Beginner Triathlete - My First Triathlon articles

author : lakelife
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photoGetting to my first triathlon
author : Mary Miller
comments : 6
photoI wanted to do something in my life before I hit the big 5-0. So, why not do a triathlon?!
author : checkmate10
comments : 16
photoSelf-described "old, fat guy" finishes his first solo sprint triathlon
author : Team BT
comments : 1
photoI Remember My First Triathlon Like it Was Yesterday. Actually, It Was Two Days Ago.
author : Team BT
comments : 3
avatarIt fell apart, but I didn't give up
author : ishmaelmuscat
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photoPursuing a challenge, which took a year to get down to mentally and a few weeks of actual training!
author : sc123
comments : 15
photoI had a bucket list of "must do's before I turn 60" but it was made up of things like "take a course in public speaking, weekend trip to NYC with my 3 grown sons, learn to kayak, etc." I needed more.
author : Gina60
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photoI can't run a seven-minute mile anymore, but that doesn't take away from the joy of finishing
author : raceelpaso
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photo“None of us were swimmers, none of us were cyclists, none of us were runners, but we all decided that together, we would be.”
author : Sundried101
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photoUsing duathlon as a stepping-stone for triathlon.
author : davey m
comments : 3
photoDeciding on an Ironman as my first venture into triathlon was greeted with incredulity and astonishment combined with a hint of, "well, you're full of yourself aren't you?" and, "a bit ambitious?"
author : betahuman
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photoThe future is an accident.
author : RBrately
comments : 2
photoFrom beginner to half ironman
author : msampse11
comments : 4
photoFormer member comes back to training after heart scare
author : Ron
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avatarThe only worry I had going into it was the swim...I couldn't touch the bottom and there weren't any lines to follow.
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