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2014-02-24 5:57 PM

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St. Francis, Minnesota
Subject: bike routes in san diego?
I recently moved to San Diego and love all the great running options, but I live right by Fiesta Island - which is great for the shorter rides,but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of long biking options. If I am looking to do a 60 - 100 mile road bike ride without seriously risking car vs. bike show down, what's a good place to ride?

thanks in advance for any and all ideas

2014-03-07 2:39 PM
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San Diego, California
Subject: RE: bike routes in san diego?
I also live near Fiesta Island. I ride by Mission Bay (East Mission Bay Dr) and then take the Rose Creek bike path to Santa Fe street. Then the Rose Cannon bike path to Gillman. This will take you to UCSD. I ride around UCSD and then will take Torre Pines. You can ride down the big Torre Pines hill and then ride the coast highway (101).

Hope this help!
2014-03-10 12:01 PM
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Central Coast, CA
Subject: RE: bike routes in san diego?

Is there still base access in Camp Pendalton? Back when I lived in San Diego (1990's) we used to ride through there up to San Ononfre and back.

2014-03-12 8:08 AM
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Subject: RE: bike routes in san diego?
Believe it or not, compared to Florida and Georgia, the drivers here seem to be much more alert and aware of bikers. That aside, the 52, 15 and 56 bike paths are nice, and many roads have ample bike lanes on the sides. If traffic is worrysome enough that you won't even entertain the bike lanes, then mission bay/fiesta island loops are probably the best bet in town though they still require some.
2014-03-14 2:35 PM
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San Diego, California
Subject: RE: bike routes in san diego?
Yes, there is still base access on a bike with a drivers license. Great to ride the coast up to Camp P and back.
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