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Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon - Run

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Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Competitor Group, Inc.
50F / 10C
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Pre-race routine:

Flew to Vegas Saturday morning. My friends Melinda and Kathi picked me up from the airport and we went with Kathi's parents to Red Rock Canyon which was really cool. Just like in Sedona, AZ. We hiked a little, then they dropped me off at the hotel. Holy cow, it was AMAZING!! 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen and a bar. So unreal! And Heather used her points for it!! Anyways, I changed, then walked to the monorail to get to the expo. Geez, it was a walk around to Paris, then through Bally's, then another quarter mile, all in heels, as I was dressed for the night! Finally got to the expo an hour later. I was tired of walking so I took a cab over to Senor Frog's in Treasure Island. We had a great time there, balloon hats and all. Then went to a variety show in Planet Hollywood. It was hilarious!!! great time. But I was exhausted as we didn't get home till 11:30 pm, which was 2:30 am my time!

The next day I found an Einstein Bagels that was 1.2 miles away and I decided to go on a walk to get breakfast. I wanted to stay with simple foods that my body was used to. The buffet is for the day after!
Event warmup:

We walked a good mile to the race start. We were the talk of the town with all of us dressed as female Elvises. :) So many people wanted to take pics with with, it was great! Had to pee multiple times. There was a concert with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who were hilarious. We were freezing though, so we walked to the corral start. I luckily was able to switch up to 6. No one checked! Thank god I did!! It was another half mile or so to walk up there. I had to pee AGAIN! geez! It was very weird to be starting such a long race by myself.
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Melinda and Heather took off, and Kathi and Laura also were a bit faster that I was able to go. No worries, as that I've got a long way to go. We headed out of the city, and passed "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. Kathi ran back towards me to get around the gate. I had no time to waste, so I waited till I got around to the other side. Got my picture, had a great time running down the strip. When I passed where the start was, they were only on corral 19! Thank god I started in 6 and not 30. I was 3 miles ahead of schedule, and running a minute faster per mile than the cut off. Passed the wedding chapels which were awesome--saw a bunch of couples getting married too.

Then we went around some dark neighborhoods with apartments I think. It was hard to really tell, but nothing was going on there. Not my favorite part! Around mile 9 we split from the half-marathon group, which at first I was glad for, since it was crowded for those 9 miles. But it became very lonely very fast. For about every 8 runners that went to the left (half), only one went to the right (marathon). Moment of truth. Yep, I was committed. And should have been! Through this I felt ok, but I was really fading. Still running, but very slowly. My average time dropped to 11. uh-oh. I was on pace for 4:45 but it wasn't looking good.

Fremont street came next, and I loved it!! Some guys going down the zip line too! after that we went down a hill, through a tunnel, back up a hill. Saw a few homeless tents :( From mile 10-21, there really wasn't anyone except maybe 3 bands (two of which we went by twice), and cops blocking streets. I think there were maybe a total of 100 spectators, not including the police officers or bands. And it was dark. Very dark...

Up to mile 14 was a long, not steep but slowing you down enough. At this point I was really struggling. Oddly enough I was still running, but a lot slower than I probably would have if I ran/walked, but it hurt too much to start running every time I walked, as my hip was really sore. Mile 16 was also uphill. I was thinking of I'll totally be able to make up the time on the downhill--nope. So I just focused on running, slowly, but always running, towards as what Melinda called it, "that damn Stratosphere". You saw it everywhere, but it was no where close!

Back to Fremont Street, and the ceiling doing a cool music and visual show! At this point I was really plodding. Kathi C and Melinda and Heather were all texting each other and I was dying inside, so I sent them a text saying so. It was funny, I loved getting texts from them saying "You can do it! Keep going!" I could get used to these hard races--so much easier in a way than triathlons! I also called my parents again. Why not? They were sleepy, as it was 11:30 pm, but they were excited to hear from me.

Finally got back to the strip!! Phew. And passed the Stratosphere!! I see Treasure Island ahead of me, where Melinda, Keely, Heather, and Phil all were hanging out. One mile to go (thank god I wore my Garmin, two of the mile markers were missing, but I was 0.2 miles ahead, as I kept reminding myself!), I put my elvis shades back on. Got high fives from all too comfortable looking Heather and Melinda as I passed Treasure Island. I couldn't see the finish line till I was maybe 500 feet away (it wasn't too grandiose. What can I say, I'm swayed by the Ironman finish. Especially IMKY). Got a lot of cheers (yay Running Elvis girl!) and I was done. Beyond done.

Post race
Warm down:

After that long walk out, I couldn't figure out how to get out. We were in the road by Caesar's, but there were walls on both sides of the road! I found a break on the left side with about a foot space and I squeezed through, praying I didn't get stuck! ha. Then it was up the escalator, over the road, and then down steps. and Down some more. I finally got into the lobby of Caesar's and texted everyone, and sat down at some slots in my mylar blanket. My saviors arrived, as I was shivering. Phil was so sweet and walked me to the bathroom, then waited for me to come out to help me back.

We walked back towards Planet Hollywood and ate at an amazing Italian restaurant. So much fun with all these wonderful folks, and God bless them for sitting around for hours waiting for my slow self to finish! I was starving!

What limited your ability to perform faster:

The lack of spectators. This was a real downer from NYC. Fremont was great, and so was the strip, but the rest was desolate. My leg was definitely hampered today by the hip, and I was feeling it ache every step. I ran as long as I could, even ran more than NYC, but I simply couldn't run fast, at all. And when I say fast, I mean in the tens, which I really think I was capable of.

Event comments:

I learned from NYC to bring at least 4 gels. This race had at least two stops for gels, but that really isn't enough for me. I was HUNGRY. I missed the NYC spectators that handed out candy and bananas. I was excited to hear they were handing out salt, until I found out they were just salt packets. Ok, so I'm jaded. My only marathons have been ironmans, and boy do they spoil us in terms of food! I think I need to bring something to eat with me, like cheese and crackers or fig newtons.

It was an unnecessarily long finish. I'm thinking it was spread out due to the numbers of half marathoners, but to walk 50 feet to the water, then another 20 feet to get a mylar blanket, then another 20 feet to get a power bar, then another 20 feet to get a banana. It was silly. And really not much of a finish line. I was less than impressed with that.

I don't think I"d recommend this as a marathon, though I bet it would be fun as a half, with all the folks. Lots of people dressed up and some good energy. Plus it was a fun weekend. I plan on coming back to do the half and then so I'll have enough energy to go to Fremont Street and ride the zipline!

I am so so happy to have completed this. It was a tough race, especially since all my friends were finished well before me and were drinking it up! I only had 400 or so finish after me. But even I was impressed with my ability to persevere. I do need to take a significant break, as I wasn't so much sore post race as I definitely was injured. I am ever so thankful that God and my body let me complete my last bucket list race of the year, and now I need to reward it for being so good to me!

FYI, I would only recommend this race as a half. The only good part about the marathon is Fremont street, but really, go visit it!! Unless you're fast, and a glutton for punishment (ahem), the half is the way to go. I will be back to do that!

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Subject: Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon

2014-12-01 2:06 PM
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Subject: RE: Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon
Congrats on the cherry of your season! Hilarious you called your parents!!
2014-12-02 1:18 PM
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Central Coast, CA
Subject: RE: Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon

Congrats on sticking with it and pushing through the leg issues! The half marathon is a lot of fun and doesn't quite get as lonely and dark, most of it stays on the Strip with the lights and the crowd.

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Looooove the Elvis costumes! Can't believe you walked in heels all over the day before - rockstar!

2014-12-03 8:06 PM
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Oh it wasn't smart lisa! I had blisters upon blisters, BEFORE the marathon! I also waked maybe 4 miles the day of the marathon. Duh, right?Still actually a great time! I have a labral tear in my hip and an impingement, so it's definitely time to chill.
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