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2020-10-23 3:08 AM
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Melon Presser
Subject: RE: Manatees Roar into the 20s! CLOSED

Originally posted by jmkizer

Originally posted by IndoIronYanti

Karen, I sent you a message on Facebook!

Our holiday plans are literally all over the map. I was dying on Christmas 2018, too sick to celebrate 2019, and now 2020! Ha. I got Grinched! I think Christmas will be just me and my elderly mother (Mutti) and her caregivers here in Jakarta. COVID is raging in Indonesia and it's unlikely my sister would be able to join us. 

Mary/Maria/Marysia I or my brother would usually always cook rotkohl, the German red-cabbage sauerkraut. Failing that it will be Polish style sauerkraut which is much more stringy but I love it.

What's rough is that while my husband Kingsley and I are used to long separations (prior for work, family in 2 dif countries, races) it's going to be the longest ever at 6-12mo. To get back into Australia you quarantine at a pre-approved hotel for 2 weeks at your cost, and nothing is cheap in Perth. 

ETA it's worse than that. I'm not allowed back into Western Australia at all. That might last 'til July 2021 at which point I'll have been gone a year.

Well, that stinks! I'm glad that you have Mutti -- and that she has you. I'm sure that you really want to be with Kingsley. I wish that there was some brilliant plan to get you two back together but I've got nothing :-(

Well, we used up the brilliant plan to get me here--it was truly miraculous on all fronts and needed to be as we knew I was getting critically ill in Australia with no help except symptomatic support from our GP and physical therapist. So that's probably the more important brilliant plan. He sends me cat pictures nearly every day as well. It's additionally hard because we work together a lot and it's just that much more of a pain in the butt not to be able to bounce stuff off each other in person. 

Plus, he doesn't work out if I'm not there. It's very weird. Him of all people. I guess he has his own way of pining away poor thing!

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Other Resources 2020 Beginner Triathlete Mentor Program » Manatees Roar into the 20s! CLOSED Rss Feed  
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