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2014-04-10 9:32 AM

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Wendell, NC
Subject: Mid life brag
On this date last year I turned 50. Here's some highlights of how I've been dealing with the whole mid life thing over the past 12 months.
- Bought a red convertible mini Cooper
- Bungee jumped 265 feet off a bridge in Costa Rica
- Mountain biked with Susan in Costa Rica
- Played in Costa Rica w/ my Mom, Sisters, Niece and Nephews
- Ran my first Ultra Marathon = WC-50 50 miler; then ran Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run
- Ran Tobacco Road Marathon
- Swam Swim the Loop 3.5 open water swim + 2 @ 2.4 mile OWS
- Scuba diving with Susan in Cozumel for 3 days
- Ironman Cozumel 140.6
- 4 @ Half Ironman 70.3
- 2 @ International length triathlons
All in all it was a fantastic year.
Hugs to all those people in my life who help make it so wonderful

2014-04-10 9:37 AM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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ann arbor, michigan
Subject: RE: Mid life brag
That is a full 12 months.

Congratulations on you on an excellent year.

My wife says triathlon is my mid-life crisis. I think she is waiting for it to be over
2014-04-10 9:40 AM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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New user
Manassas, Virginia
Subject: RE: Mid life brag
Happy Birthday and keep up the beast mode!
2014-04-10 10:28 AM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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Subject: RE: Mid life brag

Extraordinary year.  50 and 100 miler - well done!

2014-04-10 10:37 AM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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Extreme Veteran
, Kobenhavns Kommune
Subject: RE: Mid life brag
Congratulations - and thank you, I thought mid life was at 40, so now I can push my crisis another 10 years
2014-04-10 11:18 AM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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Subject: RE: Mid life brag
I hope your 51 is as great as your 50 was. Happy Birhtday!

2014-04-10 11:58 AM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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Subject: RE: Mid life brag
Wow, nice going, La Tortuga!

I did my first triathlon to celebrate my 50th birthday - the Gloucester Fisherman Sprint Triathlon conducted in a monsoon. Ethan Brown and Karen Smyers won it by turning in times that were, oh, roughly half of what mine was. Hey, it was a start for me. My boss deemed it my mid-life crisis event.

Other things I did to celebrate my 50th:
Skied multiple days of breast deep untracked powder in the Canadian wilderness at Icefall Lodge.
Fired my employer for having me work too many weekend days which caused me to miss some ski days. This made me a huge hero on my ski internet discussion forum.
Picked up road biking, having to re-learn it for the first time in 35 Boston rush hour traffic.
Crushed numerous combat rolls in a whitewater kayak in Class III rapids (hey, I'm just a piker in that sport).......I swam, too!
Got filthy dirty and sore doing hiking trail/skiing trail repair work after Storm Irene - I woulda' made a great laundry detergent commercial after those days!
Skied multiple days of thigh deep untracked powder in the Canadian wilderness at Icefall Lodge.
Stayed single and kept acting like a bachelor.

It's only getting better, too!
2014-04-10 12:27 PM
in reply to: Mahk

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Ontario Canada
Subject: RE: Mid life brag
Yep sounds like a great year for sure. Congrates
2014-04-10 1:05 PM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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Subject: RE: Mid life brag

I'm turning 50 in 8 days.

DNFed my first ultra last month.  my training goals aren't quite what yours are, but, perhaps I'll be able to BQ in the fall.  That would be a big enough present for me.

2014-04-10 3:12 PM
in reply to: morey000

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Hamilton, IL
Subject: RE: Mid life brag
I love reading stuff like this. I just started this stuff a couple of years ago (35), and it gives me hope that I'm on the path to awesomeness like you. Keep it up!
2014-04-10 3:17 PM
in reply to: Danno77

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Subject: RE: Mid life brag

That's quite a year! Congrats!!

2014-04-10 8:15 PM
in reply to: trishie

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Subject: RE: Mid life brag
For 50, I did a 70.3, rode my bike across CT (135 Mi), did a half dozen sprints, did a lot of skiing, and sailed to Bermuda for the 15th time. At 54 I had heart surgery for a mitral valve repair. So...for 57, I plan on sailing Newport Bermuda Race again, riding across CT again, doing a half marathon and some sprints (not sure if I'll be able to get in a late season 70.3, but hope to next year)! Oh yeah, looking for a new full time job. I don't get too many calls back because of my "old" age...go figure.
2014-04-10 11:19 PM
in reply to: jbrookscga78

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Extreme Veteran
Hollister, CA
Subject: RE: Mid life brag
Um, wow.

Happy Birthday!!
2014-04-11 9:43 AM
in reply to: EV3110

Subject: RE: Mid life brag
Sounds like a good year!
2014-04-11 3:26 PM
in reply to: La Tortuga

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Subject: RE: Mid life brag

This just confirms that as a late bloomer, I'm heading for the best years of my life!  I'm turning 44 in a month--looks like I'm on the road to awesome!   What an inspiration!

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