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2019-08-12 6:04 AM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: 08.12.2019 Miss me on Monday
Hi Kids,

Early 20 on the trainer. Swim up next and then I get my hairscut and head to the airport.

I realized some of my laziness this morning, finally packed up my race gear from last weekend. All the little stuff still sitting in a bin.

Couple more serious weeks then we start some taper for 09/08.

Hope life's treating everyone well.

2019-08-12 8:38 AM
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, Pennsylvania
Subject: RE: 08.12.2019 Miss me on Monday
1600m done in the pool.
2019-08-12 8:47 AM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: 08.12.2019 Miss me on Monday

I have an 18-mile run scheduled for Wednesday morning but my family is leaving town that morning so that run won't be doable on Wednesday so I was considering doing this morning.  I opted to do it tomorrow so this morning was a 6-mile tempo run. The 18 miler will be my last big workout for pretty much the rest of the race season.  I have a Sprint Triathlon on the 31st of August that I will start prepping for after my 18-mile run.   I will be doing a 70.3 on the 21st of September and will get another 18-mile run and another 3-hour bike ride in between the sprint and the 70.3 but it will race prep stuff the three between races and not build or peak type work.  Then I will be doing my first open Marathon is a decade on the 5th of October just two weeks after the 70.3 so all I will be doing between those two races is recovery/taper type work. more long run and I will be doing race pre for the rest of the season. 

2019-08-12 9:05 PM
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Subject: RE: 08.12.2019 Miss me on Monday
Easy 15 miler on the trainer. Got back later than expected from an appointment so I was happy just to get something in.
2019-08-12 9:47 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 08.12.2019 Miss me on Monday
Rather exciting swim tonight--I headed over to the lake and was most of the way there before realizing I'd forgotten my fins. No time to go back and get them (about 25 minute drive) before what was supposed to be a 6 PM group workout. Resigned myself to probably just flapping between the shore and the first buoy (about 50 yards out) five or six times and calling it a night. Showed up and for another week no one from the club showed up, although a few random people were out swimming in pairs and solos, most with those personal buoy thingies (which, of course, I've already packed for the move). Was putting on my wetsuit when one swimmer arrived. She'd just moved to town and was hoping to join the group workout. She said she wasn't very confident in open water so I offered to show her as much of the lake course as she was comfortable with and we could keep an eye on each other, assuming she wasn't too fast.

Anyway, we started swimming and for some unfathomable reason it wasn't any harder than with the fins. It IS a new wetsuit--maybe it fits better or has better buoyancy or something. (Though it is sleeveless and my old one is a full--I'd think it would be less buoyant.) As recently as 3-4 weeks ago, I had a hard time with my old (sleeved) wetsuit even making it to the first buoy and back without fins; in the pool, sans wetsuit and fins, I haven't done more than 150 yards, and that's a struggle. Made it out 500 yards and then back (she hooked up with a kayaker midway and I followed them back), made sure she was safely back to shore, and then took off for a solo lap (about 1K) with no problem.

A huge morale boost for me. Fins aren't legal in races, but in most of the events I'm likely to do in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada, wetsuits are. And that was HIM distance. Not fast, and not totally pain-free, but it was something approaching actual swimming at race distances and with permitted equipment. I was afraid I would never get there! But OMG, now I am one of those triathletes who will panic if the swim doesn't allow wetsuits. Hope this improves with time.

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