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5430 Long Course Triathlon - TriathlonLong Course

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Boulder, Colorado
United States
5430 Sports Corp.
Total Time = 6h 29m 38s
Overall Rank = 688/884
Age Group = F30-34
Age Group Rank = 35/57
Pre-race routine:

Woke up at 3:00, fixed my bagel and tea, packed my bottles, grabbed a banana, and hopped in the car. Ate while Ocky drove up to Boulder. Met up with the rep from Blue Bikes at a pull-off along highway 93 to get my new tri uniform! Good thing there weren't any cops around--it would have looked awfully suspicious!

Got to the res nice and early, along with most everyone else. Got bodymarked, then found Stacie in transition, and got a spot on the same rack. Set my stuff up, hit the potty, and hung out with Ocky and Stacie on a hill, watching everyone get bodymarked and checking out the equipment (the bikes, you sickos!).
Event warmup:

Well, transition closed at 6:20, and my wave didn't start until 7:05, so I spent some time sitting on the beach with Ocky, Stacie, and other BTers. About 15 minutes before our start, I pulled on the wetsuit and hopped in the water for a quick warm-up.
  • 38m 3s
  • 2112 yards
  • 01m 48s / 100 yards

Right from the start and for probably a good 200m, we were all really boxed in, with lots of contact. Stacie and I had started right next to each other, I kept hoping I wasn't beating up on her. Turns out she was thinking the same thing, so we decided we were even.

Since the first length of the swim was straight into the sun, I couldn't sight very much, and decided to really just follow the people ahead of me. With being the last wave, there were a LOT of people ahead of me! By the time we hit the first turn bouy, I had started to catch people from the wave ahead of me. By the time I finished, I had caught peopel from 5 waves ahead.

For some reason I had a really hard time drafting on this swim. Not really sure why, given the tight start. But, this is my fastest-paced swim time ever in a race, and this time includes a 1:00 run up the beach. When I stood up, my watch read 36:50.
What would you do differently?:

Try a little harder to find a good draft.
Transition 1
  • 02m 15s

Nothing terribly eventful here. I forgot to bring my small towel for drying my feet, and had to use the edge of my mat towel, so that slowed me a little. I actually thought I was slower than this, so I'm pretty happy with it.
What would you do differently?:

Remember my small towel.
  • 3h 03m 57s
  • 56 miles
  • 18.27 mile/hr

Since it was going to be super hot on the run, I knew there was no chance of a good run for me today. I decided to push the bike a little bit more, rather then taking it easy to have a good run, and it paid off. This is my fastest-paced bike segement in a race, ever!

I took it pretty easy on the gentle inclines and more significant climbs that stretch until the turn on St. Vrain. Then, pushed it a bit on the descent and flats. Tried to keep a nice steady pace on the Diagnol (a stretch of road I loathe), and to the turn around in front of the Res. Saw Cathy during the out & back section on 51st, and she was looking strong. Second lap I pushed a little more, and managed to negative split the second lap by about 7 minutes!

One of the few major downhills on the course is just as you turn onto St. Vrain. I am coming up to the turn, and there is a couple out for their Sunday ride. I just figure I will pass them. Well, they decided to ride side-by-side on the downhill, even after I yelled "ON YOUR LEFT PLEASE!!" I couldn't pass them without crossing the center line. I realize this is an open course, and they had every right to be riding out there, but come on! There is a race going on, and you are on the course!! Don't block the racers!! OK, rant over.
What would you do differently?:

Transition 2
  • 02m 9s

Pretty uneventful. The bike next to mine on the rack had its front wheel turned, so it was blocking my access to the rack. I had to adjust that bike to get mine in, which cost maybe a handful of seconds. Otherwise, not sure what took me so long!
What would you do differently?:

Practice transitions. I have practiced at all this year.
  • 2h 43m 12s
  • 13.1 miles
  • 12m 28s  min/mile

And here, the wheels fell off. I knew this run would suck for me, but I didn't think it would be quite this bad. Heat and I do not agree, and the heat usually wins, with me ending up dizzy and sometimes passed out and convulsing. I decided to be very conservative, since the temps were supposed to be near 100.

I was hoping for something in the 10 minute range, and started off OK, but quickly started to have GI issues. As has become usual, I thought I was going to puke for probably the first 2-3 miles, and just wished it would come so I could start feeling better. No dice. Then I started to get a cramping feeling in my lower gut. Thought a trip to the porta potty would help. Now, if I could just find a porta potty...I thought there was supposed to be potties at each aid station. Uh-uh. There were 2 on each loop. Finally made it to one, and nothing helpful happened. Darn it!

Starting with the first aid station, I grabbed ice when offered and dumped it in my bra--it is the first advantage women have I have found in this sport! The ice made a fun jingling sound bouncing off of my hrm strap when I ran. I drank as much water as I could, and dumped the rest on my head. I alternated taking endurolytes and gu at the aid stations.

On the second lap, I decided to try another pit stop, with no success. But, when I came out, there was Cathy!

So I starting running with her, and that made the rest of the run so much better! She helped me push a bit of a faster pace than I would have on my own. Thank you, Cathy! After the last aid station, we picked up the pace just a bit. Walked the last hill, then a strong pace to the finish. We got to cross the finish line together, which was great!
What would you do differently?:

Really couldn't say. I need to figure out what is causing the GI issues. I stayed clear of the gatorade, since every sports drink I have tried to run with has not had positive results. I don't know what else I could do??
Post race
Warm down:

Found Ocky and Stacie, and sat down in the shade for a bit. Then grabbed some food, and sat back down to force myself to eat. Chatted with a bunch of BTers, then headed home.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

The heat & GI issues. And that track workout I did on Tuesday--20x400s at 1:55 pace (crazy fast for me). This was not an "A" race for me, and coach and I treated it that way.

Event comments:

Even with the dismal run, I had a great swim, a great bike, and I took 40 minutes off my previous HIM PR, so I am very happy with my over all performance.

5430 Sports always puts on a nice race. Very, very well organized. They did a great job of keeping the aid stations stocked with water and ice on a very hot day, although some were out of sponges on the second lap. I would only change 2 things: 1) more potties on the run; and 2) something else for the finisher's souveniers--um, thanks for the pint glass?!

Last updated: 2007-05-15 12:00 AM
00:38:03 | 2112 yards | 01m 48s / 100yards
Age Group: 21/57
Overall: 418/884
Performance: Good
Suit: Blue-seventy full
Course: Counter-clockwise rectangle
Start type: Wade Plus: Waves
Water temp: 0F / 0C Current: Low
200M Perf. Average Remainder: Good
Breathing: Good Drafting: Below average
Waves: Navigation: Good
Rounding: Good
Time: 02:15
Performance: Good
Cap removal: Good Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? No Run with bike: Yes
Jump on bike: No
Getting up to speed: Good
03:03:57 | 56 miles | 18.27 mile/hr
Age Group: 28/57
Overall: 689/884
Performance: Good
Wind: Little
Course: 2 loop course north of the Boulder Res.
Road: Smooth Dry Cadence:
Turns: Below average Cornering: Average
Gear changes: Good Hills: Good
Race pace: Comfortable Drinks: Just right
Time: 02:09
Overall: Below average
Riding w/ feet on shoes
Jumping off bike
Running with bike Good
Racking bike Average
Shoe and helmet removal Good
02:43:12 | 13.1 miles | 12m 28s  min/mile
Age Group: 44/57
Overall: 715/884
Performance: Below average
Course: 2 loops on mostly dirt & gravel roads and paths around the Res.
Keeping cool Average Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 4
Physical exertion [1-5] 4
Good race? Ok
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Average
Race evaluation [1-5] 4

2007-08-13 11:22 AM

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Littleton, Colorado
Subject: 5430 Long Course Triathlon

2007-08-13 11:35 AM
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Broomfield, Colorado
Subject: RE: 5430 Long Course Triathlon

LOL, I kinda liked the pint glass and will be certain to make good use of it!  Too funny though.

It was great to finish with you!  What a great way to end the race.  And we could chat.  Of course, by the last mile or two, I was DEAD. 

You had a great race!  Your bike split was awesome, let alone your swim!  And so cool of Ocky to be out there, he's a good guy

2007-08-13 11:49 AM
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Subject: RE: 5430 Long Course Triathlon
Great job on taking so much time out of your last HIM - that's awesome! Apparently, after reading all the women's race reports, I'm going to have to get a bra to store ice in on hot days! For the time I was out there though, I was stuffing the sponges down my tri shorts and onto my quads. Good to see Ocky out there too.
2007-08-13 1:55 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Denver, CO
Subject: RE: 5430 Long Course Triathlon
A 40  minute PR?? Are you serious? That's  incredible!! Your bike and swim times have dramatically improved, and you should be so proud of that. As for the run, we'll just blame the heat, b/c you've smoked both marathons and full IMs!!!  You did so great, despite the GI issues. I wish I had seen you out on the run course, because you sunny smile surely would have cheered me up! I'm glad you and Cathy had each other to get through the second lap!!
2007-08-13 2:03 PM
in reply to: #923705

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Subject: RE: 5430 Long Course Triathlon
Wow, 40 minutes is nuts! Great job. Wish I could help with the GI issues since I seem to have gotten mine under control but I don't really know what I did. Congrats!
2007-08-13 4:49 PM
in reply to: #923705

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Highlands Ranch, CO
Subject: RE: 5430 Long Course Triathlon

Did you have the only "Blue Bikes" tri suit out there?  I think I passed you just as I came out of the rez on my second run lap.  I passed you then I had to stop because there was a rock in my shoe.  Anyway, great job out there.  Obviously, training fo CDA helped a bunch.  Way to crush your PR!  40m is just incredible.

2007-08-13 4:51 PM
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Littleton, Colorado
Subject: RE: 5430 Long Course Triathlon
sbreaux - 2007-08-13 2:49 PM

Did you have the only "Blue Bikes" tri suit out there?  I think I passed you just as I came out of the rez on my second run lap.  I passed you then I had to stop because there was a rock in my shoe.  Anyway, great job out there.  Obviously, training fo CDA helped a bunch.  Way to crush your PR!  40m is just incredible.

Yep, that was me!  I remember you digging that rock out--I almost complimented you on your technique.  You did a great job of keeping your un-shoed foot clean and not falling over!

2007-08-13 7:32 PM
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Lakewood CO
Subject: RE: 5430 Long Course Triathlon
Great Job!  I know how you felt as my wheels fell off (and then rolled off into the fast moving water and then got swept away in the current) on the run too.  As everyone else said, 40 minutes is a great improvement!
2007-08-13 10:44 PM
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Westminster, CO
Subject: RE: 5430 Long Course Triathlon

very good race.  awesome bike!  ahhh GI issues.  If you figure anything out let me in on it....

2007-08-14 10:13 AM
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Portland, OR
Subject: RE: 5430 Long Course Triathlon
WOO HOO!!!!! Nice job on the new PR. I'm totally impressed you did this race. My racing motivation has been low

Say hi to Ocky! Are you thinking of doing another IM next summer?
2007-08-14 12:13 PM
in reply to: #923705

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Denver, CO
Subject: RE: 5430 Long Course Triathlon
Wow, congratulations on the huge PR.  Very impressive race, especially out there running in the heat.

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