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2013-09-28 1:22 PM
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Chapel Hill, NC
Subject: RE: Inside Out Sports White Lake International : Official Thread
Originally posted by Tparkin

Originally posted by keyone

Nice work everyone! I was there volunteering at the end of the pier, telling athletes to "watch your step around the corner" and "the hard part's over" and "looking strong". It was pretty cool to volunteer, and I saw every single athlete that day and cheered you all on! Lots of folks thanked me, and even some of the uber fast - first out of the water - athletes took a second between hard breaths to say thanks. I cheered hardest for last guy out of the water. He had swum for 1:20, so in truth, had worked the hardest.

Two of my daugthers did Dash for Divas. That is a great race for female beginners. All in All, I love White Lake for a race spot!

As the others said, thank you for volunteering and supporting. It was a good race day for sure! I am guilty of getting wound up and in my own head to a point that I either tune out everything around me or everything ends up sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher. I'm working on that...totally try to remind myself to thank as many volunteers as possible, but I often get tunnel vision ;/ Thanks again!

You're very welcome! Haha, no worries about being zoned out. I've been in that state of mind myself. It was super fun seeing the race from that viewpoint. And alot less painful too

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