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New Balance Winter Grand Prix: Track Race - Run

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Seattle , Washington
United States
Total Time = 12m 7s
Overall Rank = 5/40
Age Group = F30-39
Age Group Rank = 1/8
Event warmup:

Got to the track and checked in with the clerk. Went and did some nice easy running around the neighborhood then came to the infield and changed into my flats. My legs felt heavy from the time trial the day before but not to the point or soreness.
  • 12m 7s
  • 2 miles
  • 06m 04s  min/mile

I have been doing back to back races a couple months in a row now. The day before I completed my third time trial up Tiger Mountain, Race Report Here:

What I was trying to accomplish with back to back racing with no taper was using them as compound workouts. Becuase the time trial is a straight up mountain run it uses very different muscles and "systems" than a more flat, speed-based race like the New Balance series. I figured coming into a "speed" race with some muscular fatigue would be good for digging deep to finish fast in a longer race. Additionally, I wanted to prioritize a good base vs. taper-race-recover type training more oriented around race performance.

Anyhoo, to the race! Because it was on the track we were divided into heats so, everything I am talking about is specific to my heat.

I lined up a touch back from the starting curve, just because I purposefully wanted to refrain from starting too fast.

The official came out with the gun in the air, "On your marks" ...."BANG!"
and we were off!

I moved to lane one immediately and let the more uhhh....enthusiastic competitors duke it out in front of me. I kept the pace moderate from the get go and eased into what I felt I could handle for the entirety of the race.

My plan was to go by feel and my ballpark idea was that I'd run about a 6:20 first mile and try to bring down to 6:10 in the second by really using feel vs the clock.

The first quarter marked a 1:34, not too far off what I thought might happen.

It was great being out there with a lot of high-schoolers as their coaches were there. I always forget how awesome it is to be able to be coached each lap. I listened to their advice and applied it as much as I could, even though it wasn't specific to me. "Chest up, pump those arms, keep that turnover, relax your face"

I began passing the initial wave of overzealous racers, slowly moving my way up.

I didn't feel fast, but I felt steady and relaxed.

I closed the second mile in 6:16 and felt good. I decided I would try to keep the same pace for the next lap, a little faster for the third and then go hard the first half of the last lap before getting reckless with the final 100 meters or so.

I tried to relax my face and hold form. I passed another person and could see the lead pack, maybe 15 seconds ahead. Sadly I was kind of in no mans land with no one to pace with and probably too big of a gap to jump. So, I just focused on my own plan.

I came into the final curve then turned it on. My stride lengthened a bit and my cadence increased. I could feel the strain of running faster than a distance runner typically moves and I crossed the finish, breathless.

What would you do differently?:

I'd train for the specific distance if I was focused on it, but this was a workout so I probably wouldn't change much given the context. I think I maybe could have run with the lead pack with the same effort if we took turns but I didn't really know that in the beginning.

I'm not really "fast" but I can feel some progress being made now that I have a few weeks of quality workouts under my belt. I think I am in a good spot to start true marathon training now.
Post race
Warm down:

Ran a few easy miles then headed to the mountains for a ski tour!

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Non-specific training, race the day before, no taper

Last updated: 2016-02-08 12:00 AM
00:12:07 | 02 miles | 06m 04s  min/mile
Age Group: 1/8
Overall: 5/40
Performance: Below average
Course: 2 miles on the rubber oval
Keeping cool Good Drinking Not enough
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2016-02-08 12:27 PM

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Subject: New Balance Winter Grand Prix: Track Race

2016-02-08 1:20 PM
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Rio Rancho, NM
Subject: RE: New Balance Winter Grand Prix: Track Race

Great job! Especially considering the fact that you raced the day before! Congrats on the AG win and placing well over all. Hope you enjoyed the ski trip

2016-02-08 1:39 PM
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Falls Church, Virginia
Subject: RE: New Balance Winter Grand Prix: Track Race
Nicely done! I love how you took the coaches' advice!
2016-02-09 11:02 AM
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Raleigh, NC area
Subject: RE: New Balance Winter Grand Prix: Track Race

Great race!  Congrats!

2016-02-09 2:24 PM
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Subject: RE: New Balance Winter Grand Prix: Track Race
2016-02-10 10:08 AM
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Subject: RE: New Balance Winter Grand Prix: Track Race

Very good race, oh speedy one!

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