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Swim, bike and run video tutorials for the Silver and Gold member training plans.

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Using these videos

These video drills have been created from and are specific to the Silver/Gold training plans to be used for maximum success.  Gain access to over 25 detailed training plans with online coaching.

The first three videos, 'Getting the Feel for the Water', 'Swim Drill Basics', and 'Single Arm Drill' can be freely seen by all members.  Upgrade to a Silver/Gold membership to view the entire series to use with the training plans here.

Whenever you see a drill or a workout type that you are unfamiliar with in your training plan, come back to this page (Training Plans --> Using Your Plan) to reference the video drill if it is listed here. 

 *Note, your specific silver or gold training plan may or may not use all of the drills below.


Are you a new swimmer?

Are you having trouble getting comfortable in the water? Do you have difficulty breathing?  See the following video drill:
Getting the Feel for the Water VIDEO  (free)


The below link will talk about some basics on doing the swim drills.

Swim Drill Basics VIDEO (free)

In the Silver/Gold training plans, if the swim just calls for 'Drill' or '200 yards Drill', then use one of the 4 drills below.  If you know your weakness, use the drill appropriate for that weakness, or else rotate evenly through these drills.

You can also certainly work on 1-2 drills in the 'warmup' part if you need the extra practice.  Just replace 200-400 yards/meters of the warmups with the drills.  Keep the drills limited to 50yards/meters with a rest, then repeat.

Single Arm Drill VIDEO  (free)

Finger Tip/Drag Drill VIDEO

Catch Up Drill VIDEO

Closed Fist Drill VIDEO


'Pull' Drill VIDEO

Pull with Paddles VIDEO

Loosen (Swim) VIDEO 

Sculling VIDEO


Kickboard Kick VIDEO

Kick on Back VIDEO 

Stomach Kick VIDEO 

Six Kick Change VIDEO 

Six/Three VIDEO


Isolated Leg Training VIDEO 

High RPM Spinning VIDEO


Standing Activation Drills VIDEO - Use these as warmups for all of your runs.  Great for race-day warmups too.

Tempo, Track and Stride Warmup Drills VIDEO - Use these additional drills for warming-up on your run days that have high-intensity workouts.

Kenyan and 'Pretty' Running VIDEO

Strides/Pickups VIDEO


FlexBand Stretch Routine VIDEO

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