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2020-09-16 2:06 PM

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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: What are you planning to do in the fall? May I wrote off all the spring and summer races and decided to regroup for Fall Races.  The reports were that Corvid-19 would peak the middle of May and that when it got hot it would disappear like the seasonal cold and flu. September 26th 70.3 race was pulled in May and my June Olympic race that was tentatively rescheduled to October 10th was canceled two weeks ago. 

My brother is signed up for two 100-mile Ultra Trail Runs in November/December so I thought that Mabey I should look into doing a trial run (25K is probably plenty enough for me). I even got a new pair of trail running shoes to replace the pair I have with 700+ miles on them. 

I am now leaning away from Ultra Trail runs because I found what I think will be better options for me, but what are the rest of you looking into or planning for the fall? Online bike Races, Virtual Marathons, Trail Races, Cross Fit, Other?

2020-09-16 2:48 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: What are you planning to do in the fall?
I am planning to try to survive and stay healthy. That's all. Just can't get excited about virtual racing. There have been almost no real events on the West Coast anyway due to very stringent limits on group gatherings (except, apparently, protests and frat parties), and now with the hazardous air quality due to wildfires, the few local fall races that might have taken place have been cancelled. (I didn't sign up anyway as I figured I'd just lose my $$ if/when they were cancelled due to more Covid as universities and some schools opened up.) Had hoped to get in some good outdoor rides and more OWS on weekends while it's still warm/dry enough, but my guess is by the time the air cleans up enough to do that safely, it'll soon be too cold. Pools are closed for now due to the smoke and ash. Plus we start school (online, from home) next week. So basically just trying to get in 30-60 minutes of "something" every day, maybe a longer ride on the weekend if I feel inspired (and, preferably can get outside).

Just not ready to commit either entry-wise or training-wise to events for 2021. I have a hard time visualizing them taking place, at least safely in this country or possible for Americans to enter overseas. Holding off on any kind of event-focused planning or training until at least January. It could be longer than that. Months? Years????

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2020-09-16 3:13 PM
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Subject: RE: What are you planning to do in the fall?
Yeah, I knew that 70.3 Palm Springs was going to get cancelled, but I figured I'd at least start a training block for it, but now that it's off... I have no idea what to do. For what it's worth, I'm bouncing between:

1) Do a normal regular training cycle as if I were preparing for an event. Nice and predictable and I can just follow an existing structure, OR

2) Do a single-sport focus block. Most likely either run or bike, since pools are almost entirely out of the question unless I want to spend a ton of money. It would be nice to get back to a really strong run, which I don't feel like I've had in a couple of years, or conversely to really level up my weakness on the bike. OR

3) Blow it up entirely and try and deal with long-standing issues of flexibility and movement. Deep dive on yoga, functional movement and strength to try and root out some long term injuries and inefficiencies. I hate to feel like I'd be punting on my cardio and base for a while, especially with the "COVID-19 lbs" looming, but since the next actual race feels *a long way* off, I wonder if this might make me the happiest long-term, to come back without shoulder pain or having to feel like my knees are on a strict pitch count.

I was enjoying the virtual Ironman events just to have stuff to do until they started the Kona building block-- I haven't done those distances before, and this week ain't gonna be when I start. ;-)

Be well, everyone!
2020-09-16 7:46 PM
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Clermont, Florida
Subject: RE: What are you planning to do in the fall?
Yes, all my cycling events were canceled as well, most running events as well. Maybe i'll do the Turkey Trot 5k if it goes. I have always struggled with swimming so i think i'm going to focus hard on improvement in the pool for the remainder of 2020 and hopefully start with new goals at the beginning of 2021. Been hard to stay motivated.
2020-09-17 7:33 AM
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Atlanta, Georgia
Bronze member
Subject: RE: What are you planning to do in the fall?
Against the odds it's going to actually happen, I registered for an open mary in mid-Feb in the southwest. In early Oct I'll start training as if the race is a go.
2020-09-18 12:09 PM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: What are you planning to do in the fall?

So my better options are these.

1) A guy who was going to do the IM Augusta 70.3 is doing his own 70.3 next Saturday and posted on the message board of the local TriClub that others are welcome to join him.    So I joined the IM Virtual Club so I could sign up for the Virtual 70.3 next weekend and will join him for the fun.  I won't race. It will just be a distance challenge for me but will try to push the other guy to stay in the race mentally to reach his goal time.  

2) A super sprint triathlon was added to the calendar a few days ago.  Since I have done five duathlons in the past year (two virtual, to scheduled duathlons, and one triathlon with a canceled swim due to weather) and zero triathlons it only makes sense to do another duathlon in 2020 and not do any official triathlons.  It got scheduled for the same day as the Olympic race that I was going to do that was canceled two weeks ago.  It is going to take place about 30 minutes from the Triathlon I was going to do so it could be in direct response to the cancelation of the Triathlon.  

3) I am going to do the Virtual Option for the Talihina, OK Veterans 15K in Talihina, OK (since that is the only option now available).  I will run it on the actual racecourse on November 14th and see how many records I can break. 

My PR for that course is 1:02:11 in 2018

The Course Record is  59:39 set in 2015

My 15K PR is 59:03 set in 2005

I am confident that I can do a sub 59:00 15K.  This is a distance I have neven had down as an A race.  I broke my 10K PR earlier this year in a virtual race which is a distance I also had never had down as an A race so I feel the 15K distance can have similar results to my 10K.  

After the 15K I will take a month off from training then start all over again for 2021 with preseason training in the New Year.

2020-09-22 6:35 AM
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Subject: RE: What are you planning to do in the fall?
For me, I just got back into running after being off for about a year / year and a half or so. I started up again 5 weeks ago, so I'm just building my base, but I'm doing things a bit differently. I am adding a TON of stretching before and after my runs, and then a full stretch routine every night. I partially tore my IT Band on my left knee when I attempted to train for a full marathon six years ago, and haven't done much more than a handful of sprint tris since then.

So, now I'm back into running, and it feels amazing to be out there again! I'm personally hoping for a half marathon in the spring if races take place, and if training continues to go well, perhaps a full next fall. Hopefully a couple sprint tris here and there, too, but I sold my road bike last year (still have my mountain bike which is fine for a sprint for me).

Anyway, just slogging through the miles and getting the base built up again.
2020-09-22 10:34 AM
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Melbourne FL
Gold member
Subject: RE: What are you planning to do in the fall?

We signed up for a the annual big local HM before COVID hit, they are offering a virtual option so still training for it.

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