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2013-06-14 11:35 AM

Subject: Bike Pump Recommendation
Finally bought a bike with Presta valves, but I don't have a pump which will fit them. What would you "pros" suggest I get? I would like it to also fill my kids bikes. Low cost is plus too. I don't think I need one that I can clip to my bike, do I?


2013-06-14 12:29 PM
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Indian Hills, CO
Subject: RE: Bike Pump Recommendation
Get a good floor pump in addition to a frame pump. Frame pump is for emergencies and the floor pump will work much better in the garage. I have a Topeak Joblow. It has a gauge and a bleed valve in case you go over the desired pressure. Works for presta and schrader and worked fine for needles in basketballs and such.

There's an old saying in gear heavy sports "Buy it nice or buy it twice". A cheap pump won't last long.

2013-06-14 3:15 PM
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Tacoma, Washington
Subject: RE: Bike Pump Recommendation

As already stated, get both a floor pump and a frame (or mini) pump. I use a Silca Track Pump for my floor pump. It's presta-only, but it's lasted me some 18 years with nothing more than lubing the internal gasket and blowing out the base valve a couple times in all those years.

For frame/mini pumps, I've had really good luck with the Blackburn Airstick pumps. Small, goes up to 120 psi with no problems, and the head switches from presta to schraeder easily.

2013-06-21 4:49 PM
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Vancouver, BC
Subject: RE: Bike Pump Recommendation
2013-06-21 9:32 PM
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Subject: RE: Bike Pump Recommendation

I can't remember which floor pump I have but it was about $50 regular price and got it for $40.  I figured I would just get a good one right off the bat and it has worked well for me for almost 4 years now.

As far as a mini pump, I also use the blackburn airstick.  Small enough to easily fit in a jersey pocket and gets the job done.  I still use CO2 for flats, but the mini pump is also good for giving the tube shape and putting in the first 20 or so PSI.  I prefer to use the threadless 12g cartridges that are meant for airsoft guns since they're cheaper (less than $1 each), but they only get you about 70-80 psi by themselves.  A mini pump is also good for pumping up the tube that went flat so you can easily find where the puncture or pinch is...which in turn helps you find if there is anything still stuck in your tire that may cause another flat.

2013-06-23 5:13 AM
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Evergreen, Colorado
Subject: RE: Bike Pump Recommendation

I have had really good luck with specialized pumps.  Everything else I have purchased falls apart after a few years.  My specialized pumps keep going strong.

You definitely want a floor pump for daily tire filling.  Frame pumps are great for emergencies though.  I will admit I still use CO2 for most flats.  Frame pumps really do NOT get your tire up to a sufficient pressure.  But, if it's a choice of thumbing it home or using a frame pump so you can limp home I'd always use the frame pump!  Some frame pumps double as CO2 inflators too...kinda nice feature but then you definitely need the screw top CO2 cartridges which are more expensive.

I have two floor pumps.  I have my beloved yellow specialized floor pump and I also have a red pump I cannot remember the name of but its key feature is that it's semi-FLAT on the bottom so it can fit in my bike case when I fly the bike places.  My beloved yellow specialized pump has a triangle base and wouldn't fit in my bike case.

Whatever you get, you DEFINITELY want it to have a built in pressure gauge so you know what pressure you are filling your bike up to.  MOST of the bike pumps sold these days will work for both presta and shraeder valves.  Very key.

In my flat kit I keep a presta to shraeder adapter just in case I stop somewhere that only has a shraeder pump.  You laugh, but I once flatted across the street from a car repair place.  You bet I went over there with adapter in hand and begged to use their air compressor....without the adapter that would have been impossible.

As others have said, don't be cheap.  You do get what you pay for when it comes to pumps.

2013-06-24 9:18 AM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: Bike Pump Recommendation

I have a Serfas floor pump that I like a lot.  It works with either Presto or Schrader valves, and has the pressure gauge mounted up high were it's easy to read. 

I used to have a frame pump, but stopped carrying it several years ago after I got my first COinflator.  Just seems so much easier and quicker to me. 



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