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Ironman Kansas 70.3 - Triathlon1/2 Ironman

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Lawrence, Kansas
United States
80F / 27C
Total Time = 6h 51m 59s
Overall Rank = 1025/
Age Group = F30-34
Age Group Rank = 53/65
Pre-race routine:

Drove up to Lawrence Saturday afternoon with Dr. Speedo (AKA Michael) - arrived at the campsite, chatted with Mike (Barkeep) and Ian (imsmith8) then headed to athlete check in, expo, and bike check in. Got a little sun doing all of that!

Drove into Lawrence and ate at Free State Brewery, then back to the campsite to organize and try to sleep. Not a whole lot of sleep, I was worried about the predicted thunderstorms (from midnight through ALL day the next day) and just anxious in general.

Up around 4:30 a.m., got everything ready, ate a pb sandwich and Redbull, and walked to T2. Set up T2 but I just left everything in the big ziplock bag in case it rained.

Joined the hundreds of other athletes on the ~1/2 mile walk down to T1. I couldn't decide if it was more like a pilgrimage or a death march... heh. One of the pro athletes riding his bike down there asked the crowd where body marking was. I tried to offer to mark him myself, but he didn't seem to hear me. :)

Down at T1 I set up my stuff quickly, sunscreened, then got in line for a porta potty. Michael gave me a great pep talk while we waited... "everything forward" was my new motto.

Then it was time to line up... as my wave inched closer to the water the pro men were out and running through T1, that was cool. Then just as my wave was entering the water we got to see Chrissie Wellington herself exit the lake... what a great way to start my race!

Event warmup:

The 1/2 mile walk from T2 to T1, nothing else.
  • 42m
  • 2112 yards
  • 01m 59s / 100 yards

I was really glad the announcer was telling people to spread out to the right, my wave did a great job of that so we weren't all bunched together like last year. I was pretty far to the right, and not in the front. Perfect.

Totally different swim than last year - beginning was stress free and calm. No contact or anything. But within the first 3 minutes I knew this was going to be a challenging swim. The chop was unbelievable. The waves were high. It was like being in a freaking wave pool I kid you not.

On the way out, the waves were coming from left to right, which was fine since I breathe almost exclusively on my right. But when I turned to do the little part of the rectangle the waves were HEAD ON. In your face, in your mouth, no escaping. People were stopping, floating on their backs, breast stroking, bobbing up and down. It was hard. I kept saying to myself, "the faster you swim, the faster you can turn out of this mess" so I moved my arms quicker and stronger. Pretty soon I was literally punching the waves and water to get through them.

Rounded the bouey (finally!) and now the waves were coming from the right. I attempted a few left side breathes, and while I CAN do them, the result is a break down in my form. And I needed the best form I could get in these conditions. So I switched back to the right, and just made myself lift up high out of the water to get breaths. That worked all right.

The rest of the swim was just trying to get back in as efficiently as possible. Only noticed a few fishies from the group behind me (only got groped by one... sad face!). Sighted well and even went inside a few of the boueys as it doesn't matter distance-wise, and the waves were pushing me that way anyway.

Pretty happy to reach land, but disappointed to read 41:XX on my Garmin. Then I realized everyone had to swim in that mess and I probably did better in my age group than I thought (I did).
What would you do differently?:

Really nothing. This was hard but I thought I did the best I could in the conditions.
Transition 1
  • 03m 34s

My bike was pretty close to the swim exit, found it rather easily. Michael was right there, yay! Wetsuit popped right off my right leg but got caught on the timing chip on my left leg (of course). Socks on, shoes on, sunglasses/helmet on, then I had to put the wetsuit, cap, goggles, and my t-shirt from the morning back in the bag so they would transport it up to the finish line. I felt like this took forever but it really didn't! Go me!
What would you do differently?:

  • 3h 27m 48s
  • 56 miles
  • 16.17 mile/hr

Got out onto the bike course feeling great! I love this course for so many reasons... I'm both a native Kansas girl and a Kansas girl at heart. So riding through farms and wheat fields and everything quintessential Kansas makes me so happy and I feel at home.

I was a little alarmed though, that in the first 10 miles I saw probably 6 or 7 dropped chains, 3 or 4 flat tires, and a cyclist and bike DOWN in the middle of the road! It was a little eerie, and I wasn't sure what to make of it. But onward!

This was really an uneventful ride for me... a good thing I suppose. I rode strong and steady. Stayed in aero a lot (except the uphills but I never got out of the saddle, not once) and smiled a lot :). Drank my Infinite on schedule every 15 minutes, grabbed water at each of the aid stations flawlessly.

I only saw one cyclist being an azzhole... was just screaming "LEFT! LEFT! LEFT!" as he was trying to pass someone who was also passing someone. He muttered "Good God people" or something as he passed, which you know, I can understand some frustration but seriously. Relax. No one was breaking any rules, everyone was within the allotted time, it just wasn't fast enough for Mr. Whiner.

The wind was noticeable but it was like every ride in Kansas. The cloud cover was absolutely amazing.

The hill at mile 50 was really fun... went back and forth with a guy who was wearing a Branson 70.3 tri top and chatted about how crazy hilly that course was. After that it was smooth sailing back into the park. I felt great, and was REALLY pleased with my time!
What would you do differently?:

Nothing at all. Rocked this.
Transition 2
  • 02m 28s

Bee-lined right to my rack, racked smoothly, unzipped my ziplock bag. Swapped shoes, pulled on my Glinda the Good Witch Tutu, put on my visor as I was running out.

Horray Michael was right there again and said "GO GLINDA! Everything forward!" as I ran out.
What would you do differently?:

  • 2h 36m 9s
  • 13.1 miles
  • 11m 55s  min/mile

I knew this was going to be hard. I really wanted to run all of it, but soon settled for running the first half and assessing. I even ran up 75% of "the hill" by T1 the first time and only walked a few steps.

Saw my coach and Michael in the campgrounds, but didn't see them again for awhile. Just chugged along, drinking Perform and water (it tasted SO GOOD!) at each aid station. Ate my Gu at the start of the 2nd loop but then got super hungry around mile 10 so I grabbed a Powerbar gel at one of the aid stations. It was complete liquid and kind of turned my stomach but I gulped it down anyway. I really didn't want to keep going with a growling tummy.

Lots of fun with Glinda the Good Witch again! Many comments and lots of encouragement. One guy asked me if I lost a bet, heh! I granted a lot of wishes and then told people my magic wand was busted or I ran out of fairy dust - too bad I wasted it all on the fast people at the beginning :)

I saw Michael at our campsite, around mile 11 or 12. I was very tired. He ran with me a few steps and I REALLY wished he could have run me in the rest of the way. I was hurting something fierce.

Finally made my way to the finish chute, which was sadly pretty deserted. But I waved my wand around anyway and smiled big. The announcer called my name and said "Hey, we're in charge of the costumes around here!" and I laughed. I high fived the REAL Glinda (they had all of the Wizard of Oz characters at the finish line) and crossed to have CHRISSIE WELLINGTON give me my medal. She said something about how cute I was and gave me a hug. Nice way to finish the race.
What would you do differently?:

Run the whole dang thing.
Post race
Warm down:

Michael and my coach were right there, chatted for a little bit then went to the food tent and ate some chips and a Coke. Chatted with some of Michael's friends from college and Eric - nice to relax.

Made my way back to the campsite, showered, then we watched some of the awards ceremony. Packed up the campsite and headed home.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

This wasn't my "A" race, so it was really just treated as a training day. An AWESOME training day! Yeah!

Event comments:

I've done this race every year it's been around... a wonderful event in every way. Camping is a great option for both cost and convenience. The course is beautiful with plenty of aid stations (with ice!). My only complaint is the post race food (pulled pork sandwiches and chips... meh).
I'll be back next year!

Last updated: 2010-12-29 12:00 AM
00:42:00 | 2112 yards | 01m 59s / 100yards
Age Group: 29/65
Overall: 0/
Performance: Below average
Suit: Xterra full sleeve
Course: Rectangle with buoys on the left
Start type: Deep Water Plus: Waves
Water temp: 74F / 23C Current: High
200M Perf. Good Remainder: Average
Breathing: Below average Drafting: Below average
Waves: Below average Navigation: Average
Rounding: Good
Time: 03:34
Performance: Good
Cap removal: Average Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? Yes Run with bike: Yes
Jump on bike: No
Getting up to speed: Good
03:27:48 | 56 miles | 16.17 mile/hr
Age Group: 44/65
Overall: 0/
Performance: Good
Wind: Some
Road: Smooth Dry Cadence:
Turns: Good Cornering: Good
Gear changes: Good Hills: Good
Race pace: Comfortable Drinks: Just right
Time: 02:28
Overall: Good
Riding w/ feet on shoes
Jumping off bike
Running with bike
Racking bike Good
Shoe and helmet removal Good
02:36:09 | 13.1 miles | 11m 55s  min/mile
Age Group: 53/65
Overall: 0/
Performance: Below average
Course: 2 loops - a boring out and back, then down/up a hill to T1, then through campgrounds.
Keeping cool Average Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Average
Mental exertion [1-5] 3
Physical exertion [1-5] 3
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Average
Race evaluation [1-5] 4

2011-06-13 11:28 AM

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Atlanta, Georgia
Subject: Ironman Kansas 70.3

2011-06-13 11:42 AM
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San Diego, CA
Subject: RE: Ironman Kansas 70.3
Congrats on a solid race. Way to hang in there on the run.
2011-06-13 2:04 PM
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Subject: ...
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2011-06-13 9:42 PM
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Ames, IA
Subject: RE: Ironman Kansas 70.3
Great race, Lisa! I was looking for the tutu on the run but never saw it.  Could've used some magical juju at that point
2011-06-13 11:59 PM
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Husker Nation
Subject: RE: Ironman Kansas 70.3
You're always doggin' the post-race food! Ah well, can't win 'em all I suppose. Really good job for a "training day" - does your experience from this race modify any of your IM training goals going forward?
2011-06-14 9:54 AM
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Atlanta, Georgia
Subject: RE: Ironman Kansas 70.3

Bripod - 2011-06-13 11:59 PM You're always doggin' the post-race food! Ah well, can't win 'em all I suppose. Really good job for a "training day" - does your experience from this race modify any of your IM training goals going forward?

haha I know, I'm a post race food snob!  Nevermind the fact I'm vegetarian, I just think pork is a pretty questionable meal for the masses that's all. I've been spoiled at races with fajita bars, baked potato bars, fresh fruit, burritos, ice cream... really ANYTHING would have hit the spot more than a bag o' chips. Especially considering the entry fee...

Going forward, I'm going to put my trust in my coach. He knows I'm disappointed in my run fitness and has a plan to get me to where I need to be - he assures me, anyway


2011-06-14 11:20 AM
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Waterloo, IL
Subject: RE: Ironman Kansas 70.3
Congrats on a solid race!!
2011-06-14 12:20 PM
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Subject: RE: Ironman Kansas 70.3
Nice job Lisa, it was fun to be out there racing with everyone from BT.  I am a carnivore through and through and I too can't believe pulled pork sandwiches made it back for a repeat this year as the post-race meal ...
2011-06-14 12:44 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Olathe, KS
Subject: RE: Ironman Kansas 70.3

Lisa, I had a good time camping with you and Michael. It was also great to see a smiling face out there on the bike course. A good day overall.

BTW, I'm with you on the food. For me, pulled pork just isn't what I'm craving after I cross the finish line. But then again, food after finishing is pretty hit miss for me.

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2011-06-14 1:47 PM
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Extreme Veteran
NW Arkansas
Subject: RE: Ironman Kansas 70.3
Great report! I think we crossed each other in the campground. Great outfit!
2011-06-16 12:33 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Olathe, KS
Subject: RE: Ironman Kansas 70.3
Nice job at the race! The swim doesn't sound like it was very fun, but at least it wasn't storming!

2011-06-17 8:42 AM
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Iron Donkey
, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: Ironman Kansas 70.3
I like that swim time!
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