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2013-09-06 2:34 PM

nashville, Tennessee
Subject: Bike Rack suggestions
Just wanted to know what kind of bike rack everyone has and if they recommend a certain kind? I need one that holds two bikes. I tried the standard trailer hitch rack where the bike hangs on the bar and you strap in two places. I have a Fuji D6 and the frame is odd shaped so those type of racks will not work. I want a trailer hitch rack so that I can use it on a truck or SUV. Any suggestions?

2013-09-06 2:55 PM
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, Minnesota
Gold member
Subject: RE: Bike Rack suggestions

I know this an annoying thing to respond with...

But I don't use a rack.  I have an SUV and my husband has a truck, so we transport the bikes in our vehicles.

I have a Rav4 and just fold down part of all of the back seat and roll it in.  Husband's bike is taller, so he has to lower the seat if we're riding together or lay it down.  He rides a big bike, though (60 cm I think).

In the back of his truck he made a mount with 2x4s and two fork mounts.  We take off the front wheels and secure the bikes standing up.

I like carrying my bike in the car very much.  I never have to worry about locking it, or paying attention to it at all.

Good luck!

2013-09-06 3:40 PM
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nashville, Tennessee
Subject: RE: Bike Rack suggestions
I carry mine inside my truck as well. But when you take an SUV with the family inside, gotta have a bike rack.
2013-09-06 3:53 PM
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Sin City
Subject: RE: Bike Rack suggestions

I would LOVE to have my SUV and roof rack back.  But for my Acura, I have a Saris Bones 2 and adore it...


Sorry noticed it was for SUV.

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2013-09-06 3:56 PM
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Central Coast, CA
Subject: RE: Bike Rack suggestions

For odd shaped frames I would suggest a "platform" style hitch rack.  Most of the major brands have various models.

2013-09-09 3:59 AM
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Subject: RE: Bike Rack suggestions
Originally posted by MOlsen

For odd shaped frames I would suggest a "platform" style hitch rack.  Most of the major brands have various models.


You're welcome. Quality/fit/finish way better than any Yakima or Thule I've seen.  Will be my first bike-related purchase when I get stateside.

2013-09-09 7:09 PM
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Subject: RE: Bike Rack suggestions Easy to put on the car, easy to put the bike on the rack, and will accommodate any size wheels/type of bike short of a fatbike or a tandem (and I could be wrong about those). IMO, the best platform rack made.I'm on my second - not because I broke one, but because I wanted to carry more bikes and bought the two-bike version. Even though I didn't need it, I hesitated to sell the single bike version because I liked it so much.
2013-09-09 8:40 PM
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Subject: RE: Bike Rack suggestions
I have a trailer-hitch mounted Yakima. Solid as an anchor and weighs about that much too.
2013-09-10 7:37 AM
in reply to: Oysterboy

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Cumming, Georgia
Subject: RE: Bike Rack suggestions
2013-09-10 12:05 PM
in reply to: csharp1171

Subject: RE: Bike Rack suggestions
I too was looking for the same recently. I purchased a Saris Cycle On Pro from my lbs based on much research. I am very pleased with this rack. From the solid bike holding ability to it's solid construction. Two tri bikes, both w/ carbon wheels, no problems. Very happy.
2013-09-10 1:09 PM
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Rio Rancho, NM
Subject: RE: Bike Rack suggestions

We use this rack as well. Works great. We also have the extender for when we need to carry more than two bikes. Bought the main part on Craigslist and the extender at an REI clearance sale.

2013-09-10 3:08 PM
in reply to: rrrunner

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Subject: RE: Bike Rack suggestions
I bought the SportRack version which is very similar to the Thule except almost half the price:

So far I have no complaints and would recommend spending the extra few $ for the "deluxe" model which is a bit sturdier and has a locking pin bolt and locking arms.

The only downside is the tire strap won't work with my rear aerojacket cover (obviously), so I have to leave the trainer tire on the bike for transport and switch out the rear tire once I get to the race site.
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