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Preferred AM workout
AM swim, PM bike
AM swim, PM run
AM bike, PM swim
AM bike, PM run
AM run, PM swim
AM run, PM bike
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2013-12-03 12:49 PM

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Bradenton, Florida
Subject: Preferred AM workout
Just curious which sport you choose as your AM workout when using a 2 or more a day training plan. What is your reason?

2013-12-03 1:07 PM
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Englewood, Florida
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout

Run in the morning, before the heat and humidity get outta control. I can handle it on the bike or in the water, just not running.

2013-12-03 1:09 PM
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, Minnesota
Gold member
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout

I far prefer an AM swim over anything else; it's a time saver. I brush my teeth and am ready to go; with run or bike there's more dressing, equipment to get ready, etc.    It's also logistically useful since my favorite pool is by work, so I save time driving there before rush hour.    I can actually get in a 30 min swim but only get up about 15 mins earlier.

2013-12-03 1:10 PM
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Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout

Swim in the AM. Two reasons. 1. I like the AM coach better than PM at masters. 2. I struggle to put any sort of hard effort into a run or a bike in the AM, but after years of early morning swim practices, I can go from bed to hard 100s in no time.

I can do AM runs, as long as they are slow. AM bike workouts, not so much, unless it's a long/steady outside effort.

Love me some PM track practice and PM trainer rides, though!

2013-12-03 1:17 PM
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Rio Rancho, NM
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout

I prefer a run or trainer ride in the morning. Getting myself up and making the drive to the pool early enough to miss the rush is almost impossible.


2013-12-03 1:18 PM
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Williamston, Michigan
Gold member
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout

Morning trainer ride.  Roll out of bed and onto the bike.  I don't like running in the dark and swimming at 5am is just RUDE

2013-12-03 1:32 PM
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PEI, Canada
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout

I don't like to run early in the morning, I'm always much slower.  If the bike is on the trainer, I'm good with that in the morning.  If outdoors, probably prefer afternoon.

I'd always rather swim early.  After spending most of my teenage years in a pool, it just seems normal.

2013-12-03 1:33 PM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout

My normal week during the tri season is 4 runs, 2 bikes and 2 swims.

Besides the fact that I'm a 'morning person', it fits my schedule better to run early four days/week before heading to work.  I don't mind running in the dark and also like to run in the relative cool temps compared to running in the afternoon heat after work.

On the weekends I normally like to head off for a ride at first light .  My wife usually sleeps in, so I can get in 20-30 miles and be back before she's on her second cup of coffee.  I also feel safer riding in the mornings - too much traffic in the afternoons and too many distracted drivers.

Swimming works well for me after work.  The pool is on the way home and it's usually easy to get my own lane if I can get there between 5:00 - 5:30p.

I normally run on Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri mornings, but have temporarily shifted things around since I'm adding a weekly long run to prepare for the Sarasota Half Marathon.  I've moved my Fri run to Sat., which leaves Fri as a rest day ahead of my long run. 





2013-12-03 2:03 PM
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Chicago, IL
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout

In the winter, definitely an AM swim, then PM run.
I have a hard time running in the morning due to GI issues. Not an issue on race day since I generally get up 3-4 hours before go-time.

In the summer, when the lake is warm enough, I'll swim or run in the PM, and usually bike in the AM.

2013-12-03 2:31 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout
If I break them up into an AM/PM session (2x a week I do a swim/run as one single long session in the mornings), I'll do the bike first and then a run later.

I have my trainer set up at home so it's easy to get done before work. I sometimes schedule my short runs for the afternoon and just do them from my office. Easy to move a run around on your schedule since it doesn't require much prep and since it's a short run doesn't take much time out of the day.
2013-12-03 2:41 PM
in reply to: cnsegura

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Dallas, TX
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout

If I HAVE to workout in the morning, I always pick swimming first. Then the bike trainer second. 

Swimming is the easiest of the 3 for me, so getting up early to swim is the least amount of torture. In the summer, I get up in the morning to ride on the weekends. Otherwise I ride after work. But I have been known to get on the bike trainer before work (hardly ever happens though!). 

Seriously though, I only do morning workouts when I'm IM training, or riding on the weekends. Otherwise this gal workouts after work. 


2013-12-03 3:28 PM
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Houston, Texas
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout

Three days a week, I do AM swims (master's group)....two days a week, I do AM bikes.  I didn't run for about a year due to injury, and this is just the way my schedule worked out and I've kept it that way.  My swims and bikes are also generally longer than my runs (60-75 minutes versus 45ish minutes), so it's easier for me to get the long workout out of the way before work.

Haven't had any issues with maintaining intensity on the swims and bikes in the morning, and I love getting in a solid workout to start the day off right.

2013-12-03 3:29 PM
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Ontario Canada
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout
I do almost 95% of my workouts at Lunch I have 1 and a half Hrs and rarely do anything before 8am except when doing a long run on the weekend in the summer then I might get up and out before 7am to the run in before it get's too hot I am definitely not a morning person but if I am going to do anything early it will be a run,, when I do double up it is pretty much always a swim Bike, swim at lunch and Bike after supper, I do run/bike and bike/ run Bricks a fair bit and I usually always do a brick workout early in the day.

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2013-12-03 5:30 PM
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Saigon, Vietnam
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout
Never would have said this in the past, but morning run. I'm not a morning person, but it's the only time of the day when it's kinda sorta cool here and I'm not fighting heavy traffic on some of my route. The area where I live has gotten increasingly built up over the past few years and now running in the evening is really difficult--there's simply nowhere to go that isn't choked with people/traffic. Plus there's our six month a year of rainy season--it mainly falls afternoon and early evening, often in the form of torrential downpours or a series of thunderstorms, so that makes a PM run tough. Yes, it's harder to do speedwork--I suspect from a recent race that quality hasn't been quite what it should be--but I find I'm actually less sore if I'm on my feet all day at work afterwards, rather than going to bed a few hours later.

Afternoon swim--our school pool is only open to faculty from 4:15-6 PM, and my gym pool doesn't open early enough to swim there before work. At any rate, I've never been a fan of early AM swimming (did it as a kid, though). For some reason my back always feels sore/tight when I swim then; it never bothers me at any other time so I guess it's something about the way I sleep. I just need more time to move around and loosen up before I jump into a cold pool.
2013-12-03 6:15 PM
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Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout

Originally posted by cdban66

Run in the morning, before the heat and humidity get outta control. I can handle it on the bike or in the water, just not running.


2013-12-03 6:22 PM
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New user

Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout
Always run in the morning. I do enjoy running but find it hard to get motivated to go after work. Plus, in the summer I beat the heat and in the winter it's easier to start out a bit groggy at -25 before the wind picks up for the day.

I also always swim in the morning - the change rooms are less icky since they've just been cleaned. I can bike whenever since it's the most fun.

2013-12-03 6:34 PM
in reply to: Dirt Hucker

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Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout
swim in am and run or bike in pm

Best time to swim at the pool I use is early in the morning
Also the swim is the fist in a race so I like doing it first when training
2013-12-03 11:03 PM
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Daphne, AL
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout
I swim in the morning and run or bike in the afternoon. I work night shifts so it's earsier for me to swim after I get done with my shift then go to sleep.
2013-12-04 1:50 PM
in reply to: cdban66

Arden, North Carolina
Subject: RE: Preferred AM workout
I will typically swim in the morning, run if I don't have a swim and it's a long run, and if it's a hot day. My other major issue with running in the am is GI issues. If I get up and head out the door, i'll be doing the penguin waddle 5 minutes in until I find a toilet. Swimming I can just get up and go and that's never an issue. AM running tends to require some prep. I don't want to ride in the dark, or do a trainer ride that early, can't handle high intensity that early in the day
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