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2015-12-10 9:29 AM

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Subject: Looking for a tri in Feb or April
Hi! I'm looking for a sprint tri to do in February or April. The online calendars I've found are all really wonky. I'm off from Feb 13th to the 21st, and from April 23rd to May 1st. I am willing to travel US mainland or the islands - not the Hawaiian ones, though!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

2015-12-10 9:54 AM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: Looking for a tri in Feb or April

St. Anthony's in St Petersburg, FL, is on 4/24 and now has both sprint and Olympic distances.  You would have to arrive in time to check your bike in by 6pm on the 23rd.


2015-12-10 10:07 AM
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Subject: RE: Looking for a tri in Feb or April
Oh, awesome!!! I love St. Pete's, my favorite city in Florida!! Thanks,
2015-12-10 3:48 PM
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Melbourne FL
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Subject: RE: Looking for a tri in Feb or April

Make it a nice vacation and visit Cocoa beach 2 weekends beforehand and do the growing little sprint that's put on.

2015-12-11 11:37 AM
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Pfafftown, NC
Subject: RE: Looking for a tri in Feb or April
There's a "sprinter" that's just been added, in NC (I live near the venue). 1 km swim/21 mi. bike and 4.5mi. run. In-between distance (between sprint and Oly). I like the distances.
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