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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
United States
Myrtle Beach Marathon
28F / -2C
Total Time = 3h 08m 32s
Overall Rank = 61/1448
Age Group = M40-44
Age Group Rank = 10/157
Pre-race routine:

Lainey awoke around midnight throwing up. And about every 30 minutes thereafter. Needless to say, I was awake as well. She was to race the half, but after her 3rd vomit, that was out. So I got about 1.5 hours of sleep.
Finally out of bed at 4:45, took a shower, fixed a cup of coffee, made peanut butter banana and honey on wheat, and at 5:30 we were meeting the Proctors (they were racing the half too). Lainey, trooper that she is, came along with us in race attire, with her number on, wrapped in blankets and carrying along a bucket just in case. She felt lousy all day, but was at the finish line for me for this race. I crossed the line and told her "These miles were all for you today." She wept. I wept.
Event warmup:

None. Zip. Not even a stretch. Stupid, but that's all I had time for. I guess a pit stop in a portalet is enough warmup for a marathon.
  • 3h 08m 32s
  • 26.2 miles
  • 07m 12s  min/mile

I had one main goal; BQ. Everything after that was secondary. 2015 BQ cutoff was Standard-1:03, so 3:13:57. I wanted at least 3:12:59 to be "safe". I thought I might have a 3:10 in me if the stars aligned. Friday night, I thought that might be possible. Until midnight, and Lainey became ill in the hotel room. Then I just kept waiting for it to hit me, as we had shared a sandwich for lunch Friday afternoon, and shared appetizers for dinner. Only thing different was I had a glass of red wine to her glass of white at dinner...

But it never hit me. I was exhausted when I "awoke", but went through the motions for prep. Brooks shorts (with lots of pockets, enough to carry 4 Gu packs), 2010 Adidas Climacool Boston Marathon shirt (for good luck; did nearly all of my long runs in this shirt this year), Smartwool(?) black socks (which felt AWESOME by the way), Medoc Marathon vest, 2010 Boston marathon Adidas hat (normally run in the Headsweats Medoc hat, but...this was a BQ attempt so wanted all my mojo), Mizuno Breathe gloves, and a handwarmer in each glove, Tifosi Tyrant glasses (the old silver ones from Boston '10). Carried the Medoc 24 oz. hand bottle with one Nuun orange tablet. Gu gels were a variety, but I saved the 40mg caffeine ones for mile 18 and 22 (Caramel Macchiato?). That. Was. Awesome.

The run just felt...right. I ran smart for once. When it felt good to push a little, I did. When I wanted to back off, I did. The only time I felt even a little "off" was right before mile 21. But I slowed it down a little, refocused on my wife who just gave up 18 weeks for me to make this attempt, and who just had to DNS her race, and pressed on. I prayed out loud just after crossing mile marker 18 for a few minutes. I asked for 4 more miles. I got them. At 22, I renewed my prayers, asking for just 4.2 more. I thanked God for lungs that breathed, for a heart that pumped, and for legs that were moving pretty well, all things considered.

And pretty soon, I started seeing other half finishers walking along with their medals, their chocolate milk, their swag, as they had finished. I knew I was close. I had rolled up my sleeves and was looking pretty ragged. I took a few moments to stretch the sleeves back out, zip up the jacket, get a little composure, move the bib to the front, and enjoy the finish chute. Somewhere along the way the hands went in the air, and I celebrated. I almost caught the 3:05 pacer, who had blown up a little and finished 3:08:20 to my 3:08:32. I had been shoulder to shoulder with her through 7, but let her go. She was running like me, off a watch and mile markers, no Garmin. I think it bit her.

Unlike Charleston, the blowup didn't come. Unlike Boston, I remember every step (I shut out miles 23-25ish of hurt). Unlike Shamrock, my calves were perfect, no swelling in my feet.

This was Number 8. Boston would be #9. One becomes a Marathon Maniac at 10. Hmmm.
What would you do differently?:

Nothing except maybe push just a wee bit harder in the last 3 miles.
Post race
Warm down:

Met the crew, confirmed my time, smiled, hugged my sick wife. Got half a banana, a pint of chocolate milk, and a massage for my legs. Then we headed back to the condo. After cleaning up, Tony, Karen and I went for brunch (omelet, home fries, and toast for me...and coffee). Then back to the condo to check on Lainey, who was feeling better but just wanted to rest in the sunlight by the sliding glass door. Tony and I went down and hit up the hot tub, that felt really nice. At 5pm we headed over to House of Blues and indulged in the after party a little. At 7 we headed back to the condo, and Lainey joined us for a little more after party. Great day.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Well, I felt pretty good today. Even though before the start, I told Lainey and the gang "I don't feel fast today", I felt comfortable all day. I kept waiting for the bottom to fall out, but the breathing was good, the nutrition and hydration plan were spot on, my sweat rate was perfect, I was able to modulate temperature properly with my vest, and by shedding my hand warmers around mile 10.

Event comments:

An over 5 minute PR, and a BQ on a slightly tougher (in my opinion) course than Shamrock. Six years after my first BQ. I'm pleased.

Last updated: 2015-02-14 12:00 AM
03:08:32 | 26.2 miles | 07m 12s  min/mile
Age Group: 10/157
Overall: 61/1448
Performance: Good
Went out on my own, but soon found I was running right with the 3:05 pace group, the only group below 3:35 I think. So hung with the female pacer for a while until about mile 7 or 8. Splits: 6:51, 6:53, 6:59, 6:54, 7:11 (took a gel and hit the button late), 6:45(short mile), 7:07, 7:01, 7:01, 7:12 (another gel mile), 7:03, 7:09, 7:05, 7:09 (gel), 7:05, 7:08, 7:11, 7:09 (gel), 7:36 (missed the mile flag), 6:47 (short mile), 7:22 (this mile I got a little nauseous and started doubting...), 7:32 (gel), 8:35 (missed the mile flag), 6:19 (short mile), 8:05 (backed off a bit and settled down), 7:21, 1:56 for the .2ish. "Official" Splits (I disagree with the 10k, as I was much faster than that by my watch: 10k: 44:48 13.1: 1:31:58 18.3: 2:09:09
Course: Pretty darn flat loop. Starts heading SW, meanders NW, then SE, then turns NE for about 10 miles, then a little NNE, then SSW, then back SW to the start. A nice scenic course except for a mile or two. I'd do this one again, unlike Charleston.
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 5
Physical exertion [1-5] 5
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Good
Race evaluation [1-5] 5

2015-02-14 9:29 PM

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Apex, NC
Subject: Myrtle Beach Marathon

2015-02-17 9:08 PM
in reply to: #5093393

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Wilmington, NC
Subject: RE: Myrtle Beach Marathon
awesome job Bill. Been a little time in the making but when you did it, you did it big time. Congrats.
2015-02-17 9:46 PM
in reply to: qrkid

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Apex, NC
Subject: RE: Myrtle Beach Marathon

Thanks Daryn-

Can't believe how this one felt.  At mile 18, it's like the cruise control got switched on and I was along for the ride.  This is the same plan I used for Shamrock, for Boston '10, for Charleston...but I just hit every run on the plan (except one), to achieve 99% of my planned mileage for this build.  I guess it holds true, you get better at this stuff the longer you do it.  Least amount of prep, of warmup, of fretting, for any race I've done.  Just pretty much stepped out there and ran.  It didn't hurt that the wind behaved, the temperatures were good, and it's a damn flat course.  But still, I felt like a million bucks out there.  Only briefly at about mile 21 did I feel the least bit "off", but when 22 came, and I took a gel, it was on again.  I mean, damn, that was a rush.

2015-02-18 7:30 AM
in reply to: fgump

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Extreme Veteran
In front of computer when typing this.
Subject: RE: Myrtle Beach Marathon
Its great when a plan comes together!! You were looking very strong all through training so I am not at all surprised at what a good race you had. Gotta admit I wasn't quite expecting a 3:08 though!! You smashed that pre-race goal and then some. Great job. Now time to just enjoy it and get ready for 2016!
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