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2013-07-18 7:12 PM

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Subject: Autolap IM run? Garmin Data Fields?
Do you have your Garmin on autolap for IM run? I usually run with auto lap every mile. On IM run, it would be one less thing to worry about, but if it didn't match up with the actual mile marks it would drive me batty...

Also, planning to show 4 data fields on Bike:
Avg 3 sec Power
Speed/Dist/Cadence (I will have it scroll between these three will leaving the others in the same place)

4 data fields for Run:


2013-07-18 8:29 PM
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Subject: RE: Autolap IM run? Garmin Data Fields?

I always autolap every mile just because I want to know what my mile splits were after my run.  It's just an easy way for me to tell if I was picking the pace up, holding steady, or fading.  Most of the time while running, I don't even notice my 910 beep/buzz when it autolaps.

As far as it matching the mile markers...well, I actually trust my garmin more than the mile markers.  While GPS isn't 100% accurate, it is usually consistant unless you're running between tall buildings or under trees.  You would like to believe that a race director is measuring out the course exactly with a measuring wheel and placing the markers himself within the accuracy of +- 1 yard...but it's more likely that he's passing them out to volunteers in the morning and instructing them to place it by the telephone pole, next to the fire hydrant, or just before the aid station.  And when the volunteer actually puts it down...they probably don't really check to make sure they're referencing the right landmark. 

2013-07-18 8:59 PM
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Subject: RE: Autolap IM run? Garmin Data Fields?

As far as data fields go, I would think you would want to keep track of average and/or normalized power on the bike.  I use an edge 500 on the bike and will use 2 pages of data.

3s power, NP, HR, and time on both pages.  This makes sure my effort and nutrition schedule (time) is always on the screen.  The other fields I flip through on the 2 pages include AP, Speed, Avg Speed, Distance, Avg HR, Temp.  Every field has it's purpose to me. 

Comparing AP and NP makes sure that my VI isn't too high.  I could actually put VI on as a field but it's pretty easy to estimate in my head. 

Speed lets me know at what point I should coast and tuck on the downhills vs continuing to pedal.  I don't actually ride shooting for a given speed...that's what a PM is for.

Avg Speed and Distance helps me figure out how much longer I'm going to be on the bike and if I need to make adjustments to my nutrition plan.  If I'm going to be on the bike 20 minutes longer than expected, I know I need to take in more calories.

Avg HR is somewhat of an FYI, but does show how much my HR may be drifting towards the end of the ride.

Temp (I know this isn't available on the 910) gives me a clue if I need to back off on the effort.  Hotter temps mean you need to pace a little easier.

As far as the run, I just use pace, avg pace, HR, and distance.  I don't bother with too many fields there as by the time you hit the run you can't really think all that straight anyway.  Just keep it simple.

2013-07-19 12:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Autolap IM run? Garmin Data Fields?
I set up multiple different data field "pages" for the run and bike. For example, you can customize data fields for 4 different bikes or runs and I usually customize every one. You can scroll them while training or racing which is a great feature. Here's my setup -

Bike 1 - Time, Cadence, HR, Avg HR
Bike 2 - Time, Speed, HR, Avg Speed
Bike 3 - Time, Speed, Distance, HR

Run 1 - Time, Distance, HR, Avg Pace
Run 2 - Time, HR, Avg HR, Pace
Run 3 - Distance, HR Zone
Run 4 - HR

I'll switch to different pages throughout races depending on how I feel. For example, if I want to stop focusing on how many miles I have left, I'll switch to Run 4 and just focus on keeping my HR in-line. Another example would be Oceanside where there are speed limits on the bike course. I would switch to the page showing "Speed" before entering the speed limit zone.

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