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2013-11-20 8:28 AM

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Fort Hood, Texas
Subject: Moving to Ft Hood area
Hey all! I'm getting ready to move to Ft Hood in the new year and looking for groups to ride/run with, any clubs, and any recommendations on coaching in the area. I know that the Austin area seems to have a race a week, so loving that! Looking forward to being able to ride and run year round!

Any info is appreciated! Thanks


2013-11-20 10:04 PM
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Subject: RE: Moving to Ft Hood area
Welcome to TX. I moved to Austin 12 years ago, I love it. You are Northwest of Austin. However, Austin is growing more and more. The Killeen Waco area will be closest cities to the base. However the Round Rock, Georgetown area is booming. Check with the local bike and running shops.

Good Tri's Marble Falls Tri in July, Waco Tri, Pflugerville, Captex, Tri Rock, Kema (Houston), Greater Gator, Wurst Tri......many more.

Oh by the way. Thank you for being in the service for our country.
2013-11-24 5:26 PM
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Temple, TX
Subject: RE: Moving to Ft Hood area
Welcome to the great place! My hubby is retired out of ft. Hood and we live up the road in Temple. There is a pretty active tri scene here. There are 3 bike groups and you can find them all on Facebook. Team army, team road kill, and the WOW group (women on wheels but men ride too). There are lots of local running events, but you have to travel a bit for tris, but you could race every weekend if you wanted to! There are some coaches around, but I kinda do my own thing, so can't really help you with that. There is a 25 meter indoor pool on post as well as some civilian pools and lake Belton is great for open water practice. Welcome to texas and BT!
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