big for the labeled size, and I am stuck between sizes (XS is too short and S is too baggy). In general at least the women's models tend to run shorter in the waist than other brands I've tried.

I have been very happy with the three 2XU one-piece suits I've had (sleeveless compression and regular suits, and a sleeved compression suit). Their compression suits in particular are really hydro and aerodynamic if you follow the size chart--no speed suit needed. They also seem to be better suited for longer waisted athletes than other brands I've tried. Not sure if the same is true for guys, though. (I'm medium/tall, small frame but lanky, and they fit me well.)

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Subject: RE: Trisuit for non-wetsuit sprint event
I found a Castelli suit on swimoutlet that was on clearance for about 100 bucks. It is sleeveless and has no pockets. I've worn Castelli gear before when cycling and have been happy with the quality. So this should work out well. Thanks for the tips and recommendation that pockets shouldn't be much to worry about.
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