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Subject: Nutrition ideas for first 70.3
Hello Everyone.

Firstly i've been a long time reader and i am greatly appreciative of the amount of information available on this community.

Here is my question. I'm participating in my first 70.3 half ironman soon and i am a little concerned regarding my race day nutrition.

Firstly some background information - im 27, 90kg and 188cm and use on average 1100-1300 calories per hour when racing. I have actively been participating in triathlons over the last 12 months so im not just jumping into a half without any preparation. Im anticipating doing the half anywhere between 5:30:00 and 6:00:00

This is what i had planned to consume:

-Breakfast 2 hours before race start (I've got this down pat so i'm not worried about this)
-Good guzzle of water as soon as i get to transition after the swim
-PowerBar bar as soon as i get on the bike
-Gel every 30-40 minutes while on the bike
-Drinking approximately 1xbidden of endura and 1xbidden of water every hour on the bike (this will depend on temp on the day)
-PowerBar bar about 20 minutes before run
-Gel every 20-30 minutes on the run
-Liquid on the run as i see fit.

What i am concerned about is that my body does not function well if i have an empty stomach. if i am only eating 2 bars and gels over 6 hours my stomach is going to be empty. I haven't had the opportunity to do long brick session 4+ hours long to really know how my body would handle eating solids but i know that on the bike my body will handle solids no dramas. What i want to know is am i going to end up OVER fuelling if i try to eat some sandwiches, cookies muesli bars etc while on the bike or am i just over thinking it?

any thoughts would be appreciated.

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2013-12-08 6:57 AM
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Saigon, Vietnam
Subject: RE: Nutrition ideas for first 70.3
Everyone's different, but if you feel like you handle solid nutrition better, I don't see any reason why you couldn't go with mainly, or only, bars or other solids on the bike, then switch to gels for the run. Even on the run, some races offer a few solids like fruit or pretzel sticks, or you could carry some in a baggie. I'd originally planned to rely mainly Cliff bars and a few salted almonds for the bike leg of my HIM (because I have sweet/salty flavored bars and I find the gels nauseatingly sweet) but had extra gels in my bento box as a back-up; actually ended up eating only one of the bars and two gels as my hands got coated in bike grease due to several minor mechanical issues. Normally in training I mainly had solids (bars, bananas, pretzels) on the bike and was fine. I even ate some pretzels and sliced fruit at aid stations on the run as I felt like eating something solid. Total consumption--the race took me 5:53 including the bike issues--three gels, a few almonds, one Cliff Mojo bar, handful of pretzel sticks, few orange and banana slices. Not recommended that you take in that little at your size--I'm about 115 pounds and kind of a minimalist when it comes to race nutrition--I didn't "bonk" and had a strong finish but guessing most take in a lot more! Just experiment in training, including some race-effort rides, to make sure your body's okay with the solids both on the bike and on a subsequent run.
2013-12-16 10:28 AM
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Nashville, TN
Subject: RE: Nutrition ideas for first 70.3
def recommend infinit for the bike and run

I can help you with the sliding scales if need be
2013-12-18 5:50 AM
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Subject: RE: Nutrition ideas for first 70.3
I personally did solids on my HIM in October (Beach to battleship) because I can't use the gel's etc, they make me sick.

I bought the zone portables cookbook and used that as a basis - it has a bunch of food things that are small and easily stored in your bag on the bike (blanking on the name right now). Personally, I did an alternate of an egg souffle thingy that has cheese and rice in it, and salt - which gave me carbs, protein and sodium) and then rice balls that has been mixed with an all natural fruit jelly (I used raspberry) that gave me carbs and sugars. alternated between those on the ride, one every 30-40 minutes, and then just stuck to water and gatorade.

on the day of the race, my nutrition was:
- applesauce with some BCAA's mixed in
- 2x those kids packets of that pureed food
- on the ride, alternating between the souffle thing and rice balls with water/gatorade
- run - i alternated water/coke at each mile, and then grabbed pretzel sticks as needed, and then some oreos between towards the end

I came out of the race, feeling pretty decent overall and no major issues the next day
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