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2019-09-29 7:56 PM

Subject: Augusta 70.3 Race Report
Augusta 70.3 completed today. Nearly a 30 minute PR. Had a great time and am looking forward to a little relaxation this week.

Swim: 39 minutes. I’m a poor swimmer. Nearest pool for swim instruction is 45 minutes from my home so that just isn’t feasible with two young kiddos. The river current was the lowest it’s been for this race as well. They released a lot of water from the dam in case hurricane Dorian made landfall. It didn’t and then we had a drought here in Georgia which caused a super slow current. Overall, that’s just an excuse. I could get better if I put in the effort. Including the two 70.3 races I’ve completed this year, I may have 5 miles of swimming total on the year. Not gonna cut it.

T1: 6:14, could have been better but I had to visit the porta potty!

Bike: 2:53/19.3 MPH average. Not any faster than last year on the bike, but I got off of it feeling fresh. Last year I was toast coming off the bike. I felt like I had a little more left in the tank the entire bike leg but I held myself back. No flats or mechanicals so that’s always nice! I made myself hydrate more using tailwind and took a few gels on the back half of the bike when my gut felt overfilled from fluids. Friendly bike course with around 1800ft of elevation gain.

T2: 3:56, I’m happy with this. Didn’t feel rushed but didn’t dilly dally either.

Run: 2:01:36/9:17 minute/mile. Oh boy, this is torture. My over the rainbow goal was to finish the run in 1:59:59. As I made the final turn to the last 0.2 miles for the finishers chute, I caught a bad cramp in my left hamstring. It took me around 2 minutes to work it out. Had it not been for that cramp, I would have met my goal. I’m still thrilled with the time. I had a negative split on the back half and finished the last 5k at a decent clip. Last year, I had terrible cramping starting at mile 8 or so. This year I had only that one at the worst possible time.

Overall, good enough for 69th/250 in my age group and 600th/2850 overall.

Augusta is a great venue with wonderful volunteer and crowd support on the run. If you can handle the heat, it’s a good race to check out.

Thanks for all the tips and things I’ve learned along the way from this group.

2019-09-29 9:47 PM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: Augusta 70.3 Race Report

My run time in my first 70.3 was 2:00:06 at the 2015 HITS Marble Falls 70.3.

My second run time was a slight improvement to 2:00:05 at the 2016 Ironman St. George 70.3.

Keep shooting for that rainbow goal it will come. 

I had similar struggles with going under 3:00:00 on the bike legs my first two years.  Things finally come together in the 3rd year.  Great job!    


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2019-09-30 10:03 AM
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, Pennsylvania
Subject: RE: Augusta 70.3 Race Report
Sounds like a great race!
2019-09-30 1:31 PM
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Subject: RE: Augusta 70.3 Race Report
2019-10-01 9:27 AM
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Franklin, TN
Subject: RE: Augusta 70.3 Race Report

Congrats!  I'm guessing it wasn't wetsuit legal this year...right?


2019-10-01 12:20 PM
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Subject: RE: Augusta 70.3 Race Report
What you didn't say is that the temps were hotter than the hinges of Hades on Sunday...congrats on your day and muscling your way through the course in that heat means the Finisher's Medal gets Oak Leaf Clusters. Great job...

2019-10-01 1:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Augusta 70.3 Race Report
The swim was not wetsuit legal. Water temp was 76.6 degrees at 5 am.

It was quite hot! Average temp on the run was 96.9 degrees from what I understand for most age groupers. Heat index well over 100 degrees!

Augusta would be a very easy course in ideal conditions, I guess the heat acts as an equalizer. I live in middle Georgia so I guess I have a bit of a training advantage.

Ironman Chattanooga was on the same day and had similar conditions. I’ve heard the DNF rate was 24% for that race.
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