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Subject: Huronia - the hidden gem of the Southern Ontario Triathlon Circuits
Not sure how the attendance compares to the other events across Southern Ontario but I wanted to call out the Huronia tri given it is so close to me (I literally was able to bike to the race on Saturday to volunteer...

It didn't seem crowded which is shocking as it is surprisingly close to Toronto (closer to downtown and the East and North suburbs than any of the Western Ontario races (in either series)). 1:15 from the 400/401.

Although the start of the swim is a bit weedy the water is clean and beautiful for all distances with great visibility.

The bike courses are great - some of the most spectacular views in the region

The run is almost all covered/shaded on a perfect running trail

The park is perfect for families, 2 parks, a great beach, beach volleyball, loads of parking

Penetang is a great town to overflow into, there is a place called the Milkshake Factory 500 meters from the finish line... if that isn't a perfect end to the day what is...

If you are a strong competitor from my vantage point it seems like a perfect Olympic or Sprint race, for beginners you probably can't find a more relaxed atmosphere for a Give-it-a-Tri and for families a ton of great KOS events from 5 - 15.

Great weekend of racing. (No I don't work for MSC given this and the Volunteer post a minute ago, just a big of the race weekend).
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