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2014-07-13 3:10 PM

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Subject: My Way or the Tri Way
I am looking to pick up an event without a run (hip replacement surgery late last year after being hit by a car) next month. There are lots of Aqua/Bike events but the My Way or the Tri Way in Aurora sounded interesting because I can do either a swim/bike/swim or bike/swim/bike.

Being from California I have never heard of the race.

I assume any swim that is not the first event is without a wetsuit.

If you have a whole bunch of people starting out on bikes at he same time does that create a log jam where drafting is almost impossible to avoid for some distance?

Any insights/thoughts/observations/warinings?


2014-07-13 3:54 PM
in reply to: Stuartap

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Subject: RE: My Way or the Tri Way
My Way or the Tri Way is one of my favorites. I've done the tri twice, and plan to do it again this year. Every year I try a different order, and a few years ago I chose the bike swim run order. There was no problem with drafting on the bike because there were only about 25 men who decided to do the bike first. I believe last year they decided to do a time trial start for those who started on the bike. One person started every 10 seconds. The swim and run starters all went off together. Perhaps they had more people starting on the bike last year.

I would definitely recommend the race. Very well organized, and lots of fun.
2014-07-13 4:25 PM
in reply to: robertbarker50

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Subject: RE: My Way or the Tri Way
Thanks Robert. When you did the swim second I assume no wet suit. How was that?

In looking at the results from last year it looks like about 70 people started on the bike. Maybe that was the impetus for the TT start.

Now if I can talk the wife in to it, I may see you there.
2014-07-13 4:35 PM
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Subject: RE: My Way or the Tri Way
Correct. I haven't worn a wetsuit when I swam as the second or third leg of the race. The water was refreshing following a hard effort in the saddle, and pulling a wetsuit onto a sweaty body would have taken too much time. I counted the results from last year, and fewer than 30 of those who started on the bike were men. That's comparable to the year I started on the bike. Men and women start about 10 minutes apart, if I remember correctly.
2014-07-28 9:01 PM
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Subject: RE: My Way or the Tri Way
I did the event last year and really enjoyed it. Great course and well supported. I did the SBS and it was a nice change to not have to run

2014-07-29 8:39 AM
in reply to: Bonafide505

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Albuquerque, NM
Subject: RE: My Way or the Tri Way
I did it last year in S/R/B order. I had no problems with water temp (no wet suit).

It's an amazingly organized race (especially when you think about all that is going on at the same time) - I highly recommend it.

2014-07-29 8:04 PM
in reply to: RockTractor

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Subject: RE: My Way or the Tri Way
Well I was able to work it out so I just signed up. It's S/B/S for me. Really looking forward to racing again. My daughter went to school in CO so I know the people will be great.

See you in 4 weeks!
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