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2019-12-30 8:57 AM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: 2019 Mileage Goals...Who hit them and what were they
Bike Goal - 2500 miles
Bike Actual - 2630 miles

Run Goal - 1200 miles
Run Actual - 1224 miles

Swim Goal - 100,000 meters
Swim Actual - 80,000 meters

Achieved 70.3 finish (IM Lake Placid 70.3)
Achieved first unsupported 26.2 (Called it the Tapeworm Marathon)
Achieved first 50 mile run (JFK 50)

Had to take time off training earlier in the year after the VFIB incident. Recovering from the broken ribs and letting the incisions heal up from the ICD implant. I guess had to let the brain and body heal up as well.

2019-12-30 11:05 AM
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Atlanta, Georgia
Bronze member
Subject: RE: 2019 Mileage Goals...Who hit them and what were they
I had a run volume goal for 2019 which I squeaked past..

goal: 1000 miles
2019 result: 1070 +/-

I started 2019 doing a 100/100 challenge then lost two full months with a strained hammy. I'm doing the same 100/100 challenge again now and my 2020 'A' race is in the first half of the year so I'm hopeful I can run up the total early and finish 2020 around 1250 miles. It's possible my knees have totally different goals than I do, however.
2019-12-30 11:37 AM
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Los Angeles, CA
Subject: RE: 2019 Mileage Goals...Who hit them and what were they
Swim goal: 200,000 yards
Swim actual: 200,103 yards (barely made it, hehe!)

Bike goal: 4000 miles
Bike actual: ~3500 miles (lost September training due to hamstring injury, grrr)

Run goal: 1000 miles
Run actual: ~1030 miles, woohoo!

Set new PR at Ironman Arizona
Result: Achieved new PR by 1 hour and 15 minutes! yay!
2019-12-31 1:50 PM
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Subject: RE: 2019 Mileage Goals...Who hit them and what were they
I hit my goals for 2019.

Ran over 1000 miles and biked right at 3000 miles. Set a PR in each race that I was in, including some stand alone road races.

Hoping to continue the trend in 2020.
2019-12-31 2:34 PM
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Subject: RE: 2019 Mileage Goals...Who hit them and what were they
I guess I never really set any goals, I do what my coach says. I picked up my bike volume and dropped my run and swim volume a little bit. I anticipate even more running for next year and hopefully similar biking and swimming to this year. I'm going to start new year with a metric century on zwift. So, that should help kick things off right

Bike 5388 miles
Run 1292 miles
Swim 311k yards

Bike 6657 miles
Run 1170 miles
Swim 291k yards
2020-01-02 8:27 AM
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Subject: RE: 2019 Mileage Goals...Who hit them and what were they
My goals weren't nearly as ambitious as the ones listed here already. The only yearly goal I have is to swim 100 miles, which I did 107.7 miles in 2019.

I do have monthly goals that I made 9 times this year. They are to swim 10000 yards, bike 100 miles, and run 10 miles. I made the swim all 12 months, the bike 9 months, and the run 10 months.

Neither of the triathlons I had repeated this year yielded a better time, though the one did for the first time this year was a pretty good time for me, and none of the 5ks I did resulted in PRs either. The metric century I did was quite a bit faster than it was the years past. A few events at Masters swim meets gave me some personal bests.

I finished DFL twice this year, which is a new experience for me. One was in a sprint tri that I just bonked on (I am diabetic, so nutrition is always a struggle on race day). It was a very small field of racers, so I still placed 3rd in my AG. The other was our local Turkey Trot. My wife was walking the 5k walk, and the 4 mile course meets up with the 5k course about two miles or so in. When I caught up with her, I walked beside her for a bit. Well a bit turned into the rest of the race.

One other thing I always try for (and I have yet to complete) is to do an event every month. If you include the swim clinic I volunteered at (I think 2 hours in the pool ought to count as an event), I participated in events in 10 months this past year.

Happy New Year!

J White

2020-01-02 10:19 AM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: 2019 Mileage Goals...Who hit them and what were they

I am in the same boat as Jnuger in that I didn't have any distance goals.  My training is based on short term goals of what I need each week and what I needed for my next race.  One of the races I thought I would do in 2019 ended up being the same day and a Theater Performance of one of my daughters so I couldn't do that race.  I ended up finding a make-up race for the one I missed but it wasn't a USAT sanctioned race.  I chose to do it anyways but then had to find another make-up race.  Then I was invited to do a marathon with three of my siblings two weeks after another one of my races, which resulted in me changing the Triathlon two weeks before my marathon from a 70.3 to a Sprint.  So I started the New Year out with a goal of three races (Sprint, Oly, 70.3) and a rough map of how I would get to each race.  Then I changed the race plan five times.  Distance goals wouldn't have been the best metric for how my training went in 2019.   The race results speak for themself though.  

Bike Goal - Increase FTP 
Bike Actual - 2062 miles, 281W --> 314W, 

Run Goal - Go under 20:00 in a 5K run in a Sprint Triathlon, and under 1:30:00 in a 13.1 mi run in a 70.3 triathlon
Run Actual - 1045 miles, I was 4 for 4 at going under 20 mins in Sprints with the last race with an estimated 5K under 19 minutes.  No 13.1 Triathlon runs completed.  

Swim Goal - Get down to 1:30 min/100yds (from the 1:45 min/100 yds that I started at)
Swim Actual - 38,400 yards,  my race times were all over 1:45 min/100 yds.  So...not a great year for swimming.  My volume was too low for even sprint Triathlons.  I would have really had a poor showing if I had stuck to the 70.3 race although the swim was canceled at that race due to high winds and was the only race I have done that I feared being blown over on the bike and that I know of people that where blown over on the bike.  

Achieved - Sprit (Tulsa Area Triathlon) - 2nd place overall
Achieved - Sprit (Payson Orchards Triathlon) -1st place M40-44 AG
Achieved - Sprit (Trifest for MS) -1st place Male Masters Division
Achieved - Sprit (Redman Triathlon) -1st place overall

Achieved - 5K (Boom in the Valley) -1st place overall
Achieved - 5K (Jones Academy) - 2nd place overall
Achieved - Running Tour (Choctaw Nation Trail of Tears) - Part of a 10-person relay that covered 550 miles in 5 days.
Achieved - Marathon (St. George) - First marathon in 10 years.  Ran it with 3 siblings.  3:19:45.


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2020-01-02 11:12 AM
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Highland Park, Illinois
Subject: RE: 2019 Mileage Goals...Who hit them and what were they
I have not achieved any specific training goals. Last year was actually really bad when it comes to the training. However, despite this awfully weak training, I was able to complete 70.3 and brutal 50K run.

Yay for New Year, new goals, better training!
2020-01-04 2:31 AM
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Subject: RE: 2019 Mileage Goals...Who hit them and what were they
My mileage goals are race goals - in 2019 my goal was to do a swimming race of at least 10 km and I did a 13 km.

In 2020 my goal is to do a swimming race of at least 16 km and a running race of at least 42.195 km.
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