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2013-06-26 6:06 AM

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Subject: Looking for advice on first triathlon bike
Hi. I've been training for triathlons for 2 years now, and this is my second season racing. So far I've done two sprints, one oly, one off-road tri and one HIM. This season I have one oly, one HIM and one IM left. I come from a swimming background, and I'm a pretty good runner (HM 1:30), but i really suck on the bike. I ride a nishiki cyclocross (with aerobars, mostly for practice) and a colnago roadbike from the 80's . I try to ride 150-250km every week, and I can maintain a speed of about 30kmph. My longest rides are 90km. For the ironman I've been aiming to increase total milage and do longer rides, but the bikes arn't fitted to me. Long rides cause discomfort and I'm a bit scared to get injured without a good fit. Thus I decided to abandom my idea of getting a superbike in the future, and I'll settle for an entry level bike (for now :D )

I've had my eyes on the canyon speedmax al 8 for a year now. I really like the bike, but the problem is I canlt try it before i order it. The geometry says nothing to me, and I was hoping to get a little help with that. I live in Finland, and very few stores stock tri bikes. The only bike I found was the felt b16, which seems like a good choice.

I'm 173 and my inseam is 89. I was thinking of getting a bikefit after I get the bike and new shoes, but should I do the fitting first? Not really sure what the best option is...

Here is a link to the canyon. I really like it, but if the felt is a much better option I might have to reconsider.

2013-06-26 6:18 AM
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Knoxville area
Subject: RE: Looking for advice on first triathlon bike
it's best to get the fit first. Knowing your numbers (stack and reach particularly) can really make buying the right bike FOR YOU a lot easier. No point in throwing down a chunk of cash on a bike that you'll be miserable on.

Felt and Canyon both make good bikes.

2013-06-26 3:06 PM
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Subject: RE: Looking for advice on first triathlon bike

ok- it's impossible to do what I'm about to do, but based on your height and inseam, you appear to be a little longer in the leg than the torso.  so, you wouldn't choose a Felt (as much as I love Felts), Cervelo or QR CD0.1.  the Canyon might be a better choice, but there are other bikes with more stack that might work for you.  Perhaps a Shiv or Trek Speed Concept, or maybe even the Cannondale Slice?  Not sure what options you have where you are.

But hey- if you are just ordering on line with not much shop support anyway, perhaps just get a Planet X.

Sure- you could get a full fitting prior to your bike purchase and then select the optimum steed, but if you haven't spent time on a TT bike, it's likely that you're still not adapted to your future fit.  So, perhaps if you have a shop that can properly measure you up, put your numbers into their calculator, and find out what a few suitable models will be for you- that might be the best way.  

2013-06-30 9:34 AM
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Subject: RE: Looking for advice on first triathlon bike
Thanks for the replys guys. I contacted the one fitter I know of who does tri-fitting in the area (no response yet), but I think I'll get the fitting on tuesday/wednesday. The fitter has contracts with at least orbea and bianchi, and I'm a little afraid they'll try to push one of these bikes on me. Neither one has a tri-bike in my price range, and I'm not sure about getting a roadbike. They sell Orbea orca b105 with aerobars, but I'm not sure if that is what I want... Do they usually try to sell bikes from the manufacturers they have a contract with?

A couple of new questions that came up:
Is it really worth it getting a tri bike for 2000e, or is it better to get a roadbike with new saddle+seatpost+aerobars? Will I get a better quality roadbike?
A roadbike is apparently a better choice in "hilly areas", but what does it mean? My legs say it's kinda hilly but then again I ride a cyclocross and a roadie from the 80's with really tough gear. Lots of small roads with small steep hills.
I think I'll want a roadbike and a tri bike in the end, but which one is better to get first, and which one is it worth spending more on?
I think I'll ask them to try and make the canyon work, but if they say it's bad I'll go with what they suggest. Does this sound like a good idea?
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