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2014-10-18 4:00 AM
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, Kronobergs lan
Subject: RE: Racer or Trainer??
Definitely a trainer. Started in August last year, had one race in May this year and am now training for a race in May next year.

2014-10-18 6:49 AM
in reply to: thedonwah

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Subject: RE: Racer or Trainer??
FOFOP here.

Trainer - I hit one or two races a year now, but most of my time spent SBRing is during training.

I'll tell what I never do is enter a race just to use it as a training race. If I'm in a race I'm going to be racing. I see it as a iceberg, where the races are exposed above the waterline and the rest of my Titanic training sits below.
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