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Black Diamond Duathlon - DuathlonOther

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Fishers, New York
United States
Iron Butterfly Health Club
60F / 16C
Total Time = 1h 10m 28s
Overall Rank = 55/150
Age Group = Female
Age Group Rank = 7/49
Pre-race routine:

Oh, I so did not want to get out of bed this morning! I crawled back in 2 or 3 times before deciding that I had better not let my $40 race fee go to waste. I didn't even have my usual raisin bran cereal. I wasn't feeling good enough to eat, but I forced down a cereal bar and took coffee with me on the road.
Event warmup:

Once I got to the race site I was feeling much better. The parking is far from the start, so I rode my bike to transition which ended up being a good warm-up. Set up transition and tried to decide if I really did want to wear Rob's spiked trail shoes. They are probably a half size too big, but not so big that they didn't fit well enough. I decided to wear them on the 1st 2 miles then change them in transition if I didn't like them. I ran some on the trails and went potty, then found Dudley where we ran some more. Took one more potty stop and worried that I wouldn't make it in time to the starting line. I was basically the last one running to the line, but just in time to (not) hear a speech given by the very nice, and very well-organized, but very long-winded RD. Stood there wondering what I was feeling up for.
  • 15m 1s
  • 2 miles
  • 07m 31s  min/mile

1st in AG, 4th female.
I started out with Dudley because I really wasn't sure what I wanted to make of this race - simply for fun, or to compete. I need to make peace with the fact that I'm there to compete, and that I really can compete. I keep fighting that because I think it makes it less fun for me. It probably is the other way around, though. I didn't start out as fast as I could have, but it was a good thing that I held back a little knowing what was in front of me. I found myself having to zigzag through a lot of people, though. I need to have more confidence in my ability and get further up front.

I love Rob's trail shoes!! They really grip the ground. I need my own pair. BUT - the shoestrings don't like to stay tied. They were my nemesis in T1... I suffered through loose laces for this run, but I decided it was only 2 miles and I could live with it.
At the water stop - 1 mile - my watch said 6:55. I didn't take any water. If you can't stay hydrated after 1 mile (or 2 for that matter) you shouldn't be racing. Totally my opinion, of course. ;) The hills are rough. The downhills are nice. The roots are rough, but thankfully Tri Running and Walking, who sponsored the run course, painted all of them white. They are a broken ankle waiting to happen.
What would you do differently?:

Put yankz on the shoes. Start out up front. But, when I think about this more, I think I probably paced myself OK on this run because I knew I shouldn't go all out anyway considering what I still had ahead of me.
Transition 1
  • 00m 51s

I don't know if I can call this the worst T1 I've ever had, but it ranks up there. It's all because of the shoestrings. After hauling ass for 2 miles, it's hard to bend over and successfully tie 2 prs. of shoes and do it well - with double knots. It's just haaaaaard! Everything else was OK. But, dud is right, it's strange not having to do much else in this transition. Just pop the helmet on and off you go!
What would you do differently?:

  • 38m 52s
  • 10 miles
  • 15.44 mile/hr

2nd in AG, 12th female
It's a strange transition from a road bike to a mountain bike. I found myself wanting to bend over more. Plus, the big nubby tires really make you work to gain any ground. It's a very long way on the trail. A lot of people passed me, but I was able to pass people too. The biking continues to be my weak point. Que sera... I loved the woods part! It was twisty and turny and really got my adrenaline up. But, there was a guy in front of me who I really wanted to pass, but I haven't mountain biked in years and didn't think I was that good (brave), or fast enough, to get around him before the next turn or tree was right there. Some of the real good ones were able to pass us on this trail. More power to them!
It started to rain pretty steadily with a mile or two left. I was getting a bit cold, but not too badly. I saw Rob and the kids towards the end of the bike, which really brightened up the rest of the ride!
I didn't get enough to drink on the bike. Mostly because my favorite bicycle water bottle nozzle has been chewed to pieces by my dog... Wait a minute! I don't have a dog!! Oh yeah, my kids chewed it up... hmmm... I maybe I should check them for fleas...
What would you do differently?:

After talking to Dud, I learned about different tires for mountain bikes. I'm getting myself a different set next year! I'm sure they'll make a world of difference.
Choose a new favorite bike water bottle and keep it away from my canine kids.
Transition 2
  • 00m 25s

This was better, but I tried to quickly hide my sweatshirt so it wouldn't continue to get soaked, and I fumbled with my gatorade bottle so I could get some quick swigs.
What would you do differently?:

Have 2 water bottle racks on my bike. Put all of my stuff away beforehand.
  • 15m 19s
  • 2 miles
  • 07m 40s  min/mile

1st in AG, 1st female! :-)
This run felt good and bad all at the same time. I knew I was performing well, but the hills were a bit painful. I got my "running legs" in a short amount of time, surprisingly. At some point my right ankle decided to act up. I don't think I twisted it, but it got very painful and I was beginning to make plans in my head of what I should do if I needed to walk (like where and when and for how long). I guess the German in me can take a lot of pain! (Like rstocks' grandma!!) I never did walk.
I passed a few women and a lot of men. I was a little surprised at how many walked up the hills. I'm too afraid to walk. I feel if I do I'll never start them back up again! I pushed it hard to the finish. I gained on one women ahead of me, but couldn't get to her in time! Oh well! I was glad it was over. One thing I noticed about the shoes was that at the start of the run I could feel the spikes (treads) in the bottom of my feet. Not so comfy. Same thing happened to me with the snowshoes in that race. (Which I'm still doing, BTW!!!)
What would you do differently?:

OH, not much here. It was a good run. I love trail running!
Post race
Warm down:

Talked to family (Rob brought the kids out, which is always so nice!) Talked to Mike and his daughter. Then tried to keep the kids away from the road. (C'mon kids. No playing in the street!!) Drank water and cheered on Dud!!

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Start up front, get better tires on the bike, train more!

Event comments:

I loved the race and already can't wait for next year!!

Last updated: 2007-10-15 12:00 AM
00:15:01 | 02 miles | 07m 31s  min/mile
Age Group: 4/49
Overall: 68/150
Performance: Average
1st mile 6:55(?)
Course: Up and down and up and down trails with lots of roots, logs and rocks in the way.
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
Time: 00:51
Overall: Below average
Run with bike? Good
Jump on bike?
Getting up to speed and into shoes: Average
00:38:52 | 10 miles | 15.44 mile/hr
Age Group: 12/49
Overall: 77/150
Performance: Good
Wind: Headwind
Course: Long stretches on the Lehigh Valley Trail system (an old RR bed). Then off into some woods and fields for some fun, more technical riding. Then back onto the trail which takes you to a rocky, muddy road that goes way down to the main road that takes you back to T2.
Road: Rough Wet Cadence:
Turns: Average Cornering: Average
Gear changes: Good Hills: Good
Race pace: Hard Drinks: Not enough
Time: 00:25
Overall: Average
Riding w/ feet on shoes
Jumping off bike Bad
Running with bike Good
Racking bike Good
Shoe and helmet removal Average
00:15:19 | 02 miles | 07m 40s  min/mile
Age Group: 1/49
Overall: 33/150
Performance: Good
Course: Same course
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Mental exertion [1-5] 3
Physical exertion [1-5] 4
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Average
Race evaluation [1-5] 4

2007-10-21 9:53 PM

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Rochester, NY
Subject: Black Diamond Duathlon

2007-10-22 4:34 AM
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Canandaigua NY
Subject: RE: Black Diamond Duathlon
Nice job Kam! Congratulations on the hardware too! Sounds like you had a good time.
2007-10-22 7:21 AM
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Subject: RE: Black Diamond Duathlon
Great job, Congrates!!   Thanks for the warm up and cheers.  Next year that nail will be nailed on a board!  Snowshoes here we come. 
2007-10-22 7:41 AM
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Rochester, NY
Subject: RE: Black Diamond Duathlon
Great looking race!  Seems like a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-10-22 10:40 AM
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Malvern, England
Subject: RE: Black Diamond Duathlon
1st girl on the second run WOW!  What a great race...and yep you have to realise that you are quite capable of competing for the top locally!
2007-10-27 5:25 PM
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Lafayette, CA
Subject: RE: Black Diamond Duathlon

Nice job.  You had did a wonderful job for a race that you didn't seem to be up for.  ...and AG 4!  What a race.


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