Beginner Triathlete - My First Triathlon articles

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photoThere is such a feeling of power and confidence when you take control of your destiny! A year ago, I was a fat slob with no athletic inclination. I made this happen!
author : sc123
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photoI had a bucket list of "must do's before I turn 60" but it was made up of things like "take a course in public speaking, weekend trip to NYC with my 3 grown sons, learn to kayak, etc." I needed more.
author : sawfish99
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photoMy first triathlon was the confirmation that I made a life altering choice of fitness.
author : RachaelBagel
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photoI thought I'd feel out of place among triathletes - until I realized I was one.
author : Al1978
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photoFrom the couch to a half Ironman the hard way.
author : sharkbait
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photoThe first wave takes off. Then the second. Then mine. That’s when things started to go awry. I wish I had read more of the posts on BT.
author : HerveB
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photoI looked at the swim buoys and start thinking, "Man! How am I ever going to swim that? That looks like a very long distance from the bridge. I have never done it in one go." There's no turning back.
author : Katja
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photoThousands of strokes, cranks and pushes later, I did my first sprint triathlon as a wheelchair racer. What a blast!
author : jmacht14
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photoI was only halfway to my weightloss goal, but I was still able to finish my first triathlon only after 10 weeks of consistent training.
author : PatriciaDawn
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photoI decided that completing a triathlon would be the perfect celebration of reaching my goal and losing 83% of my excess body weight by dropping 230 pounds.
author : kittythemom
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photoTraining was harder than I ever imagined it would be. I've always considered myself athletic, but never really had a need to push myself beyond my comfort zone. This was so different and so rewarding!
author : yaroslaski
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photoI started training for triathlons in my early 20's but never entered one. Twenty years later found me still a newbie, with many extra pounds, much more humility and a healthy dose of reality.
author : lithelola
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photoA bumbling non-athlete makes her determined way to the Nation's Triathlon finish line!
author : mcinTri2010
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photoIt has been a bucket list item for years...something to do before I'm 25. Okay, maybe I'll push that to 30. Okay, maybe I'll let it go altogether.
author : mjfewell
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photoIn November of 2000, I noticed that I was losing the feeling in my toes. The sensation traveled up my body and within a week, I was nearly 80% paralyzed.
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