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Copperman Triathlon - Triathlon

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Copper Harbor, Michigan
United States
Aspirus Keweenaw
60F / 16C
Total Time = 1h 49m 2s
Overall Rank = 3/99
Age Group = M30-39
Age Group Rank = 1/
Pre-race routine:

Biked from the motel to race start, only a mile. Surveyed transition and picked my spot, it's a very low-key race. Wandered around the area for a bit. Swim was in a small lake just off of Superior. Found out the water was 68F. Way higher than I thought it'd be. Air temps were listed as 50-60 for at least a week before. Had only brought the full-sleeve suit thinking the water would be really cold. I haven't swam well with sleeves yet.
Event warmup:

Was able to get in a few hundred to warm-up. Really didn't like the feel of the wetsuit. Can't feel the water or even get a decent sense of balance with it on. Fit seems ok, but absolutely no sensory info anymore. The lake water was very transparent, but also had a strong rust color tone to it.
  • 13m 37s
  • 880 yards
  • 01m 33s / 100 yards

All the men were going off in wave 1. Women in 2. Teams in 3. Started near the front figuring I'd have one of the stronger swims. Still seemed rather slow as some people went out that I thought I should have kept up with. Stroke felt short throughout, but didn't know how to fix it. Felt frustrated, but got through it. Felt like I was out longer than it should have been.
What would you do differently?:

I don't know, swim is still regressing. A month ago I beat a guy in the Oly by 4 minutes. Today he beat me by 30 sec.
Transition 1
  • 01m 58s

Made sure everything was set. Wasn't here to truly race, but enjoy being out there.
What would you do differently?:

Maybe someday I'll get some faster transition stuff.
  • 56m 57s
  • 23 miles
  • 24.23 mile/hr

Really wanted to take off fast as it's a short course race, but made myself slow down and go under target early on. I train that way, so better race like that too. Figured ~300 to start would be good and then pick it up later on. Keep tucked in and steady as I can. The route is simple, but the road moves around a lot.

I had just added a set of shorty aerobars to the road bike and they fit perfectly from the get-go. Never needed to come out except to stretch my legs every now & then. Loved the feel even though I'm still much less aero than the tri bike.

First turn-around was only ~1.5 miles away and counted ~8 people ahead of me, including one kid who might be like 14 (race best swim). Rode down all but 1 over the next 15 minutes or so. Made sure to look around while out there too, as the race goes right along the shore of Lake Superior. Had hooked up my GoPro to get some pics of this. Remembered to turn it on before the first turn, so didn't really miss anything.

The ride goes right through town and out through the woods for a ways. Increased power some over this time, moving up to more like 305-308 at times. Nice having HR again to help monitor effort. Close to the other turn-around I saw the leader. Checked the time and he was just over a minute ahead. Probably too much to catch over the last 9 miles or so.

Picked up the effort a little more still after the turn. Felt I was working, but not overdoing it. HR was actually coming down here some too. About a couple miles left, the powermeter went out. Think I held up consistently over the last part. HR did at least, which would be 308 AP and 310 NP. Pretty good on this course in keeping the power on consistently and also not spiking the short hills. Didn't catch the first guy.
What would you do differently?:

Pretty good effort wise. Just wanted a good effort, not going all in to take the race. Probably need to work on the power application a little more. Could feel a little inconsistency around the stroke at times which can hurt with all the small variations on this course.
Transition 2
  • 01m 53s

Just made my way through. Not too fast. Another guy was coming right up behind me and didn't want to get into a foot race on the run. Got my stuff together, made sure it worked and started off.
  • 34m 35s
  • 5 miles
  • 06m 55s  min/mile

Just ran out at an effort that felt ok to do, trying to get my run legs under me. Also feeling out how much I wanted to push. Kept the guy in sight for awhile, but knew I didn't really want to push hard enough to make a race of it. Still had a long drive home and also more exploring to do in the afternoon.

HR was kinda low in the early going of the run, took its time climbing as well. Just stayed fairly steady with the feel, hoping to average a bit under 7'/mi. Took a little water at the aid stations. Not quite as much to see on the run as it started on a tighter trail, then onto the early bike portion, going past the 1st turn-around onto a gravel road. This went uphill a bit so we could just see the surrounding area, and then right back down.

Saw the two guys ahead up near there and didn't want to give chase. Too far and too hard. Also finally saw anyone coming up behind. Made sure to stay smart and kept anyone else well back, didn't want a sprint finish either.
What would you do differently?:

Went ok. Need more run training to run better, could feel the lack of it. Run HR was lower than bike HR, but felt harder.
Post race
Warm down:

Hung around transition area, eating what I could.

Event comments:

Great race. Everything was pretty relaxed and fun. Location was fantastic. Great views in a few places. Real emphasis on the small-town as there really is just the one street going through. I don't know where all the people come from. For this race I liked that they didn't try to force in a standard distance. Turn-arounds were all at nice places with small loops for both on the bike and at the top of the hill for the run.

Profile Album

Last updated: 2014-08-03 12:00 AM
00:13:37 | 880 yards | 01m 33s / 100yards
Age Group: 0/
Overall: 10/99
Course: 1 loop, triangle
Start type: Plus:
Water temp: 0F / 0C Current:
200M Perf. Remainder:
Breathing: Drafting:
Waves: Navigation:
Time: 01:58
Cap removal: Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? Run with bike:
Jump on bike:
Getting up to speed:
00:56:57 | 23 miles | 24.23 mile/hr
Age Group: 0/
Overall: 2/99
Course: 1 lap, out & back along 26. Course was shorter than listed.
Road:   Cadence:
Turns: Cornering:
Gear changes: Hills:
Race pace: Drinks:
Time: 01:53
Riding w/ feet on shoes
Jumping off bike
Running with bike
Racking bike
Shoe and helmet removal
00:34:35 | 05 miles | 06m 55s  min/mile
Age Group: 0/
Overall: 9/99
Course: Out and back, trail to road to gravel and back.
Keeping cool Drinking
Post race
Weight change: %
Mental exertion [1-5]
Physical exertion [1-5]
Good race?
Course challenge
Events on-time?
Lots of volunteers?
Plenty of drinks?
Post race activities:
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2014-09-18 12:14 AM

Northern IL
Subject: Copperman Triathlon

2014-09-18 8:30 AM
in reply to: #5051504

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Englewood, Florida
Subject: RE: Copperman Triathlon

Awesomeness. You weren't even there to push and still came in 3rd overall! It sure looks like the course had some beautiful views on it and you were able to take advantage of that. Great job on sticking to your plan. I hope you get the swimming issue figured out.


2014-09-18 12:27 PM
in reply to: #5051504

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Houston, Texas
Subject: RE: Copperman Triathlon

Great race, Ben!

2014-09-18 12:50 PM
in reply to: #5051504

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Subject: RE: Copperman Triathlon
Ben, sounds like you executed your race just right for the day. Congrats! Now that you have GoPro, time to start sharing some bike video.
2014-09-18 1:06 PM
in reply to: kcarroll

Northern IL
Subject: RE: Copperman Triathlon

Originally posted by kcarroll Ben, sounds like you executed your race just right for the day. Congrats! Now that you have GoPro, time to start sharing some bike video.

That was the idea, set to take time lapse pics actually, but the pics won't load to the site for some reason.

2014-09-18 1:16 PM
in reply to: cdban66

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Raleigh, NC area
Subject: RE: Copperman Triathlon

Nice work out there!

2014-09-18 2:10 PM
in reply to: ligersandtions

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Subject: RE: Copperman Triathlon

Good gosh, you are fast, man!!  Great race, Ben!  Your competition should be glad you didn't quite have the feel of the water or go hard on the bike...

2014-09-18 5:14 PM
in reply to: #5051504

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Rio Rancho, NM
Subject: RE: Copperman Triathlon

Hmmmm just out there to have fun, *yawn*, oh yes, 1st in AG and 3rd overall but ya' know NBD!

CONGRATS!!! You are a speedy one. Sounds like a great course as well!


2014-09-20 7:59 PM
in reply to: rrrunner

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Denver, CO
Subject: RE: Copperman Triathlon

As TJ said, for just being out there to enjoy yourself and have fun, not too shabby!!  That does look like a lovely location.  That's so great that you gave yourself a chance to take it in.  You did a smart race, podiumed in AG and OA, and had fun to boot.  Doesn't get any better than that.  Way to go!!

2014-09-23 6:50 PM
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Subject: ...
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2014-09-24 2:55 PM
in reply to: Fred D

Subject: RE: Copperman Triathlon

As everyone else has already said, great race Mr. Speedy!!

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