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Dwight Crum Pier-To-Pier 2 Mile Swim - Swim

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Manhattan Beach, California
United States
International Surf Festival
65F / 18C
Total Time = 52m 53s
Overall Rank = 12/295
Age Group = M30-49 wetsuits
Age Group Rank = 5/99
Pre-race routine:

Starbucks coffee. Duh.

Got in the water just to get everything wet. Not so much a warmup as a cooldown... water wasn't actually that bad. But I have had issues in 68 degree water lately. That's still warm, but I've been getting slightly hypothermic, and it's started to affect my performance about 45 minutes in. Plus I had a long run after, and didn't want to use that much energy. And IM Canada is in 3 weeks, wo the wetsuit division it was, despite the raft of shit some gave me :)
  • 52m 53s
  • 3520 yards
  • 01m 30s / 100 yards

This was more a training day than a race. We rode about 90 to Santa Barbara the day before then ran some, and had a long run after. So the swim wasn't a race but just part of larger training. I certainly did not go 100%

They start in two waves, men and then women and wetsuits. Kinda unfair to the women. I started pretty far to the outside and just tried to stay out of the womens' way. t was fairly uneventful, but rounding the Hermosa pier things kinda pinched together. It was there, surrounded by fit women in bathing suits, that I realized the benefits of the system........

Once I rounded the pier I just tried to pick a good line. I tend to swim left, and I haven' done but one pier to pier swim all summer as I've been training elsewhere. Did ok, but couldn't find anyone to draft off. Started passing the men's wave pretty quickly, but didn't see any wetsuits ahead of me to draft off of.

I didn't have a watch, but what I felt was about half way, looked for the "mile house." Didn't see it, thought for a moment, "wow, it's already behind me!!!" but, about 5 minutes later, there is eas in the distance ahead of me. Ugh!

But it wasn't too long before I hit the 90210 house. Then the walk streets, and the pier getting closer.

I kept a pretty steady pace throughout, a bit harder than IM pace at times, and sometimes got to Olympic pace, but most of it was HIM pace/effort.

Came around Manhattan Pier and started looking for waves to catch. Just missed the first one. Next broke behind me and plunged me into whitewater. Kicking up, my calf seized up and would not let go. I was in about 4 feet of water and just stood on it to get it to loosen. Made my way to shore and jogged over the mat.

Looked like some fast swimmers just finishing in that time period (58 ish for them), so it looked like it was a bit of a slow year. Winners went 41 (non wetsuit) so a bit slow).
What would you do differently?:

Nothing, happy with the swim. A little breakfast, then off fr a 12.5 mile run after
Post race
Event comments:

Great shirts this year!

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00:52:53 | 3520 yards | 01m 30s / 100yards
Age Group: 5/99
Overall: 12/295
Performance: Good
Start type: Plus:
Water temp: 65F / 18C Current: Medium
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2013-08-04 8:00 PM

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Subject: Dwight Crum Pier-To-Pier 2 Mile Swim

2013-08-05 4:11 AM
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PEI, Canada
Subject: RE: Dwight Crum Pier-To-Pier 2 Mile Swim
Good stuff Chris!  Would love to have events like that around here.
2013-08-05 5:21 AM
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Subject: RE: Dwight Crum Pier-To-Pier 2 Mile Swim
"Starbucks coffee. Duh." -- Hilarious :) That sounds like a very cool race and an awesome weekend of training. Whistler for you, is it? Certainly sounds like you're way ready. Very nice.

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2013-08-05 4:09 PM
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Houston, Texas
Subject: RE: Dwight Crum Pier-To-Pier 2 Mile Swim
65F is definitly wetsuit-worthy....besides, might as well train in it before IMC.  Nice race!
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