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2019-09-03 7:19 AM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: Help...What to wear? LP 70.3

Looking forwards to Sundays weather forecast in LP and it looks like a high just above 50* with wind and rain in the morning. Swim start temp around 40* or just below. I have heard the water will be in the high 60*s though.

Preface, I get cold very easily.

Obviously the swim is stay warm until it's time and then the wet suit will do its work with body heat.

Bike -
My concern is over dressing with things I don't want to lose. I haven't that much experience with 40's and rain, I will have gloves on for sure.

Run -
I got running in 50*. That's a gift.

Help me out with the bike, please. Be as specific as you would can. Leg warmers?

2019-09-03 10:49 AM
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Falls Church, Virginia
Subject: RE: Help...What to wear? LP 70.3
In my experience, cycling in mid 40s and rain feels colder than 35. What kind of level of exertion are you expecting? Are you staying super aerobic, or straying to near threshold?
I guess you can't go wrong with arm warmers, leg warmers, and maybe overshoes? I can't stand wet feet, so personally my priority would be trying to mitigate that as much as possible. I would swap in road shoes for my usual tri shoes.
2019-09-03 11:34 AM
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Subject: RE: Help...What to wear? LP 70.3
A couple of times I started 70.3's wearing a plastic garbage bag with holes cut out. I've seen what 50' and rain can do to someone trying to ride a bike fast and conclude anything is better than being under dressed...
2019-09-03 3:23 PM
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Alpharetta, Georgia
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Subject: RE: Help...What to wear? LP 70.3

I would spend extra time to get as dry as possible in T1 before putting on your extra layers. Which may be a challenge if it's raining. Can you explore a small rubbermaid container (with a lid that seals tight) to put dry hand towels and your extra layers? At least that way, you'd start with dry-ish skin and not be putting wet layers on wet skin. 

2019-09-04 9:18 AM
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South Windsor, CT
Subject: RE: Help...What to wear? LP 70.3
I used the garbage bag-and it worked great. It kept my core warm throughout the swim and bike-including the Keene descent and I didn't take it off until the first mile of the run, throwing it away in the garbage container along the street downtown after the big hill.


Other comments from a thread I started last year on ST:

Good Luck.

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