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2020-03-02 11:45 AM


Subject: Eco-friendly triathlon training
Just wondering if anyone has a serious interest in reducing the environmental impact of their triathlon training? For example:

Choosing eco-friendly kit
Repurposing/recycling old kit/gear
Reducing waste
Making changes to your diet

It's something I've been thinking a bit about and wanted to see if anyone else had a similar interest.

2020-03-02 2:37 PM
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Subject: RE: Eco-friendly triathlon training
I'm always looking for ideas to reduce the footprint. Last year's biggest change was to stop(finally)using the single serving gel packs(GU, etc.) in training. GU can be bought in multi-serving bags with reusable dispensers. That saves maybe 5 of the single-serving packs in a long training day. I stopped buying bottled energy drinks a long time ago in favor of powders..
2020-03-03 5:10 PM
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Kalispell, Montana
Subject: RE: Eco-friendly triathlon training
Might be the wrong crowd. I asked a similar question over on Slowtwitch and pretty much got laughed off the board. Seems most triathletes love their super expensive toys and could care less about the slave labor or environmental impacts created by such aggressive consumerism. I train and plan to race on the most stripped down kit I can. I understand I will be at an incredible disadvantage, but when you look at it triathlon is more of an exhibition than a sport anyway, with no racers really competing apples to apples. I am also a short timer in triathlon so I don't want to invest in a bunch of equipment that I won't need in a couple years.
2020-03-04 11:57 AM
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Subject: RE: Eco-friendly triathlon training
Yes I'm sure there are plenty of triathletes who have no interest in this sort of thing, I'm just hoping there's still a sizeable group who are!
2020-03-04 1:51 PM
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Subject: RE: Eco-friendly triathlon training
I'm by no means laughing the idea off, but to me there's much worse things you could be doing than triathlon. That said, I was recently considering the cabon footprint & waste of several pairs of running shoes a year. Also a good reason to look for, and support local races.

What reusable container do you use for your GU? I like to make my own, but have yet to find a container easy to fill, use, & wash.
2020-03-04 4:39 PM
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Roswell, Georgia
Subject: RE: Eco-friendly triathlon training

I have a high personal interest in this area, but not sure what else I can be doing. I use Infinite Nutrition and buy it in the big eco-bag (as opposed to the individual serving packaging option) and purchase maybe 10 gels a year - for use on runs over 10 miles only. If I'm going through longer distance training seasons I'll use individually packaged items like Stinger Waffles and Sports Beans - but I don't buy/use enough to investigate a bulk purchase to reduce packaging. I use tap water and obviously re-usable bike bottles and a handheld bottle for running.

I've been training and racing for a long time (13 or 14 years?) so don't buy a lot of "new" training gear - just replace things when they literally fall apart. Like a new training swimsuit every 3 seasons - that kind of thing. I drop off my old running shoes at my company's annual shoe recycling event each summer.

Interested to see if there are more things I could be doing that I haven't thought of.

2020-03-04 8:49 PM
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Subject: RE: Eco-friendly triathlon training
Ive never really thought through this and am having trouble really identifying major places to make changes in my training. I do 80 to 90 percent of my training at home on the trainer or on the treadmill so Im not burning gas to travel to workout.

I guess I could steer away from the single serve Gu that I use (maybe 12-20 times a year), but the wrapper is recyclable from what I understand. I always use reusable cycling bottles.

I guess the biggest place I could see improvement would be at races. A lot of wasted cups and supplies at aid stations at every race. I know a lot of trail races have gone the route of runners having to bring their own soft flask or bottle to fill up at aid stations. Maybe triathlon could lean towards this a bit.

Id be interested in hearing some changes you've made to possibly spark some inspiration for myself.
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