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2016-08-30 7:28 AM

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Subject: 8.30.16 Tuesday Training

Good morning BT!

4:30am:  60 minutes on the trainer with intervals

5:30am:  :40 minutes lower body strength/core

Survived the first day--of course everyone is on their best behavior.  No signs of kids that might suddenly sprout horns overnight--after 20 years I can sniff out the potential for trouble right away!  Seriously though, we have such great kids. I'm excited for my new group of freshmen.

Karen...I'm exhausted just reading about your dream!  

Is it wrong that I took a sick satisfaction in seeing all of my cross country boys bent over the track fence about to puke after their last of six 1,000m repeats last night? Lol, They work so hard, I am a proud coach!

Have a great day!

2016-08-30 7:55 AM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: 8.30.16 Tuesday Training
Maybe the kids will sprout horns tomorrow?! A few rather exuberant kiddos this year, but nobody who seems mean and nasty, which is always good!

For some reason my coach had me do a brick this morning (1:10 ride and 20 minute run).....I didn't even have my tri bike as it's at the shop being boxed. It felt really weird to ride my road bike--I don't think I've been on my road bike here for almost a year! Probably to keep me from my usual taper insomnia. Have thoroughly worn myself out with getting up at 4:20 to do that and then last-minute stressing about packing, etc.

Hopefully will sleep well tonight and not "run" the Olympic marathon again. Or, worse yet, have one of my wacko triathlon dreams. Let's see, there was there one where I was winning Kona (again, with very detailed splits and leaderboard), and then all of a sudden I was running on the wrong island, solo. Or the one where my HIM was switched to Kabul, Afghanistan and we did Parkour through rubble. Or the one where it somehow became a full and I was doing IM Canada, most unwillingly, and in great confusion ("But I didn't register for a full!') in icy rain. Or the one when the race was held in North Korea, and I gave away all my bike munches to starving children, then rescued a starving kitten, abandoned Rover in T2, and commandeered a minivan to the Chinese border...... I truly have an overactive imagination, especially during taper.

As for perverse pleasure, I have my track and XC kids do a workout I call, "One more" once or twice a season. I tell them they're going to do some number of laps, maybe 4 or 5, of our field (400-500m). (Since it's hot, and they're only 9 to 11 years old, we stop to drink and rest a bit after every 1-2 laps.) Then, after they're done, I have them do "one more" easy, just to finish. And then another....hard if they want. The ones who push that final lap will be the best distance runners. It's interesting to see what happens. Baby version of a workout from my long-ago coach who made us do a surprise set of 10 X 400 hard after a 20-mile run. (In truth, I don't think I could ever make another human being do that one! Actually I don't think I could ever make myself do that again.)

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2016-08-30 8:19 AM
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Aledo, Texas
Subject: RE: 8.30.16 Tuesday Training

5:28 - Speed workout. 4 x 600, 400 at 1:40, 200 at all out. Delightful.

Have a great day!

2016-08-30 1:11 PM
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Loughborough, England
Subject: RE: 8.30.16 Tuesday Training

1h 20 easy ride for me.  Really nice weather here so enjoying my riding at the moment.

2016-08-30 6:54 PM
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Scottsdale, AZ
Subject: RE: 8.30.16 Tuesday Training
Hey there!
5:15am - 60 min power spin - 6x3 VO2 efforts - butt kicker for sure!

8:30 - 2000yd swim. Really really didn't want to swim today, but made myself go and the water felt good so glad I got that many yds in!

Karen - I love that "one more" concept !! Maybe I'll use in one of my classes soon (insert evil laugh :-))!
2016-08-30 6:57 PM
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Subject: RE: 8.30.16 Tuesday Training
I like the stories. Keep them coming.

I had a good 45 minute run. The humidity remains high for OK and it makes running tough.

I cant compete with difficult classroom kids but I do have some psych patients who are interesting at times.

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