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2020-08-04 8:48 AM

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Cypress, Texas
Subject: 8.4.2020 - Tuesday Workouts

Good Morning BT!

Not a lot of people have been posting workouts lately.  I am not sure if that is because people are talking summer vacations and training is thrown off, if people have super-secret training plans that their athlete's user agreement won't allow them to post, if people are inconsistent in their training, etc. 

For me it has been a combination of inconsistency in training and posting.  It seems that every time I have a big race come up I make training a priority and other things around the house may go neglected for 2-3 months.  After the race I let the training slide and get caught up on the things around the house that need to be done.  So...with no races coming up I have been working on things around the house and training has been second fiddle.  I also have been working on getting a new bike set up.  I can't believe how many little things throw me off.  The angle of the bend on my aero bars. The Seat effective angle, the shape of the elbow pads, etc.  Half of my ride time has been burnt up with bike adjustments.  I think I have the bike finally where I need it to be so I am ready to start putting in some consistent training again.  

This morning was a 7-mile base run with 6 x 20-sec sprints with 40-sec rest intervals.  It felt fast.

Later today I will get in a 1500 yard swim.

Have a great day!

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2020-08-04 8:47 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
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Subject: RE: 8.4.2020 - Tuesday Workouts
I have a super-secret training plan LOL. Actually, I do have an agreement (as with all my coach's athletes) that I won't post exact workouts on social media. Have been training pretty consistently (if only for lack of many other things to do--travel, hiking, and other distractions have been rendered pretty much undoable either by family situation or local restrictions) but mainly just working toward some online challenges with my tri club.

Today though I did a notably strenuous ride which resulted in my breaking personal records for both 5-second and one-hour power. (Primarily a total of 40, yes, FORTY, 30-second repeats at way above FTP with equal recovery, in 4 sets with a little extra in between). I don't feel like repeating that experience for quite some time, if ever, and don't advise anyone to try it at home unless you have a very powerful fan and are very sure you have no underlying medical conditions.

Next time I sign up for challenges I will just do endurance and swimming ones, I think! It just seems wrong to bike at puke intensity (NP was about 5 watts over the average for my best Oly) for over an hour and not even BE in a race, much less get a finisher's T-shirt or age-group award!

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