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Subject: 4 weeks FREE coaching - IREP Athletics LLC
IREP Athletics LLC is offering a 4 week FREE no commitment endurance coaching special. We have recently expanded our college degreed/certified coach team and would like to showcase our services within the community. This is a great opportunity to see if coaching is right for you and if the IREP philosophy aligns with your goals. No gimmicks here as we won't collect any payment information, we just want you to give us a try and let us prove that we can help you excel this season.

To sign up simply complete our initial intake form ( and an IREP coach will be in contact with you shortly to take the next steps to get you set up.

What will be included:
· Basic Training Peaks Account – Workouts are analyzed and programming is set
· Workout data analysis and feedback
· Schedules and adjustments based around YOUR schedule.
· Customized Strength Training, Core development and Dynamic Mobility plan
· Lactic Threshold Power and/or Heart rate testing for clients using HR or Power
· Heart rate and Power level zone assignment and evaluation
· Annual Training Plan Development
· Race Execution Planning

My name is Scott Proscia, BS ATC M.Ed ACSM-CPT IRONMAN Certified Coach. My partners Anthony Ross, CSCS ATC M.Ed and SGT Colin Kaleskcy BS IRONMAN Certified Coach are the coaches at IREP Athletics LLC. We utilize years of review of scientific research to develop a customized program for each individual to ensure we meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you are aiming to finish your first 5k or qualify for Boston, planning your first sprint triathlon or aiming for Ironman Kona, we will partner to design the best plan for your personal success.

At IREP we believe that every athlete regardless of ability, event, distance or goals requires our full attention. To make sure that you “Respond, Evolve, and Perform” all clients will have certified professionals developing their programming at the frequency you select. Athletes will not only get a program to meet their Swim, Bike or Run needs but also can include a customized strength and conditioning program to work in conjunction with your endurance programming, to increase performance and mitigate the risk of injury.

I personally have been involved in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science for over 10 years. Prior to my relocation to Ohio we worked as Certified Athletic Trainers at Forme Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in New York. I served a term as the Director of the Athletic Training Program at Forme, overseeing Athletic Trainers at seven local high schools while providing full time Athletic Training services at New Rochelle High School. NRHS has a socio-economic and culturally diverse population with more than 1,100 highly competitive student athletes. We had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of athletic teams and athletes, from their sectional champion football team to their rugby and national level competitive cheerleading teams. We enjoyed the opportunity to help foster excellence, character and confidence through relationships with our athletes and their families. During the summer months, through Forme, we had the opportunity to work with teams and in one-on-one settings building and executing strength and conditioning programs. We worked to rehabilitate all levels of athletes in the community, from junior high, to college Division 1A, to athletes playing on professional teams internationally.

Currently I teach a full-time Sports Rehabilitation and Therapy program at Great Oaks Career and Technical Center. I am on staff at Beacon Orthopedics where I practice professionally on an as needed basis for local sporting events as a state licensed Athletic Trainer.

We started IREP Athletics to foster our passion of working directly with athletes and teams. Examples of our current clients include local and satellite marathoners, runners and triathletes in the United States Marine Corps and Army National Guard, National Championship qualifying short course triathletes in New Jersey, World Championship Qualifying IRONMAN athletes and Live Strong Foundation Cyclists in upstate New York to name a few.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. I look forward to the prospect of working with you.

Best in Health,

Scott Proscia, BS ATC M.Ed ACSM-CPT IRONMAN Certified Coach
Head Performance Coach
IREP Athletics LLC
email: [email protected]
Cell: 845-546-7677
Twitter: @irepathletics

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