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photoDon't be scared for the swim! Gain more confidence for your open water swims with these tips
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photoTerry Laughlin will cover the elements of the "speed problem" in swimming, why the traditional means of swimming faster seldom work and why an often-ignored approach is virtually foolproof.
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photoLearn what the world's best open water swimmers look for, think about and do during a world-class open water swim and it's implications for triathletes looking to improve the swim leg of their race.
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photoIn this third part, Terry Laughlin discusses how to achieve an optimal freestyle stroke and what drills go into developing a good stroke.
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photoWork less to swim better. Part two of this video series covers the principles of active streamlining to swim faster with less effort.
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photoWork less to swim better. Part one of this video series covers the philosophy of Total Immersion swimming and looks at some common freestyle swimming misconceptions.
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photoThis is a 3 step program on learning how to do flip turns. Also discussed is the importance of using flip turns during lap swimming.
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