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2013-08-29 9:01 PM

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Subject: Ontario Women's Tri in Milton
Good luck to the ladies taking part in this race on Sunday!! I'll be there in a fluorescent yellow shirt in the second sprint swim wave. Hope to see some of you ladies there!

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date : January 1, 2008
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I couldn’t help but feel that the race had beaten me. Perhaps duathlons were more for me? No, I was more determined than ever to succeed. I was determined to get on top of my swimming.
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Complete course preview of the Philadelphia Women's Only Triathlon in Pennsylvania featuring a Sprint and a Duathlon race. Mark your calendars!
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Humorous short story about giving up feminine luxuries for the triathlon fitness lifestyle.
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Triathlon serves up many humbling moments. The most humbling of days came not during a race day but by email. I had been invited to participate in the Rambling Rose Women’s Only Triathlon. Wow.
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I am not going to buy a tri-suit before my first tri - I want to make sure I am going to stick with this before I spend a lot of money on it so I want to figure out what will work best.
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9 weeks after my first bike ride, 5 months after my first swim and 13 months after my surgery I entered the Nelson week Tri a Tri !
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I couldn't believe that my splits kept getting lower! I started to run harder after I passed the "5 km" sign and picked a few people that I wanted to pass.
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