Beginner Triathlete - My First Triathlon articles

author : brianteats
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photoAs with probably ninety percent of people on this website, my story starts with "I've always wanted to do a triathlon..."
author : thehomegirl
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photoI think the biggest thing I've learned is to quit worrying about what everyone else thinks. If I let that get to me too much I would not be the fine triathlete I am today!
author : thomasfieber
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photoA (relatively) humorous description of my training for, and participation in, my first triathlon.
author : SrhShepherd
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photoHow triathlon helped me become the person I wanted to be
author : Trmlo
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photoAt 66 years old, I completed my first sprint triathlon!
author : FlashBang
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photoFeeling confident and cocky, after finally losing some weight, I got off my back side and into triathlon.
author : msampse11
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photoFormer member comes back to training after heart scare
author : phunt
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photoMy first triathlon and a comeback from being overweight and sedentary
author : TriToFinish57
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photoInspired to Get Fit for Wedding
author : b2run
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photoFrom sedentary to World Championships
author : Seht
comments : 8
photoMy race from obesity to Vineman 70.3
comments : 4
photoThis was my 2nd time training but 1st time competing in the Naperville Sprint Triathlon!
author : BrettTriMI
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photoFrom the bar to the bike and the beach. I decided that for my 34th birthday, I was going to buy myself a new bike...something to get my butt in shape.
author : sawfish99
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photoMy first triathlon was the confirmation that I made a life altering choice of fitness.
author : agrace
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photoI couldn’t help but feel that the race had beaten me. Perhaps duathlons were more for me? No, I was more determined than ever to succeed. I was determined to get on top of my swimming.
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