Beginner Triathlete - My First Triathlon articles

author : mrmarkcole
comments : 37
photoOr why an Ironman 70.3 may not be your best choice for your first triathlon.
author : seveerneb
comments : 44
photoHow to consistently come in last place and enjoy it. By a real expert.
author : brian1388
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photoSomeone said that I would have to change in the transition area after the pool. Well OK, but it was maybe 45 degrees that morning. Yuck, all just part of the experience.
author : tmwelshy
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photoIn February of 2004 I was a 270 pound 34 year old. I had the body of an out-of-shape, degenerate lineman. I was strong and muscular, but with a healthy dose of jiggle and even, dare I say it, wiggle.
author : Wooden Bell
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photoA look back at my first triathlon at Parlee Beach.
author : RachaelBagel
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photoI thought I'd feel out of place among triathletes - until I realized I was one.
author : runrgrl2007
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photoOne slight problem. I don't know how to swim at all. When I say 'at all', I don't even dog paddle because I am scared to death of water. But I am going to do this.
author : fatboy38
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photoI've come a long way in one year; 85 pounds lost and fitness gained. I think I feel truly alive for the first time in a long time.
author : thomasfieber
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photoA (relatively) humorous description of my training for, and participation in, my first triathlon.
author : jmacht14
comments : 10
photoI was only halfway to my weightloss goal, but I was still able to finish my first triathlon only after 10 weeks of consistent training.
author : kcowart
comments : 11
photoI have always been an athlete, growing up playing team sports like basketball and soccer. I also ran in a couple of 10K races every year, so I had no reason to worry about running a 5K...right?
author : Gina76
comments : 2
photoThe completion of my first sprint triathlon! Even though it has been over a year since my first tri, I find myself ready to do two more this year and even two half marathons!
author : Zen Master
comments : 24
photoAll I can think about is, "How can I swim in this?" I can't sleep. I think I made a big mistake. I'm filling my head with fear and doubt. What made me think I could run a triathlon?
author : sarahhaselup
comments : 14
photoA 34 year old new runner gives a shot at her first triathlon in the chilly waters of the San Francisco Bay.
author : Al1978
comments : 4
photoFrom the couch to a half Ironman the hard way.
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