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UCLA IronBruin Triathlon - TriathlonSprint

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Los Angeles, California
United States
UCLA Triathlon Club
58F / 14C
Total Time = 3h 00m 24s
Overall Rank = 262/262
Age Group = F 30-39
Age Group Rank = 15/15
Pre-race routine:

This was an interesting race for me. I hadn't intended to do it. I had intended to start the season with UCSB in late March, which is my first A race of the season. I hadn't considered doing the Ironbruin because I'm not interested in reverse tris. However, this year it was changed to a regular tri, so I thought it would be a good warm up for UCSB.

Somehow, I was under the false impression that this was not a difficult course. So, I signed up. I came to find out over the last few weeks that the bike course was going to be HILLY. I started freaking out a tad. I wanted to do a nice little sprint, not some grueling, Catalina-esque bike course. What the hell had I gotten myself into???

Yesterday I went to pick up my packet. Best goody bag and shirt the way. I then went to drive the bike course. It was hard to figure out but I finally did. The hill parallel to Sunset didn't seem too bad, but De Neve looked like it was going to suck...royally...four times! I drove the course a lot to get comfortable with it, then rode part of the run course. After that I went to CPK to get dinner with and meet Dolores (DoloresM2), Yanti (TriAya), Faeron (faeron), and Matt (need4speed). We had a great time, then I had to run to pick up new bike gloves.

When I got home I had a complete meltdown about this race. I just felt like there was no way I'd be able to ride the course and just wasn't up for another race of walking up hills. Let's be's embarassing and frustrating. My husband helped talk me down. With that I went for a quick spin on the bike and just clipped in, and out, and in, and out so that I would feel better. I did. I then spent the next hour or two packing and preparing. I got to bed a little late...but whatever.

I woke up a little early and lied in bed a while waiting for the alarm to go off. I decided to get up early only to look at the alarm, realize I had set it for 4 PM, not AM, and I was now running 15 minutes late. Oh crap. I got dressed, downed my usual pre-race breakfast of two espresso Gu's, a banana, yogurt, and half a bagel with peanut butter. I stretched, grabbed my bike and gear and was out the door.

I got the car all packed and realized I forgot my cash. Damn. Ran back upstairs. I then went to get on the 405 and the offramp was closed. I had to drive several miles out of the way. Double damn. Then there were two areas where the 405 was down to 1 lane. Triple damn. The triathlon gods and Cal Trans were playing a cruel joke on me. But, KROQ couldn't have been playing better pre-race that helped.

I arrived at UCLA almost a half hour after I had wanted to. Uh oh. I pull into lot PS 6, which I thought was where we were supposed to park, and it was near empty. No triathletes. No bikes. Um...ok. However, I was late, I was here. I was staying. I could only get a 3 hour parking pass. Oh well...I'll be getting a parking ticket sometime around lap 3 of the bike course!

I went to T2 and got my run gear set up right by the bike-in. I then walked up the LONG hill to T1. I set up my bike gear on the first rack near the pool. I figured the less I had to run in a trisuit...the better. I got bodymarked then went to see how Faeron, Dolores, and Yanti were doing. I stretched, hit the potty numerous times, and began to stress out about warming up. It was 20 minutes until my start time and they hadn't had the pre-race meeting, or gotten people in to warm up. The meeting was fast, I peeled off the warm clothes, and was off to the warm-up pool.
Event warmup:

I was the first one at the warm up pool. It was wonderfully toasty. I did quite a few laps, but just felt like my energy wasn't there. I feared that my slacking on swimming lately was going to come back and bite me on the ass today.

I headed back down to the main pool to see the first wave go off. I was up next in ten minutes! I was now FREEZING, so I ducked into the locker room to stay warm. I headed over to the deep end and most of my wave was getting into the water. I jumped in, held on to the wall, and nervously waited. Several of us tread out as far as we could, all jockeying for position. I arrogantly got up front hoping that I could go for another FOP swim. Then I heard the volunteer start counting us down from ten. Here we go! My first ever pool swim tri!
  • 09m 14s
  • 437 yards
  • 02m 07s / 100 yards

So, in my arrogant way, I sprinted and many sprinted around me. About a lap into this odd swim, I felt tired and winded. I had gone out too hard. Not only that, but I was realizing that by flaking on swimming lately, I had not only not gained any fitness, but had lost some. That was a little scary to realize.

I dropped back to a comfortable pace and accepted that a PB was not going to happen. However, I really can't compare this to OW swimming, so it is a benchmark for all future pool swims.

The course was tight and I never felt like I got a piece of water. There were constant elbows and kicks all around. In the second lap (or was it the third) I saw Dolores cheering and waved at her. At some point I glanced at my watch to see it was at 7.5 minutes already. So much for being out of the water in 7 minutes! On the last half lap I sprinted to get around the girl nearest to me. I got to the steps, started climbing out, and heard who I assume was Dolores and Yanti cheering. I was afraid if I looked up I'd fall flat on my ass. I got my caps and goggles off and ran into T1.
What would you do differently?:

I need to get in two swims a week. Period. None of this 0-1 swims crap. I'm a swimmer. This is where I should do well. This is where I should be FOP. I don't know my age group rank yet, but I went 2:11 per 100. That's pretty sad, since I have gone 1:42 per 100 in the ocean. Oh well. Also, I never sprint that hard at the start of an OW race. I think the pool combined with the shorter distance, caused me to go out too hard.
Transition 1
  • 04m 51s

Turns out I wasn't in the first row, because we had to run through the middle. Oh well. I felt a tad winded and dizzy, so I took my time. It was nice to not have to deal with getting a wetsuit off. I got my shirt on, but stuggled with my socks and bike shoes. Helmet, gloves and glasses went on smoothly. I then saw Faeron walking to the pool and wished her luck. I did walk to the mount line just because I was worried about clipping in before the big downhill on De Neve and didn't want to do so tired or winded. Also, because of the whole two transition area thing, I had to quickly throw a few things into my backpack and make sure it was zipped up. That added a little time.
What would you do differently?:

I really should "race" T1, but the extra minute or two it takes me to deal with the dizziness and get my HR down a little seems worth it and beneficial to the bike leg. I think I did okay.
  • 1h 54m 3s
  • 13.2 miles
  • 6.94 mile/hr

So, here was the part I was dreading the most. I was the only one at the bike mount at the time, so I took my time. I struggled a little to clip in, but got it. I headed down De Neve which is a steep downhill. I still get scared on downhills, especially ones with sharp turns at the bottom, so I rode the brakes. We made a left at one of the many Charles Young streets. I'd like to know who Charles Young is and why every damn street at UCLA is named after him. I'm sure there are bruins out there shocked at me not knowing who he is...but I don't! I do know Wooden, but he only gets a building (and Yanti's is brick! ;) )

There was a nice downhill past the intermural field where I did feel comfortable opening up and going fast. It felt good. I crossed Westwood and was now going through a parking lot that ran parallel to Sunset. There was a very gradual climb biggy. It got a little steeper as we turned onto Stone and back onto another Charles whoever drive. By the top of the climb, my quads were pretty mad at me and plotting their revenge, but I didn't have to get off the bike. Also, my left calf was really sore, so as I made the right onto another Charles street, I think. I tried stretching it on the downhills.

The back side here was a little bumpy. Had to watch the potholes and speed bumps...but really...the whole course was that way. I turned right at Circle and had time to grab some gatorade. I was thirsty! I made a left on Charles whatever you call it. There was construction back here so the road was a tad dicey. I enjoyed the nice downhill, before the right hand turn onto Westwood. I headed up Westwood and took a left on Swathmore. The course was nice in the fact that with the spaced out waves, it wasn't crowded...but I knew what was coming. I went in the tunnel under the field and headed up making the right onto the dreaded climb up Charles "all damn streets are named after me" Young Dr. for the climb from hell. Plan was to climb as high as I could, and walk the rest without stressing about having to do it.

I turned and started climbing. The beginning was one of the steepest parts. My quads were burning immediately, so I got off. I was scared of getting to a part that was too steep then not clipping out in time, and falling. So, I got off all of 30 feet into the climb and decided to walk. So far, no other walkers...just me. I walked...and walked...and walked.

I then turned left on De Neve and walked...and walked...and walked. At this point, I didn't have the determination that I had in Catalina to finish no matter what. I wanted to quit, and considered doing just one lap, taking a DNF, then doing the run for a workout. But, the angel on my should prevailed and I kept plodding along. A few people yelled words of encouragement, which I really appreciated. I finally walked ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP and got back on the bike. It was nice to be clipped in again. I went down De Neve and started lap 2. I was better able to predict where potential problems were this lap and know where I could open up and go fast. I was able to get in a gel and more fluids on the back side near Circle.

The ride went along beautifully until the big, badass hill. I just got off right away and started walking. There was a 10 year old boy who passed me at the time. As I got up to De Neve there was a man who got off and walked as well. He said that it was embarassing that his 10 year old son was beating him. I laughed and mentioned how my 5 year old can run faster than me. He got back on and rode away.

On this lap I had Faeron and Yanti go by...I think Matt and Dolores did too, but that could have been lap 3. Those laps start running together after a while. Later I saw another woman walking which made me feel better. Got to the top and felt much more positive. If I can walk it two times, I can walk it four times. I knew I could finish this race, even if it did take all day. With each lap, there were several volunteers that kept recognizing me and were fun to chat with. Coolest volunteers of any race yet, I have to say.

The small hill was tougher each time, but I climbed it each time. On the walking climb number three there were even more walkers and nice people to talk to. I heard a lot of encouragement and was surprised to see even some of the diehard super-triathlete looking folks struggling, and huffing and puffing up the hill.

I was excited to start my final lap. I saw Faeron and Yanti already running. Wow! They're fast! I hated to face De Neve again, but was glad it would be the last time. There were a lot of walkers this time. Once I looked back to see three behind me and felt much better. One woman walked and talked with me a while. It was her first tri and the bike route had kicked her ass too. She was saying that she thought the bike would be her best, but was wrong. I told her she was brave for doing her first tri on this course. We both agreed that we should have known better than to sign up for this. She was a faster bike walker than me, so I wished her luck as she headed off ahead of me.

The top of De Neve finally came and it was a glorious feeling. I giddily rode down to T2! The long bike ordeal was over! Woo hoo!
What would you do differently?:

Um...know the bike route before I sign up for a freaking race. That might help! ;) I vow to run all race plans by GailG before signing up! I should have more aggressively ridden on the easier parts, but I was often conserving energy. Also, I haven't done enough bike training since I fell. I also haven't done any hill climbing whatsoever. So, I need to make that the focus of my training now.
Transition 2
  • 02m 38s

I ran into T2 so happy to be done. I racked the bike and pulled off my first bike shoe. I put my foot down and the ground was sopping wet and muddy. Yuck! My sock was now wet. Lovely. I got my shoes, helmet, and gloves off quickly, then put on running shorts, shoes, cap and race belt. I waved to Faeron who was done and headed toward the run out.
What would you do differently?:

Not put my foot on the wet ground...but I had no idea. Otherwise, I was good.
  • 49m 37s
  • 2.7 miles
  • 18m 23s  min/mile

So I ran out of T2 and was stoked to see a water station...until they handed me a dixie cup of it. Seriously? An ounce of water? What's up with that? But, I figured I'd get more water on the course. To make the course 2.7 miles we had to do these odd switchback on the field, so I played along.

I left the field, went left, and hung a right at the giant bear ass. Westwood was a nice downhill run. I took it easy just warming up my legs. My lower back was really hurting, so I did stop for a second to stretch it out. I was surprised to see how many people were still on the bike course. I turned left at Charles whatever and headed up a hill. My left calf was really bugging, so I stopped for a minute to stretch my calves.

As I continued up the hill, Matt ran by. I turned left, looked at my watch and thought I should be closing in on a one-mile marker and ade station any time now (insert cricket sounds here). It never came. I couldn't believe it. No mile markers. No ade stations. No water. I couldn't believe I was going to complete 3 hours of racing on 24 oz. of Gatorade and mouthful of water. I just wish the race director had mentioned this, as I would have carried water. Oh well. I continued running and was in less back pain and enjoying myself. I saw several squirrels and a dog. Cute. I stopped to pick a daisy to put behind my ear. I can't take myself too seriously, especially when it takes me 3 hours to complete a race that the winner did in an hour.

I got to the top of the hill and it was all downhill at that point! Yay! One rather ballsy squirrel ran out onto the path and stopped right in front of me. I said something to him, then looked back relieved that no other runner was there to witness my delirious attempt to converse with a squirrel. I needed water. I hung a left at Westwood, and I ran through campus and just marvelled at how pretty the buildings are there. Random thought. I hung a right at the bear and was close.

As I turned at the intermural field Yanti, Faeron, and a guy who I now know was cashmason were cheering for me. Yanti ran in with me which was very cool. I could see that the race clock was just under three hours. I sprinted to try to beat the three hour mark, but my calves had other ideas. So, I slowed up a tad and crossed the timing pad at 3:00.24. Yanti went back to wait for Dolores and I was off in search of much needed water.
What would you do differently?:

I shouldn't have sprinted at the end, knowing my calves were sketchy. I wish I had brought water, but didn't know I had to. Otherwise, it was my best hilly run. I do better on flats, but other than to stretch and pick flowers, I didn't stop. I never had to walk out of fatigue or anything.
Post race
Warm down: water on the run...but there's got to be bottled water at the end...right? Ya'd think...but there was none. There were strange grape juices and energy drinks...even bagels, but no water. I finally went back to the dixie cup table and just guzzled cup after cup of wonderfully cold water.

I walked around to warm down and stretched a little. I then headed back to pack up my transition bag, get my inhaler, get my endurox, and call my husband. There was a great expo after so I walked around that for a while. I found all the BTers after we hung out waiting for the raffle. I got a free massage and all I can say it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I wish I could get one of those every time. I loved it. I then ran into a former student, Andy. He was in my integrated science class back in 2000-01 and is now 24. It was cool to talk to him.

Although I didn't win any of the raffle prizes, I did walk away with a LA Tri Club license plate frame and some new socks. I got my gear back to the car, was shocked to see I hadn't gotten a ticket, then drove to Westwood to meet everyone for lunch. We had a fun lunch and nothing tastes better than fried junk food after a long race! Mmmmmmmmmm...

What limited your ability to perform faster:

The biggest issue was that I've been very inconsistent with training. I lost more fitness than I realized. I need to do a lot better with that. Also, this course was a tad out of my league, but at least I finished!

Event comments:

Ironbruin is a fun race. The swim is a little wacky, the bike is grueling, and the run is void of water...but overall it was a fun race with great volunteers, a fun expo, schwag and a kick-ass goody bag. It's a great sprint for anyone who like hills!

Profile Album

Last updated: 2008-01-20 12:00 AM
00:09:14 | 437 yards | 02m 07s / 100yards
Age Group: 9/15
Overall: 227/262
Performance: Below average
Suit: Danskin Tri Suit
Course: Very odd 3.5 laps around the perimeter of the UCLA pool, between the buoys and the wall
Start type: Deep Water Plus:
Water temp: 80F / 27C Current:
200M Perf. Below average Remainder: Below average
Breathing: Below average Drafting:
Waves: Navigation: Average
Rounding: Below average
Time: 04:51
Performance: Average
Cap removal: Good Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? Run with bike: No
Jump on bike: No
Getting up to speed: Below average
01:54:03 | 13.2 miles | 6.94 mile/hr
Age Group: 15/15
Overall: 262/262
Performance: Bad
I meant to hit my timer at each lap, but hit it once in the first lap by accident and decided to forego it from there.
Wind: None
Course: 4 laps around the perimeter of UCLA with one minor and one major hill (per lap)
Road: Rough Dry Cadence:
Turns: Below average Cornering: Below average
Gear changes: Average Hills: Bad
Race pace: Comfortable Drinks: Not enough
Time: 02:38
Overall: Good
Riding w/ feet on shoes
Jumping off bike
Running with bike Average
Racking bike Average
Shoe and helmet removal Average
00:49:37 | 02.7 miles | 18m 23s  min/mile
Age Group: 15/15
Overall: 260/262
Performance: Good
I wanted to keep track of how I was doing each mile, but there weren't any mile markers.
Course: Odd switchbacks on Intermural field, followed by loop backward on part of the bike course
Keeping cool Average Drinking Not enough
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 3
Physical exertion [1-5] 4
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Too hard
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? No
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? No
Post race activities: Good
Race evaluation [1-5] 4

2008-03-02 7:37 PM

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Long Beach, CA
Subject: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon

2008-03-02 8:06 PM
in reply to: #1247782

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Northridge, California
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon
Good job going forward with the race in spite of your misgivings and finishing strong! Nice RR...thanks for sharing!
2008-03-02 8:08 PM
in reply to: #1247782

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Sherman Oaks, CA
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon

Good read.  Bike was tough.  I was suprised that there was no water on the course either. 

It started to get real warm too.

2008-03-02 10:14 PM
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Melon Presser
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon

Jocelyn, you are an animal. I really saw the grit in you today, and it gave me a good surge on the hills to say hi to you--if you had the balls to walk 'em, then I could keep going on as well.

You looked good and smooth in the pool. I know you struggled and felt slow, but it didn't look like you blew up from where I was standing.

I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at Charles is-every-damned-street-here-named-after-you Young. Apparently. And yes, that giant bear azz ...

It was a pleasure and privilege to meet you yesterday and race with you today. I'm not fast enough to see the frontrunners except in the water, so honestly, they don't mean much to me, but when I see a BOPer gutting it out to the end, that $hit makes me cry and that's why I do triathlon. Thank you for being my example and inspiration today. 

2008-03-02 11:53 PM
in reply to: #1247782

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Carlsbad, California
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon

Great job out there today Jocelyn

Take a lot of guts and courage to dive into a race like this. (Challenging Course) I don't think I read anywhere in your RR about dropping out. You just put your head down and stuck your chin out and took every bit of what this course had to throw at you.

Nicely done.

2008-03-03 12:13 AM
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Subject: ...
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2008-03-03 10:03 AM
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Redondo Beach, CA
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon
Great race report! Love the detail of your tri-adventure. I may have given you a word of encouragement doing up the DeNeve hill on my first go-around. After giving out a, "That's the way, you keep at it now" to the first walker I passed, I felt so good about it I said it to all 4 or 5 of them that I rode by. Unfortunately by the second go-around I was sucking air too much on that hill to vocalize anything intelligible.

So who the heck is Charles Young, and why so many streets with his name? Well, ol' Chuck was a long-time Chancellor of UCLA going back to my days as an undergrad (back when dinosaurs sunned themselves on Janss Steps, and the 12 O' clock High Club that met just to the south, had nothing to do with noon-time). There are only 2 episodes in his tenure at the times our paths crossed that still stick in my mind. The most well known is when Chuck got himself good and liquored up and plowed his car into a tree along Sunset Blvd near the campus. Now the entrance to the Chancellor's residence is off Sunset just east of Stone Canyon, but I just can't quite remember if he had been out drinking and almost made it home, or if he'd been swilling the good stuff at home and decided to head out for a night of partying. At any rate, it was big, scandalous news at the time.

Why all the streets with his name? I'm not sure, as I think that happened after my time at UCLA. I seem to remember that they were all called Circle Drive (North, South, East, West), as these streets are actually one big meandering circle around the main part of the campus. You probably noticed that some remnants of the old Circle Drive still remain. Why the name changes? I'm not sure, but perhaps it was some sort of anti-drinking message. After all, the route these streets take winding through the campus are much like one a drunken chancellor might take if he had just crashed his car and was now on foot trying to find his way home.

And that other story about Chuck Young? A little known episode that I share knowledge of with a couple dozen others that is just too pathetic to release to the public domain, even all these years later. If you see me some day, after a race, I might tell you about it. But probably not.
2008-03-03 12:59 PM
in reply to: #1247782

Columbus, GA
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon

HEY!! You did so great!! Sorry that I wasn't there for your finish...i think I was at the expo trying to find that water also....I finally did and got back over there with Faeron and Yanti but you had already finished. I'm really glad that you decided to stick it out and kick that race's a$$ instead of it completely kicing yours. It was really fun to me cause I got to see all of you guys out on the course and I got to say hey to everyone. :D Anywho...I know that you are going to do great on your next's realy good to ave races like these to show us what we need to work on and what we are strong at. Train hard and I can't wait to see ya at the next race!!





2008-03-03 4:31 PM
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Los Angeles, CA
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon
Your report is inspiring because it emphasizes the fact that in the end, triathlon comes down to mental toughness, a positive can-do attitude, and pure guts. You stayed with it, you kept your head, and you finished that m*therf*cker, and that's what it's all about. Nice job.
2008-03-03 4:59 PM
in reply to: #1247782

Long Beach, CA
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon

Thanks for all of the kind words! You guys rock!

I asked my bruin friend today who confirmed that the Charles Ave. guy was a UCLA chancellor for 20 years with some scandals to his name! Interesting...

2008-03-03 11:18 PM
in reply to: #1247782

Extreme Veteran
Los Angeles
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon
Hey Congrats! Glad you got to experience the race! You did it despite your apprehensions! That's awesome! Hope to see you there again next year!

2008-03-03 11:31 PM
in reply to: #1247782

Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon
Hey Jocelyn it was awesome meeting you this weekend! I went to UCLA and at this point you probably know more about Charles Young than I do becuase other than being a chancellor for a long time I have no idea what he really did . Good job sticking with it past those hills, they are such a b*tch aren't they? I'm so glad I got to see you so many times on the course, I needed that good luck before the swim, and it was really nice to see a familiar face out on the bike loops, especially on my first race. Hope to see you at another one again soon too, not that I have a comparison but I think it's way more fun with friends there!
2008-03-04 11:32 AM
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Long Beach, CA
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon
Just found out I was DFL. D@mn!
2008-03-04 12:45 PM
in reply to: #1251425

Northridge, California
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon
sealiongirl - 2008-03-04 9:32 AM

Just found out I was DFL. D@mn!

As the overused--but 100% accurate--expression goes: DFL>DNF>DNS. (Really.)
2008-03-06 12:57 AM
in reply to: #1247782

Extreme Veteran
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon
What an awesome race report. You, my dear, are doubly awesome - even triple! You did it and you did something most people never even try to do. You did a great job and I really enjoyed meeting you and hanging out this weekend.

2008-03-08 7:00 PM
in reply to: #1247782

Evergreen, CO
Subject: RE: UCLA IronBruin Triathlon
Good job on finishing!!  Enjoyed your race report

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